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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 8 June 2006 at the Jubilee Hall

Present: Councillors Mrs Coleman, R Underdown, P Wyatt, L Hitchcock, F Howard and C Herbert.
W R Swan – Clerk and 6 members of the public.

1. Election of Vice- Chairman for ensuing year
Councillor Hitchcock volunteered to serve as Vice-Chairman for the coming year and in the absence of any other candidates, it was proposed by Councillor Mrs Coleman, seconded by Councillor Underdown, that Councillor Hitchcock be elected to the post. This was agreed unanimously and Councillor Hitchcock took over the meeting in the absence of the Chairman.

2. Apologies for absence
There were apologies from the Chairman who was at a works meeting, Councillor Reynolds who was at a meeting of the Community Rail Partnership and Councillor Swain who was at a business meeting.

3. Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by Councillor Wyatt, seconded by Councillor Herbert, that the minutes of the previous meeting were a true record. All agreed and the Vice-Chairman duly signed them.

4. Matters arising
Councillor Mrs Coleman asked if any decision had been made by Medway Council about resiting the recycling centre. The Clerk informed the meeting that no decision has yet been notified.

5. Notification of Any Other Business
Councillor Herbert – 3 items; Councillor Mrs Coleman – 1 item; Councillor Howard – 1 item; Vice-Chairman – 1 item and Clerk – 1 item.

6. Chairman
The Clerk reported that the Chairman, Councillor Ballantyne said that he would be prepared to continue as Chairman for 5 more months as he hoped by then that a new candidate (or candidates) would have come forward.

7. Reports by Chairmen of Committees
(a) Estates – no report

(b) Footpaths
The Committee Chairman, Councillor Wyatt reported that the fencing at the Warren Path is being repaired by the landowner. The Plough path has been cleared by Lafarge but not completely. He will be keeping an eye on this. The Committee met with consultants on 7 June to discuss lottery funding that might be available through the Medway River Partnership. He and Councillor Mrs Coleman met with Viv Kent the PROW officer on Medway Council who agreed that that Councillors Coleman and Wyatt can look through Medway’s archives re the RS 319 and 320. Councillor Mrs Coleman has also met Pat Wilson a former PROW officer with KCC who works for the Ramblers’ Association and the Open Spaces Society. She was able to give a great of advice as to how the Parish Council should proceed. The Ticker path is still not satisfactory and this will be discussed at the forthcoming liaison meeting with Lafarge.

(c) Planning & Development
The Committee Chairman, Councillor Underdown, reported on a site meeting the Committee had held at 72 Pilgrims Road on 8 June concerning a wooden play room and store which the owners wish to put in their back garden. There were no objections to this.

Applications received recently included 2 detached houses at the rear of 39 Rochester Road, North Halling. The Parish Council has the same objections as in the previous application for this property, namely overdevelopment of a small site.
Another application is for a detached house and garage in Chalgrove Mews off Vicarage Road and the Committee will be arranging a site visit shortly.
Amended plans have been received detailing a minor change to the building line of one of the 16 houses planned for the Harris House site to accommodate a protected tree.

8. Jubilee Hall - no report

9. Halling Association
Councillor Underdown said that work has started on Forge Green but plans for planting have been postponed until October 2006 because of the drought conditions.

10. Community Centre
The Vice-Chairman reported on the Committee meeting held on 14 June 2006.

11. Lafarge
A liaison meeting has been arranged for Monday 26 June at 4.0pm at the Cedars.

12. Cemex
The Vice-Chairman reported that the Site Manager, Maurice Claydon had said that 9 ship loads of clinker were expected shortly and asked that any complaints arising from this should be referred to him.

13. Youth Club
The Vice-Chairman reported that members had been involved in various outdoor activities with Kent Youth which had gone down well. The gate crashing situation on Club nights is under control.

14. Correspondence
(a) Halling Community Centre – Trustees’ Annual Report 2005
(b) Glasdon Seating products – brochure
(c) Medway Council – visit re Local Transport Plan
(d) Halling Funday Committee – no event this year
(e) Medway Council – bridge over the Medway – appeal withdrawn
(f) Open Spaces Society – removing path paraphernalia – donation requested
(g) The Mudlark Magazine
(h) KCC & Medway Councils – notice of intention to adopt the Kent & Medway Structure plan
(i) Action with Rural Communities in Kent – invite to loco naming ceremony 18 June 2006.
(j) The Poppy Appeal support for organisers.
(k) Medway Valley Countryside Partnership – giant hogweed control programme notices
(l) Co-operative Bank – mandate for adding signatories
(m)KCPFA – newsletter
(n) Campaign for sustainable communities bill in House of Commons
(o) Medway Council – funding for parks and play – presentation 29 June 2006.
(p) CEMEX – minutes of liaison committee 22 March 2006
(q) CEMEX – agenda for meeting on 14 June 2006.
(r) FWAG - magazine
It was proposed by Councillor Underdown, seconded by Councillor Wyatt that a donation of £25 be sent to the Open Spaces Society following their request. All agreed.
It was also agreed to invite the Transport Manager from Medway Council to the next Parish Council meeting.

15. Receipts - none

16. Payments    (Net    Vat    Gross)
(a) KCPFA – annual subs.                           20.00          20.00
(b) A Ballantyne – toner for HV                   90.50 15.84 106.34

(c) Staples – paper for office and HV         116.70 20.42 137.12
(d) KAPC books                                        5.00             5.00
(e) Clive Stanley – web for May 2006         44.00            44.00
(f) J Sutherland – quarters wages             193.16          193.16

It was proposed by Councillor Wyatt, seconded by Councillor Mrs Coleman, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.

17. Any Other Business
Councillor Herbert commented about the state of the grass cutting by the river and Ferry Meadow. There seems to be a lack of progress in the handover of this area and Bishops Palace from Saxon Homes to Medway Council. It was agreed that a letter should be sent to Judith Armitt asking for something to be done about this. He also asked if Keith Hanshaw could be chased up on the results of the public meeting on road safety.
Councillor Mrs Coleman said that the garden at the top of Stake Lane is poorly maintained and Medway Council should be chased up on this. Tonbridge & Malling BC should be asked the latest situation on the proposed footbridge across the river to Wouldham.
Councillor Howard stated that a public hearing into the planning appeal for 68 – 72 Rochester Road would be commencing on 6 July 2006.
The Clerk circulated a draft risk assessment statement as required by the Audit Commission and this was agreed by Members.

18. Parishioners’ Questions
Among the points raised by residents were the following:
Workmens’ caravan in Foxes Hole
Cemetery Road verges
Circle in Vicarage Close
Parking on corner of Vicarage Road/Close
Lafarge fence along Vicarage Road
Car parking in Upper Halling
Inspections of playground equipment
Village litter pick

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