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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 10 March 2005 at the Community Centre

Present: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Councillors Mrs Coleman, B Smith, R Underdown and L Hitchcock.
W R Swan, Clerk and 11 members of the public.

1.Apologies for Absence
There were apologies from Councillor A Goodger who was on holiday and Mrs P Weaver who had a previous engagement.

2.Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Councillor Underdown, that the Minutes of the previous meeting were a true record apart from item 7 which should have read land adjoining and opposite 22 Meadow Crescent. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

3.Matters Arising – none.

4.Notification of Any Other Business
Councillor Smith – 1 item and Vice-Chairman – 5 items.

5.Estates Committee
Councillor Hitchcock reported that the fence in the Lower Rec. has been repaired by Medway Council but the fence alongside Vicarage Road has not yet been repaired by them. It was agreed to spend £80 on safety audits in both Recs. to be carried out by Craigdene Ltd. The Vice-Chairman said that youths had been intimidating residents and it was time to set up a meeting with the Police, Civic Warden, Councillor Maisey to discuss the problem.

6.Footpaths Committee
The Chairman reported that there had been meetings with the Public Rights of Way Officer from Medway Council and residents to reinstate FP320 across the marsh. It was hoped that the Kent Wildfowlers would dedicate their land for a footpath. The Parish Council will push for FP319 to be reopened. An official application is to be sent to Medway Council. The Vice-Chairman reported that he and Councillor Underdown had walked the Marsh footpaths with the Kent Wildfowlers but had reached no agreement with them. He felt that it might be appropriate for the Parish Council to use a Solicitor well versed in footpath legislation to get things moving.

7.Planning & Development
Councillor Underdown reported on a site meeting at 22 Meadow Crescent. It was decided to object on the grounds of overdevelopment. There was no objection to a roof extension at 36 Howlesmere Close. The Parish Council objected to the application for 1 Essex Road which called for the demolition of the existing building and the erection of 2 houses. This was on the grounds of overdevelopment and lack of parking. The Planning Committee’s previous decision to object to the wall at 2 Howlsmere Close was upheld once again.

No report.

9.Harris House
The Chairman said that the planning application for the flats and houses would be going to Medway Council in April.

10.Halling Association
Councillor Underdown reported on the recent meeting. Councillor Mrs Coleman had been added to the Parish Council’s representation on the Association. The work on Forge Green is to be started soon. A survey of all residents has been distributed with the Halling View for return by 1 April. The Vice-Chairman proposed that the Parish Council should allocate another £2,000 for 2005/6. This was seconded by Councillor Hitchcock and all agreed.

The new printer which was purchased for the Parish Council has completed printing both Halling View and the survey forms.

11.Jubilee Hall
No report

12.Community Centre
Councillor Hitchcock said that the next Trustee meeting is on 14 March.

No report.

The Vice-Chairman said that now Cemex Ltd had taken the Company over, he hoped that there would be no change with the Liaison Committee.

The Chairman reported on the Peters Pit and bridge application. A public exhibition was held at the Community Centre but only 16 residents turned up. The Parish Council has objected to both applications and the Clerk is to chase up re a public enquiry. The Parish Council is to meet with Trenport on 17 March.

16.Youth Club
Councillor Hitchcock said that they are still looking for adult help. He had attended a meeting arranged by Kent Youth and had met with other Youth Clubs and exchanged ideas.

17.Vacancies on Parish Council
The Clerk had received 5 applications for the 2 vacant seats on the Parish Council. It was decided that the fairest way to proceed is to arrange informal interviews of the candidates as soon as possible.

18.Rural Liaison Group
The closed meeting starts at 6.0pm on 15 March followed by a meeting open to all Parish Councillors and Clerks.

