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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 9 March 2006 at the Community Centre, Lower Halling.

Present: Chairman, Councillors R Underdown, P Wyatt, L Hitchcock, B Smith, F Howard and R Swain.
W R Swan – Clerk and 6 members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence
There were apologies from the Vice-Chairman – holiday, T Reynolds – holiday and Mrs P Weaver – car problems.

2. Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by Councillor Wyatt, seconded by Councillor Smith, that the minutes of the previous meeting were a true record. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

3. Matters arising
Item 10 – Councillor Underdown said that there is a problem with asbestos in the garage roof at the Jubilee Hall which will make the work more difficult.

Item 19 – Councillor Underdown reported that the Parochial Church Council will be writing to the Parish Council about a shortfall in their funds for cutting the grass in the cemetery.

Item 6 – the Chairman said that an email had been received from Lafarge stating that the work on the new roundabout on the A228 will be starting on 13 March 2006 and will take 2 weeks..

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Councillor Swain – 1 item and Councillor Underdown – 2 items.

5.(a) Estates Committee
There was no report as the Vice-Chairman was absent. The Clerk reported that the safety report on the playgrounds and quotations had been received from Craigdene and the Vice-Chairman would be reporting on this later. The Chairman suggested that the Parish Council should approach Medway Council for a special grant towards the cost of refurbishing the playgrounds. An application for a lottery grant should be considered also along with an approach to the National Playing Fields Association.

(b) Footpaths Committee
The Committee Chairman, Councillor Wyatt, reported that the Ticker Path has been reinstated and will reopen once new fencing is in place. Contractors are carrying out work on the Warren Path. The Clerk has written to Land Registry about the ownership of Halling Marsh. He has received an offer from Medway Council to get volunteers to waymark footpaths.

(c) Planning & Development Committee
The Committee Chairman, Councillor Underdown, reported that the following planning applications have been received:

1. Willow Cottage - demolish existing and replace it with a 4 bed house – no objections.

2. Land adjoining 27 The Street, Lower Halling – 3 two bed houses by MHS. After discussion it was decided to make no objection to this application.

The application for Trechmann’s wharf has gone to appeal, having been turned down by Medway Council. The TPO on this site has been confirmed as permanent by Medway Council.

6. Harris House
The Chairman said that the number of residents was decreasing but nothing more had been heard as yet.

7. Halling Association - no report

8. Jubilee Hall
See Matters arising.

9. Community Centre
Councillor Hitchcock asked if the Parish Council could appoint another representative to serve on the Management Committee. Councillor Smith volunteered and all agreed.

10. Lafarge – no report.

11. Cemex
Mr Ron Underdown of North Halling offered to draft letters to be delivered to all residents setting out the Parish Council’s position and what action residents could take should Cemex submit a planning application to Medway Council for the 675 houses on the west site and the industrial units on the east of the A228. This was agreed by members.

12. Highways
The Chairman said that there had been no response from Medway Council since the Parish Council’s last meeting. Councillor Underdown asked if the footbridge was mentioned. Medway Council have no funding but will be chasing the planners about the Section 106 agreement for this. There was some discussion as to whether the Parish Council should hold a public meeting about the yellow lines, road safety and parking in the village generally. It was thought to be a good idea but it was not appropriate for the Annual Parish meeting on 25 April 2006. It needs publicity and it was agreed that a flyer be delivered to every household by the Halling View volunteers with a provisional date of 15 May 2006. Medway Council Traffic people would be invited to attend.

Medway Council are looking at the weight restriction on the railway bridge again with Network Rail and there is a possibility that the bridge could be reinforced from underneath.

13. Youth Club
Councillor Hitchcock said that the Club is still running with only 8-12 year olds. The club attended a get together with Kent Youth which the Lord Lieutenant of Kent attended. The leaders are looking into the possibility of reopening the club to those over 12 but need more volunteers.

14. Correspondence
KAPC – annual subs for 2006/7 - £547.93 ( £524.75 for 2005/6 4.4% increase)
Action with Rural Communities in Kent – Community Halls conference 25/03/06
Medway Council – Trechmanns Wharf confirmation of TPO and appeal against planning decision
Applause Rural Touring Ltd – programme of events
Patient and Public Involvement Forum – meeting on 14/03/06
Medway Council – Forge Green project
Open Spaces Society – magazine
Trevor Dady – copy letter to PCC re Cemetery
Medway Council – planning application – land adj 27 The Street, Upper Halling
Medway Council – Councillor Maisey’s ward improvement commitments
Ron Underdown – re Cemex proposal
Mid Kent Water – notice of main renewal near Plough path
Medway Council – Rural Liaison Cttee. Minutes & request for Parish Council representative on Medway Council’s Standards Cttee. Invitation to special meeting on 21 March at 7.00pm re Medway Ports and the Chattenden development
Medway Council – 1 Lambarde Close – planning approval given

Medway Council – 3 Acre Grove – planning approval given
Local Council Review Magazine – article on playground safety
Bob Marshall-Andrews MP- reply to letter on Cemex – substantially in agreement with HPC
Kompan Ltd – brochure re playgrounds
KCPFA – newsletter
KAPC – newsletter

15. Receipts - there were no receipts to record.

16. Payments  (£ Net    Vat    Gross)
(a) W R Swan - salary & expenses       1067.31            1067.31
(b) Home & Hobby – VH purchases          10.76     1.88    12.64
(c) Sue Greenan – Halling View               40.00               40.00
(d) BT – broadband charges                 142.69    24.97  167.66
(e) HM Land Registry re Marsh               16.00                16.00
(f) Clive Stanley – webmaster fees         93.50                93.50
(g) Staples – paper for HV                    69.80     12.22    82.02

It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Councillor Wyatt, that the above payments be ratified and that the KAPC subs be renewed for 2006/7 as detailed in 14 (a) above. All agreed.

17. Any Other Business
The Chairman said the Councillor Maisey’s Ward Fund had been spent mainly on Cuxton over the last 3 years and he felt that if nothing was forthcoming for Halling in the current financial year and in 2006/7, the parish Council should write to the Leader of Medway Council expressing its lack of confidence in Councillor Maisey. All agreed to this course of action.

Councillor Underdown said the there should be a visible police presence in the village in the evenings as youths come from Snodland on the train without paying and cause problems in Halling. He mentioned that the lifebuoy holder has disappeared from the river walk. Trees in Bishop’s Palace have been marked but for what purpose is not known but he understands that Medway Council have been in touch with Saxon Homes the present owner of the site. There have also been sightings of rates in the undergrowth.

Councillor Swain said that he is the Parish Council’s representative on the John May’s Charity but he has not been called to attend any meetings for some time. He has not been able to find out the latest information on this charity and it was agreed that the Parish Council would no longer send a representative.

18. Parishioners’ Questions
Points raised at the meeting included the following:
(a) The mound and Medway Council’s position on this.
(b) MKWCo and the blue lagoon.
(c) Grassed area in Vicarage Close – round robin to all residents.
(d) Low Meadow estate is a credit to the area.
(e) Parking on Kent Road.
(f) Sign for Community Centre car park.
(g) Mess under Cemetery Road bridge.
(h) Rubbish in village.
(i) Playground repairs.
(j) Pipe above ground on Plough path.

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