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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 12 January 2006 at the Community Centre

Present: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Councillors Mrs Coleman, R Underdown, F Howard,
P Wyatt, L Hitchcock, B Smith and T Reynolds.
W R Swan – Clerk and 11 members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence
There were no apologies.

2. Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Councillor Wyatt, that the minutes of the previous meeting were a true record. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

3. Matters arising
It was noted that the Poppy Day collection totalled £936.90 (an increase of 17% over the previous year). It was proposed by Councillor Underdown, seconded by Councillor Howard, that the Parish Council ratify the payment of £1,000 to the Royal British Legion which took account of the collection, the wreath at £18.50 and a donation of £44.60 from the Parish Council. This was agreed unanimously.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Councillor Howard – 1 item; Councillor Reynolds – 1 item; Vice-Chairman – 1 item; Chairman – 3 items and the Clerk – 1 item.

5.(a)Estates Committee
The Vice-Chairman reported that the goal mouths had not yet been repaired and it was agreed that these be left until the end of the football season. The Village Handyman has been very busy with fences, recreation grounds and notice boards. Quotations for a “cold pour” surface for the lower rec. safety surface are being obtained.

(b) Footpaths Committee
The Chairman, Councillor Wyatt, has been in touch with the PROW Officer at Medway Council, Viv Kent, to discuss a possible meeting and various matters.
It was decided to write to Lafarge about the re-opening of the ticker path.

(c) Planning & Development Committee
The Chairman, Councillor Underdown, reported that the following planning applications have been approved by Medway Council:
6 Chapel Cottages, Upper Halling – extension
Halling Railway Station – change of use
39 Rochester Road, North Halling – 2 houses

The proposed development of 20 houses in Rochester Road, North Halling has been refused by Medway Council.
2 new applications have been received: 1 Lambarde Close, Lower Halling – extension and an extension at 21 Vicarage Close, Lower Halling. There were no objections to these.

6. Jubilee Hall - No report

7. Harris House
The Chairman said that there was a rumour that the building was being closed in March. There is a possibility that there might asbestos in the building which would necessitate very careful handling. The Parish Council has to keep an eye on the situation.

8. Halling Association
The Vice-Chairman reported on the meeting on 9 January 2006. They have set a date of 29 May 2006 for a finish of the Forge Green project and are still looking at the question of CCTV cover in this area. The association has paid for hand rails to be erected at the Jubilee Hall next to the disabled access ramp. The association will be having a leaflet printed showing walks in Halling.

9. Community Centre
Councillor Hitchcock reported that there have been serious problems with youths. The Police and Medway Council have been involved. He is to liaise with the Fire Fighters about the possibility of a Pantomime this year.

10. Youth Club
Councillor Hitchcock reported that they have joined the Kent Youth organisation and are involved in various activities promoted by them including skating, climbing, cinema visits etc.
There is still only a junior session which is attracting new members. There is still a need for more adult helpers.

11. Lafarge
The Chairman said that the Parish Council is still pursuing the points arising from the Liaison meeting which was reported on at the November 2005 meeting.

The Vice-Chairman reported on the meeting held with the representatives of Cemex and their planning consultants re the proposed development on the west site. Their plans will be shown to the public at the “drop in “ centres in early February. The Company is writing to all residents about this. The Chairman said that if as many as 750 houses were proposed, then the Parish Council should oppose such a move. All agreed to this. The Parish Council must use all means to keep the residents notified of the proposals.