19. Correspondence
(a) John Harris - email re abandoned land rover in road rear of Hilton Terrace
(b) HDRA Organic organisation – “Welly” Week and Walk 1 & 3 April 2005
(c) David Webster Ltd – street lighting maintenance
(d) Tony Foster – email re car park in The Street, Upper Halling
(e) KCPFA – newsletter
(f) CPRE Kent – SE Plan meeting 30 March 2005 Corn Exchange, Maidstone 7.30pm
(g) Medway NHS Teaching PCT – meeting 16 March 2005 at Gillingham 5.30pm
(h) Standards Board for England – review of Code of Conduct for Members response 17/06/05
(i)GKW Wrought Iron Ltd – brochure
(j) Medway Transport Forum - Panel Report available.
(k) NALC – conference at Eastbourne – 23-25 September 2005
(l) Local Council Review – magazine
(m) Minutes of Police Liaison Meeting held on 11 January 2005
(n)Medway Council – 39 Rochester Rd, North Halling – approval of planning appln.
(o)Colin Buchanan – Transport for Medway – meeting 18 March – 0900 to 1330
(p)Medway Valley Countryside Partnership - guided walk 20 March 2005 at Holly Hill
(q)Open Spaces Society magazine
(r)Peter Wyatt – email expressing interest in being a Parish Councillor
(s)Greenbarnes Ltd – noticeboards brochures
(t)Rugby Ltd – formal notification of takeover by CEMEX
(u)KAPC – terms for membership renewal - £609.18 (an increase of 3.7% over 2004/5)
(v)Medway Youth and Play Service – newsletter
(w)Mixit Youth Expo – 6 April 2005 at Black Lion 1300 – 1800
(x)FWAG – environmental stewardship scheme – application deadline by 31 May 2005
(y)Medway Council – FP320 re meeting and witness statements
(z)Mr Ian Masters – re planning application rear of 42-48 Rochester Road
(aa)High Halstow PC – SEERA draft plan consultation response 15 April 2005
(bb)Email from John Harris – copy of email to Lafarge re Land Rover
(cc)Catherine Smith – contact for HVRA
(dd)Bob White – graffiti in bus shelters
(ee)Tony Foster – copy email re parking in Upper Halling
(ff)Colin Nottingham – email re vacancy on Parish Council
It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Councillor Hitchcock, that the Parish Council renew its membership of KAPC as in (u) above. All agreed.

20. Receipts
(a ) Winch & Winch HV advert £40

21 Payments                                                 £      Vat£   Total£
(a) Harry Stebbing – keys for notice board      18.72   3.28   22.00
(b) F L Mitchell – fence Lower Rec.               185.00 32.38 217.38
© BT – phone bill                                        59.25 10.36 69.61
(d) Fuss Free Solutions – toner pack             411.47 72.01 483.48
(e) J Sutherland – handyman’s wages            330.50            330.50
(f) Kent County Constabulary – NW signs         16.65             16.65
(g) Staples Ltd – paper                                  30.62 5.36 35.98
(h) P Wilkins-Smith – printing of HV                 40.00           40.00
(j) A Ballantyne – paper for survey print           81.91           81.91
(k) Staples Ltd – shredder                             62.98 11.02 74.00
(l) Sue Greenan – HV                                    40.00           40.00
(m) Clive Stanley – website maintenance         260.00        260.00

It was proposed by Councillor Underdown, seconded by Councillor Hitchcock, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.

22. Another Other Business
Councillor B Smith said that the Bishops Palace is owned by the Parish Council. It was confirmed that it was still being transferred from Saxon Homes to Medway Council.
The Vice-Chairman said that the parish Council must keep an eye on the 5 acres of land which the Kent Wildfowlers wishes to sell. The Parish Council should write to Medway Council about the continued speeding on the A228 at North Halling.

23.Parishioners’ questions
The questions posed by the public at this meeting included the following:
(a)Results of the parking survey
(b)27 The Street, Upper Halling car park – street light opposite taken away
(c)Safety Committee of Halling Association
(d)30mph sign in Pilgrims Road could it be moved further west.
(e)No phone in box at Forge Green
(f)Line of sight at Rugby roundabout – could foliage be cut back and road sign be shifted.
(g)Planning Application at 2 Howlesmere Close – it does not interfere with sight lines.

It was agreed that the Parish Council would be looking into these matters as appropriate.

Last updated 9 May 2005.

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