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Update September 2011 - Bishop’s Palace, Halling

The Bishop’s Palace was built in 1077 as a residence for the Bishops of Rochester. In the 16th Century the Bishopric fell into difficulties and was leased to the Dallison family, in whose hands it remained until the 19th Century. During this period the Palace had started to fall into decline and was being used as a farm until the creation of a cement works and the railway that served it. Today, the remains of the railway embankment can be seen cutting through the centre of the site, adjacent to the medieval Palace walls. Valley of Visions has already undertaken restorative work on the Palace walls and the railway embankment to preserve them for future generations. Now, landscaping works are being undertaken to make this an attractive and greenspace for local people and visitors to use enjoy.

What will be happening on site?

The landscaping works that will be starting on 3 October and will be completed by early in the New Year. They have been subject to widespread consultation over the last three years, and many of the thoughts and suggestions provided by local people have been incorporated into the landscape plan. Halling Parish Council and the current landowners, Medway Council are fully supportive of the project, and the work has received full planning permission. The site will benefit from the removal of waste and debris, preparation of ground levels, installation of new surfaced paths, a natural play area, and widespread seeding, turfing and tree planting. The embankment will be made into a feature where you will be able to sit and watch the River Medway wind past Halling in much the same way that the Bishops of Rochester would have done 900 years ago. Please do not enter the site while these works being undertaken.

Photograph of Bishops Palace

The Valley of Visions office can be contacted on 01634 242826 or mail@vov.kentdowns.org.uk. Further information can be found on our website by clicking here. For instant updates, you can also ’like’ us at www.facebook.com/VOVLPS or follow us at www.twitter.com/ValleyOfVisions.

Update February 2010 - Bishop’s Palace, Halling


Update February 2010 - Bishop’s Palace, Halling

Public Consultation

A landscape architect has been working on designs for the Bishop’s Palace site in the centre of Halling, and initial consultation with statutory bodies and the landowner has been completed. Now the residents of Halling can view and comment on the draft proposals, and those comments will help to take the design forward to an agreed masterplan.

The following drawings will be on display:

Drawing 1 – Opportunities & Constraints
Analyses the site to define positive and negative features - what constraints
affect the design, and what opportunities can be exploited in the design.

Drawing 2 – Sketch Design
Illustrates the basic principles of the design for the site, developed from the
information on Drawing 1.

Drawing 3 – Indicative Hard and Soft Landscape Treatment
Adds to Drawing 2, by indicating the kind of materials and planting envisioned
for the site.

If you would like to make any comments, please contact the landscape
Stuart Hubert
07931 525829

The drawings are on display in the foyer of Halling Community Centre until Saturday 27th February, and you will be able to discuss the project with Valley of Visions staff and the landscape architect between 9am and 11.30am on that Saturday.


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