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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 9 June 2005 at the Jubilee Hall

Present: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Councillors L Hitchcock, B Smith, R Underdown, F Howard, Mrs P Weaver, Mrs M Coleman, P Wyatt

and R Swain.
W R Swan – Clerk and 3 members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence
Councillor T Reynolds - holiday.

3. Minutes of last meeting
Councillor Mrs Coleman said that she gave her apologies for last meeting but these were not recorded. It was proposed by Councillor Wyatt, seconded by Councillor Swain, that apart from this, the Minutes were a true record of last month’s meeting. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

4. Matters arising
Councillor Underdown asked why Parishioners’ questions are listed – it was agreed that this was as an “aide memoire”. Councillor Howard said the school has a facility for storing historical items and the Clerk would contact Lafarge to see if the artefacts found in the road works could be given to the school.

5. Notification of Any Other Business
Vice - Chairman - 2 items, Councillor Mrs Coleman – 2 items and Councillor Swain – 1 item.

6. Election of Chair of Footpaths Committee
Councillor Mrs Coleman was nominated by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Councillor Swain, and this was agreed unanimously.

7. Estates Committee
The Vice-Chairman reported on the need for height barriers at the Jubilee hall car park.
All agreed that quotations should be obtained. The recreation grounds need cutting and the goal mouths in each rec. need urgent attention and that he would get quotes.

8. Footpaths Committee
Councillor Mrs Coleman reported that the fence along the Warren footpath is down.
The Clerk is to contact Medway Council re the RS201 and the RS320 (transfer of land from Lafarge to the Parish Council) will need to be discussed at the Liaison Meeting to be arranged with Lafarge. The Parish Council also needs to find out from Tonbridge & Malling BC if and when the footbridge over the Medway is being built.

9. Planning & Development Committee
Councillor Underdown reported on the following applications:
22 Scholey Close – the extension has been approved by Medway Council.
15 Vicarage Road – both applications are going before Medway Council on 15 June 2005.
143 Kent Road – this is going to same Committee.
2 more applications have been received:
Retrospective application for a garage in The Street, Upper Halling and an extension in Pilgrims Road, North Halling.
The Parish Council had no objections to these.

10. Jubilee Hall – no report

11. Harris House
The Vice-Chairman said that there had been a complaint from a neighbour that a fence had been damaged and unwelcome visitors had been getting through. He reported this to the scheme manager. He has also spoken to Charles Brangwin of MHS about their plans - no decision has been made as yet.

12. Halling Association
Councillor Underdown said that residents are invited to three Community Events:
On 27 June, 7 July and 18 July 2005. The Chairman asked when Forge Green would be going ahead - the Vice-Chairman said that there had been problems because of anti social behaviour and that consideration was being given to CCTV in the area.

13. Community Centre
Councillor Hitchcock reported that there is a Committee on 13 June 2005. An email had been received from Medway Council saying that they wished to close Stake Lane car park and wished to resite the recycling bins in the Community centre car park. This is to be resisted most strongly.

14. Lafarge – no report

15. Cemex (Rugby)
Councillor Smith reported on the recent liaison meeting. Nothing is to be done to the site until January 2008 but the Dean Valley is to be reinstated. The Vice-Chairman said that the Parish Council should make its views known to Cemex and Medway Council before any decision is made.

16. Youth Club
Councillor Hitchcock reported that the Youth Club is still running well but they still need more adult helpers. Medway Council’s youth service had been helping out.

17. Best Kept Garden
It was agreed that no competition would be held this year because of lack of interest.

18. Correspondence

Medway Council – proposed change to weight restriction High St railway bridge
Craigdene Ltd – one day course for playground inspections
Medway Local Strategic Partnership – all day meeting Tuesday 14/6/05
Kent Downs AONB – invite to afternoon event Friday 17/06/05
Medway Council – PROW officer re RS320
Kent Police – Stella Mercer re meeting
Cemex – extraordinary meeting on 3/6/05
Medway NHS Trust – re opening hours in Halling Surgery
Medway Council – details required for yearbook
KCPFA – newsletter
Kent Downs AONB - Countryside Day Friday 1 July 2005 at Lullingstone
Mary Morren – draft for Chris Dance’s illuminated scroll

19. Receipts
(a) P J Lingham - £791 for Marsh

20. Payments                                  Net£ VAT£ Total£
(a) BT – broadband service               89.97 15.74 105.71
(b) J B Westwood – footpaths          500.00 87.50 587.50
(c) Land Registry – re Hilton Terrace    2.00             2.00
(d) W R Swan – expenses                 58.63           58.63
(e) J Sutherland – purchases             16.95           16.95
(f) A Ballantyne – purchase of flowers 40.00           40.00

It was proposed by Councillor Underdown, seconded by Councillor Smith, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.

21. Any Other Business
Councillor Mrs Coleman reported on the recent Rural Liaison Committee meeting in which it was stated that Trenport’s figure of 4% increase in traffic on the A228 was in question.
The September meeting is due to be held in Halling.

The Vice-Chairman said that there needs to be better signing on the A228 at the new roundabout. He also said that there could be extra lorry movements from Essex when the new incinerator at Allington is open. Councillor Swain thought that this was doubtful as any extra refuse traffic would have to use the M25 and M20 when coming from and to Essex.
Councillor Swain said that there was a serious accident at the junction of Pilgrims Road and Rochester Road, North Halling caused by a vehicle turning left from Rochester Road into Pilgrims Road which is a very sharp turn. It was decided that Medway Council be asked to erect a sign forbidding left turns at this junction for vehicles other than cars.

22. Parishioners’ Questions
Points raised by Parishioners at the meeting included the following:

1.   When is Ticker path being reopened?
2.   Footbridge at bottom of Plough path
3.   Fence next to Hilton’s pit needs repairing.
4.   Flytipping on A228
5.   Foliage at base of trees in Cemetery
6.   Motorcycles on lower rec.
7.   Youth shelter removal
8.   Children kicking balls at Forge green

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