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Neighbourhood police officer, PCSO Carrie Boswell covers the Halling and Cuxton area. She is based at Medway Police Station and can be contacted on telephone number 101 and email nhp.medway@kent.pnn.police.uk.

Halling benefits from several Neighbourhood watches within the village. Setup purely on a voluntary basis and linked to Medway Neighbourhood Watch.

So What's Neighbourhood Watch All About?


Neighbourhood Watch is the best known and most effective example of the community working together to prevent crime, reduce fear of crime and improve quality of life. Neighbourhood Watch originated  in Chicago, USA and was brought back by a group of Police Officers who had been very impressed with the results. The first scheme was set up in 1982 in Cheshire in response to a spate of burglaries in Mollington. Success was immediate and Neighbourhood Watch quickly spread throughout the UK and is now the largest voluntary organisation in the UK.

There are more than 300 NhW schemes in Medway serving more than 20,000 households (that's 20% of all Medway !) and is are growing fast. nationally, many of the schemes were started in a state of despair with members feeling it was a last hope. Today, these schemes have not only seen crime reduced but many also hold social gatherings, arrange emergency help from amongst their own members who are useful with DIY, keep an eye out for elderly neighbours, etc.

Neighbourhood Watch can become the eyes and ears for our local Police and will help them tackle your local problems . Regular consultation with the local Police will lead to action to resolve these issues.


PCSO Carrie Boswell, Halling's local police officer will run regular surgeries at various locations.  Please visit the Kent Police web site to see when and where.

This surgery is for you, so take advantage of it!  All meetings are dealt with in a confidential and individual manner. 

Local problems for example vandalism, graffiti, bogus callers, etc are well within the scope of Neighbourhood Watch so why not become a Coordinator for your locality? You can read all about Neighbourhood Watch on the Medway Neighbourhood Watch website: http://medwaynwa.co.uk/

Or contact:

Erin Scott,

Neighbourhood Watch Office,

Medway Police Station,

Purser Way,


Kent ME7 1NE

Telephone: 01634 792131

email: kcm.medway@kent.pnn.police.uk

Jack Straw, when he was Home Secretary, made the following statement:

"Neighbourhood Watch is one of the strongest forces operating in the UK today to bind local communities and get them pulling together to fight crime and disorderly behaviour."

Neighbourhood Watch logo

Act now and start your own local watch!


  photograph of Keep mini-motorbikes off road
  Are nuisance bikes causing a problem where you live? Call 01634 891055 or Email nuisancebikes.medway@kent.pnn.police.uk


The following is an amended extract from Kent Online. www.kent-online.co.uk/news on Tuesday 9th August 2005 :

“For a mini-motorbike to be used on the road it has to have a road tax disc, insurance and be road legal (i.e. lights for night time, reflectors, treaded tyres and a horn), while the rider needs to wear a helmet and be licensed.

These bikes are motorbikes, and as such they need licenses, road tax, helmets and insurance. However, people have been riding these motorbikes on roads and public areas with none of them.”

Under new powers added to the Road Traffic Act 1988 that came into force on July 6, police officers have the power to seize and have destroyed uninsured vehicles, including mini-motorbikes.

If officers do seize a bike, the owner must pay for the initial haulage of £105 plus £12 a day storage, regardless of whether the bike is returned to the owner or destroyed. This is on top of any court fines that may be imposed for riding a mini-motorbike on the road, and then there is also the cost of the bike itself if it is destroyed, so it becomes a very expensive experience for the owners.

The only place that mini-motorbikes can be used lawfully is on private land (with the Landowners permission), such as farms or in backyards.”

Reproduced by courtesy of Kent Messenger Group


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