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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 14 July 2005 at the Jubilee Hall

Present: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Councillors L Hitchcock, R Underdown, F Howard, P Weaver, M Coleman, P Wyatt and T Reynolds.
W R Swan – Clerk and 1 member of the public.

1. Apologies for absence
Councillor B Smith – school visit

3. Minutes of last meeting
Councillor Underdown said that item 12 should refer to 2 community events on 27 June and 7 July 2005. It was proposed by Councillor Hitchcock, seconded by Councillor Coleman, that apart from this, the Minutes were a true record of last month’s meeting. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

4. Matters arising
Item 8 - Tonbridge & Malling BC should be chased up concerning the footbridge over the river.

5. Notification of Any Other Business
Councillor Hitchcock – 1 item; Vice-Chairman – 2 items; Chairman – 3 items; Councillor Weaver – 1 item; Councillor Reynolds – 1 item and Councillor Coleman – 1 item.

6. Estates Committee
The Vice-Chairman reported that the height barriers at the Jubilee Hall car park had not yet been erected and he would be chasing this up. He had obtained a quote for repairing the goalmouths at a cost of £280 – he was unable to obtain any more quotes as nobody he approached was interested. It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Councillor Underdown, that this quote be accepted and all agreed. Cuxton 91 football club are prepared to pay £200 for their use of the pitch in the Upper Rec. Councillor Hitchcock reported that the service road at the rear of Hilton Terrace is being cleared by contractors on behalf of Saxon Homes.

8. Footpaths Committee
Councillor Coleman said that she has applied for training on Rights of Way through the KAPC and has joined the Ramblers’ Association. It was agreed that the Parish Council would reimburse any costs incurred by Councillor Coleman on these matters. The Vice-Chairman will be asking Medway Council to look at the RS201 – Warren path as this is in a poor state.

9. Planning & Development Committee
Councillor Underdown reported on the following applications:
15 Vicarage Road – both applications were approved by Medway Council on 15 June 2005.
143 Kent Road – this was approved by Medway Council at the same Committee.
The Chairman asked if a quorum of say 5 members of the Planning Committee could be authorised to look at urgent applications to save time. This was agreed.

10. Jubilee Hall
Councillor Weaver reported that the Brownies now use the hall on Thursday evenings but this should not clash with Parish Council meetings as they vacate the hall at 7.0 pm.

11. Harris House
The Vice Chairman asked that MHS Homes should meet with the Parish Council as soon as possible to discuss their plans for the future of the site.

12. Halling Association
The Vice-Chairman said that the 2 community events had gone down well and some fresh ideas had been put forward for consideration. A petition has been presented to Medway Council by residents in the Forge Green area saying amongst other things that is there a need for a War Memorial at Forge Green. The view of the Association is that the scheme should go ahead as planned.

13. Accounts for 2004/5
The Clerk circulated copies of the return that has to be made to the Audit Commission and it was proposed by Councillor Hitchcock, seconded by Councillor Reynolds, that this should be signed off. All agreed and the Chairman and Clerk signed the return as appropriate. It was further agreed that the Clerk should prepare a schedule of income and expenditure each month so that Members could examine the latest financial situation. It was also agreed that no cheques should be signed by beneficiaries and that the Clerk’s expenses be signed off before payment.

14. Community Centre.
Councillor Hitchcock said that the main hall is to be redecorated along with other areas of the building. The office lock still needs to be changed as agreed.

15. Lafarge
A liaison meeting has been arranged for 19 September 2005 – matters to be raised include the Ticker path and football pitches.

16. Cemex (Rugby) - no report

17. Youth Club
Councillor Hitchcock reported that the Youth Club will be receiving a cash award from Kent Youth in recognition of its work in Halling.

18. Correspondence
(a)  Colin Buchanan – Transport for Medway – report can be found on
(b)  Clerks & Councils Direct magazine
(c)  Local Council Review magazine
(d)  Fitzpatrick Walmer – creative sign solutions
(e)  Medway Council – tree preservation order for Bores Hole & Trechmanns Wharf
(f)  Tonbridge & Malling BC – bus link, bus gates & junctions at Holborough Quarry
(g)  Southern Water – sprinkler & unattended hosepipe restrictions from 11/7/05
(h)  Medway Council – rural liaison committee meeting on 11 July 2005 cancelled
(i)  Earth Anchors – sign fixings
(j)  KAPC – newsletter
(k) Royal British Legion – 2005 appeal pack
(l)  SEERRA – update on the South East plan
(m) Chairman’s email to Medway Council re weight restriction on road bridge
(n) Clerk’s letter to Judith Armitt
(o) Medway Council – minutes of Rural Liaison Committee 6 June 2005 & agenda for September meeting 20/9/05 at High Halstow
(p) Medway Council – planning app. For 2 – 4 bed houses 39 Rochester Road, N Halling

19. Receipts
(a) David Taylor - £40.00 advert in Halling View

20._Payments                                           (Net£  VAT£  Total£)
(a) Mrs P Wilkins- Smith Halling View              40.00           40.00
(b) Clive Stanley – website                         240.00         240.00
(c) A Ballantyne – paper for Halling View         13.61   2.38  15.99
(d) W R Swan – expenses and software         104.77 16.59 121.36
(e) A Ballantyne – toner for Halling View        460.20 80.54 540.74
(f) Tagish Ltd – renewal of domain name         55.00   9.63  64.62

It was proposed by Councillor Hitchcock, seconded Councillor Coleman, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.

21. Any Other Business
Councillor Hitchcock said that he would like to resurrect the Halling Garden Competition in 2006 provided there is the support from residents.
The Vice-Chairman said that an approach had been made from Cuxton Parish Council about renumbering the houses in Rochester Road, North Halling because of delivery problems in Rochester Road, Cuxton. He felt that there was no need for renumbering in North Halling.
The Chairman asked if emails could be sent to the Chief Executive of Medway Council reminding her about the highways problems in Halling with a copy to Councillor Ray Maisey.
He was also researching the use of speed cameras by Parish Councils. Medway Council should be asked to erect a notice forbidding the use of motorcycles on the mound.
Councillor Reynolds asked if Network Rail could be contacted about the state of Halling Station.
Councillor Wyatt said that the exit from the new roundabout on the A228 heading south is too sharp. This is to be reported to Medway Council.

22. Parishioners’ Questions
Points raised by Parishioners at the meeting included the following:

1. The situation on the car park in The Street, Upper Halling.

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