13. Correspondence
(a)Riverside Medical Practice – reply to Parish Council’s letter
(b)Medway Council – minutes of Rural Liaison Cttee. On 15/11/05
(c)Medway Council – water treatment plant Marsh – approval to control kiosk
(d)Medway Council – land on Marsh – application withdrawn
(e)Medway Council – 11c High Street – conservatory approved
(f)Groundwork Swale – landfill tax grants
(g)Kent & Medway Structure Plan – consultation document by 16 February 2006
(h)Office of DPM – Standards of Conduct – discussion paper
(i)KCPFA – newsletter
(j)Kent Wildfowling & Conservation Assoc – re shooting on marsh
(k)Medway Council – letters re resurfacing and yellow lines
(l)Medway Council – plans fro Forge Green
(m)Consumer Direct- order form for publicity
(n)Russet Homes – reference for FL Mitchell
(o)Action with Rural Communities in Kent – Kent Village of Year Competition 2006
(p)Local Council Review magazine
(q)CEMEX – minutes of liaison meeting 7 December 2005
(r)KPA – consultation re 2006/7 precept – closing date 3/2/06
(s)Medway Council – planning appln. Re 21 Vicarage Close extension
(t)Medway Local Strategic Partnership – annual report update 2005
(u)Clerks & Councils direct magazine
(v)KCC – Kent minerals & waste development framework consultation by 30/1/06
(w)Petition re yellow lines.
(x)Total Property of Cuxton – repair & maintenance firm
(y)KAPC – newsletter
(z)Bircham Dyson Bell – agents for Southern Water re extraction from River Medway
(aa)Action with Rural Communities in Kent – possible for Parish Plans
(bb)Open Spaces Society – request for donation
(cc)Cemex – letter for distribution in Village with Halling View
(dd)Medway Council – night buses withdrawn
(ee)Medway Council – 6 Chapel Cottages – plg appln approved
(ff)Medway Council – Halling Station – change of use approved
(gg)Medway Council – 20 houses on Rochester Road – refused.
(hh)Medway Council – 39 Rochester Road – 2 houses approved
(ii)Trevor Dady – Halling Burial Ground

14. Receipts
(a) Poppy Collection - £936.90

15. Payments                                     (Net£    VAT£   Total£)
(a) Medway Council – grasscutting       1,503.76 263.16 1,766.92
(b) BT – broadband quarterly charge         89.97  15.74    105.71

(c) Staples – paper for Halling View(89.80) 
office supplies (19.99)                            93.44  16.35    109.79
(d) MKWCo – charges for Marsh              176.42              176.42
(e) Home & Hobby – handyman’s purchases 16.99   2.97      19.97
(f) Poppy Appeal                                1,000.00           1,000.00
(g) JB Westwood – footpaths maintenance 600.00 105.00   705.00
(h) Clive Stanley – webmaster charges      143.00              143.00
(i) Sue Greenan – Halling View                   40.00                40.00
(j) Staples – office supplies                        9.76    1.71      11.47

It was proposed by Councillor Reynolds, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed

16. Any Other Business

Councillor Howard wished to point out that Medway Council had arranged a meeting for all residents at the Community Centre on 16 January to discuss the proposed development of the Rugby works.

Councillor Reynolds reported that Halling Railway Station is being vandalised again and the Community Rail Partnership had been made aware of this.

The Vice-Chairman asked that the Environment Agency be reminded about the Parish Council’s objection to the River banks being changed as a result of the Peters Pit development which might cause flooding down stream in Halling.

The Chairman said that the Kent Police Authority was looking for an increase in their precept for 2006/7 of 5% which is above inflation. Council Tax payers would need to see an improvement in the service from the police.

The Chairman reported on Medway Council’s response to the Parish Council’s concerns about highway matters. The speed survey done on the High Street and Rochester Road showed that 15% of drivers were above the 33 mph and 44 mph level respectively. No details were available of the actual speeds of these drivers. 15% is a very large proportion of drivers and
something needs to be done. He explained the Parish Council’s thinking behind the request for
yellow lines in the village. The Parish Council is trying to control parking at critical points mainly at junctions not along entire lengths of roads. The resurfacing of the High Street is to be put in Medway Council’s budget for next year.

He also reported on the lorry overturning on the A228 near the new roundabout - when the diversion was manned in the first instance by the police it worked well but they left the scene and things deteriorated. The truck could surely have been moved later when traffic had died down. The Parish Council is taking these points up with the various bodies involved in dealing with the aftermath of the accident and will be chasing Medway Council on the other highway matters.

The Clerk asked if a Finance Committee could be called as soon as possible to discuss the budgets and precept for 2006/7. It was agreed to hold this on Thursday 19 January at 7.00pm at the Community Centre.

17. Parishioners’ Questions

Points raised by residents at the meeting included the following:
1. Ticker Path
2. Sports field to be provided by Lafarge.
3. Flood situation at Peters pit.
4. A228 – accident and pedestrian crossing point.
5. Land and footpaths on Halling Marsh.
6. Rubbish in Kent Road and Vicarage Road
7. Sponsorship for Roundabouts
8. Cemetery Road bridge
9. Funds for Cemetery clean up.
10.Water shortage
11. Saxon Homes maintenance of public areas.  

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