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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 8 September 2005 at the Jubilee Hall


Present: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Councillors Mrs P Weaver, L Hitchcock, R Underdown,

F Howard, B Smith, T Reynolds and R Swain.

W R Swan Clerk and 7 members of the public.


The Chairman welcomed former Parish Councillor Chris Dance to the meeting and presented him with an illuminated address commemorating his seventeen years service on the Parish Council during which time he served as Chairman for several periods. The Chairman thanked him on behalf of the Council for his service to the Community and this was echoed by the Members who were present.


1. Apologies for absence

P Wyatt holiday and Mrs Coleman working.


2. Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by T Reynolds, seconded by theVice-Chairman, that the Minutes were a true record of last month's meeting. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.


3. Matters arising

R Underdown - Item 21 the Police have now put up signs on the Mound banning motorcycling.


4. Notification of Any Other Business

Chairman 2 items; Vice-Chairman 2 items; L Hitchcock 1 item; T Reynolds 1 item and Mrs Weaver 1 item.


5. (a) Estates Committee

The Vice-Chairman reported that the height barrier at the Jubilee Hall car park has been erected but a new post is required for the gate to make the site secure against vans and caravans. The goalmouths have not yet been repaired because of the dry weather. He was pleased to report that Cuxton 91 FC had donated £200 for the use of the football pitch in the upper rec.

The Chairman asked if the rope swing and tree house in the corner of the upper rec. had been removed in accordance with the site visit earlier in the year. The Clerk is to get the Village Handyman to look into this.


(b) Footpaths Committee

The Vice-Chairman reported that there have been problems with the fence adjoining the RS201 in North Halling and that Medway Council have spoken to the adjoining landowner.


(c) Planning & Development Committee

Councillor Underdown reported on the following applications:

The bridge from Peters Pit to the A228 an appeal has been made to the Secretary of State.

11 Pilgrims Road extension approved by Medway Council

22 Meadow Crescent new house approved by Medway Council.

40 Essex Road conversion to flats the Parish Council has no objection in principle but is concerned about parking. Medway Council is to be informed accordingly. The Parish Council had no objection to the change of use at Elmhaven Marina.


6. Medway Council

The Chairman reported on the meeting on 24 August with Senior Members and officers of Medway Council about the highway problems in Halling the Clerk circulated notes of the meeting.

A bid for total resurfacing of the High Street is to be put into next year's budget as a priority by Medway Council. There is to be legal notice in the local press outlining parking restrictions in Halling which will have to be discussed by the Parish Council when further details are obtained.


7. Speedwatch

The Chairman said that Medway Council will be taking part in this scheme. Parish Councils will operate the equipment but this will cost £3,000. He will be researching alternatives that might be more suitable for Halling but he suggested that the Parish Council approaches Cuxton PC to discuss the matter and perhaps share the cost. Halling Parish Council must protect its residents especially the children from speeding cars. The Vice-Chairman asked if Medway Council be approached to put in speeding checks. T Reynolds suggested that we liaise with Snodland TC also.

The Chairman thought that a flyer should be put round the Village asking residents for their views when more is known of Medway Council's plans.


8. Jubilee Hall

Mrs Weaver said that the new tiles were now being laid.


9. Harris House

The Chairman reported on the meeting with MHS on 24 August 2005. They have decided to go ahead with 16 houses for part buy/part own. The Vice-Chairman said that the residents of Halling had said no to every proposal put forward and now there was no provision for accommodation for the elderly. He thought that the Parish Council should ask MHS to change its mind and it was agreed that an Estates meeting should be held on 15 September to formulate the Council's reply.


10. Halling Association

R Underdown said that the Association had supported the Firemen's Centenary celebrations which had been a great success.


11. Community Centre

L Hitchcock said that necessary painting and repairs were being carried out at the present time.


12. Youth Club

L Hitchcock said that the Youth Club will be moving back into the Community Centre shortly after its summer programme in the lower rec.


13. Lafarge

Lafarge had asked for a meeting at 4.0 pm so that their senior people could attend to discuss particular matters raised by the Parish Council. A date has yet to be arranged but this is likely to be towards the end of October because of various commitments


•  Cemex

The Vice-Chair reported that Cemex will be carrying on business as usual next year until close down in 2007.


•  IT

It was agreed that Clive Stanley should carry on as Webmaster for the Parish Council for another 3 months at the agreed rate but the Council should look at cheaper alternatives.

16. Correspondence

•  Medway Council annual report on sports development & strategy
•  Kent Downs AONB annual review & sustainable development fund
•  Action with Rural Communities in Kent Parish Plans
•  KAPC newsletter
•  Medway Valley Countryside Partnership grants
•  KCC Kent Minerals & Waste Development Framework statement
•  Cemex minutes of June meeting
•  Medway Local Strategic partnership meeting 12 September 2005
•  Local Works campaign for Sustainable Communities Bill newsletter
•  Government Office for SE Waste & Minerals proposed changes to planning guidance
•  KCC/Medway consultation on SE plan
•  KCC Kent minerals & waste development framework on-line consultation
•  Medway Council Licensing Act 2003 applications received
•  Local Council Review magazine
•  Medway Council Greenspaces Conference 24 September 2005
•  Clive Stanley Associates letter re website
•  Kent BTCV Tree Warden scheme
•  Tonbridge & Malling BC phase 2 Holborough Quarry
•  Tonbridge & Malling BC local development framework consultation
•  Medway Council Parish website and email addresses

17. Receipts

•  Cuxton 91 FC £200 donation for use of pitch

18. Payments


                                                                      Net£           VAT           Total£

(a) Harry Stebbing - new n/b for Forge Green*      833.00        145.78        978.78

(b) Sue Greenan Halling View                             40.00                          40.00

(c) J Sutherland wages                                   283.36                         283.36

(d) Home & Hobby purchases                              9.52          1.66           11.18

(e) Kent Police- posters for Nwatch                      11.10                           11.10

(f) W R Swan wages/expenses                          1051.54                        1051.54

(g) BT phone bill                                              61.79         10.81          72.60

(h) Jubilee Hall - rent of hall                                 48.00                           48.00

(i) Rocket Pyrotechnics deposit*                       200.00         35.00         235.00

(j) Wicksteed Leisure basketball goal*                525.00         91.88         616.88

(k) BT broadband                                            97.86          17.12         114.98

(l) Staples paper                                             30.62           5.36           35.98


* These payments are on behalf of Halling Association

It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Councillor Smith, that the above payments be ratified. This was agreed unanimously.

19. Any Other Business

The Vice-Chairman raised the matter of the Police Surgery which is being held on the second Saturday of each month in the Community Centre between 12 noon and 2 pm. These have been poorly attended so far and if residents do not turn up then the surgeries will probably be discontinued. Councillor Ray Maisey of Medway Council is also attending at the same time to provide a surgery for residents.

Is the HVRA trying to reform? The Chairman said that it was under consideration for winding up.



19. Any Other Business (contd)

L Hitchcock thanks are due to the Fire Brigade for their very good effort with the centenary celebrations. It was agreed that an official letter of congratulation and thanks should be sent to them.

T Reynolds he attended a meeting of the Medway Community Rail Partnership in Maidstone on 15 September and would be providing members with details at the next meeting.

Mrs Weaver said that there have been complaints about the footpath near the Lafarge Works.


20. Parishioners' Questions

Points raised by Parishioners at the meeting included the following;

1. Exit from new roundabout on A228

2. Situation on footpaths across the Marsh.

3. Circle in Vicarage Close.

4. Fence in Kent Road .

5. Golf in Lower Rec.

6. Parking restrictions.

7. Speedwatch recording.

8. Maintenance of Cemetery

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