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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 10 February 2005 at the Jubilee Hall

Present: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Councillors Mrs Terry, Mrs Weaver, B Smith, R Underdown, A Goodger and R Swain.
Medway Councillor R Maisey, W R Swan, Clerk and 12 members of the public.

The Chairman introduced Jenni Davis at the beginning of the meeting. She gave a brief explanation of her role as Youth Development Officer for Medway Council.

1.Apologies for Absence
There were apologies from Councillors L Hitchcock who was unwell.

2.Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by Councillor Mrs Terry, seconded by Councillor Smith, that the Minutes of the previous meeting were a true record. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

3. Matters Arising – none.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Vice-Chairman – 1 item; Councillor Swain – 1 item and Councillor Mrs Terry - 1 item.

5. Estates Committee
The Vice-Chairman reported in the absence of Councillor Hitchcock. An Estates Committee was held on 5 February when Members inspected the Upper & Lower Recreation Grounds and other parts of the Village. There were a number of issues which are to be dealt with by the Village Handyman and the Clerk as appropriate. The Vice-Chairman said that the fence damaged by vandals next to 13 Vicarage Close and alongside the footpath to the Lower Rec. was not the responsibility of the owner of No 13 and the Parish Council had decided to have it repaired at a cost of £185.00 as a matter of urgency. There is some disquiet from Upper Halling residents about Medway Council’s plans for the car park in The Street. The Parish Council will put them in touch with Councillor Maisey from Medway Council.

6. Footpaths Committee
Councillor Mrs Terry reported that there is an overhanging tree at the bottom of the Plough path. It was decided to have a site meeting of the Footpaths Committee along with concerned residents at 12 noon on Saturday 19 February 2005. The meeting will start at the Marsh Road gate and people will be able to give their views on the paths open to the public and on FP320 which is not on the official maps. There will also be an opportunity to see where the Wildfowlers actually do their shooting.

7. Planning & Development
Councillor Underdown reported that the objections to the development at 143 Kent Road were overruled by Medway Council and approval was granted.
The MOD wish to reinforce the river bank at Soldiers Hard – there were no objections to this.
Land opposite 22 Meadow Crescent – it was agreed to have a site meeting on this application.
The Chairman reported that he had phoned Medway Council about the application for the Harris House site and was told that this would be coming before the Committee on 23 February 2005 but that officers were recommending refusal.

The Chairman said that the association was seeking new members and notices were being put in all notice boards.

9. Harris House
The Chairman said that things had been very quiet recently.

10. Halling Association
Councillor Underdown said that the next meeting is on 23 February 2005. Work on Forge Green is to start shortly. The basket ball nets for the Lower Rec. had been approved. Approval has also been given for the purchase of a colour printer, at a cost of approx. £1100 for the Parish Council, on which it would be able to print the Halling View amongst other things and thus save on external printing costs.

11. Jubilee Hall
Councillor Goodger attended the AGM on 4 February 2005 as the Parish Council’s representative and reported that the Jubilee Hall was making a good profit. It hopes to refurbish the floor tiling around the sides and also to improve the lighting. It might be seeking a donation from the Parish Council to help with the cost. It was decided that the Parish Council would use the PA system at future meetings in the Jubilee Hall.

12. Community Centre
The Vice-Chairman reported that the Trustees had been asked if the Parish Council could change the lock on the office door in order to stop unauthorised persons using the photocopier and to make secure the valuable equipment in the office. A letter had been received from the Trustees saying that this was in order. The Parish Council had been asked for a back dated contribution towards the Children’s Xmas party. It was decided to refuse this because the parish Council was unaware of this taking place.
The Annual Parish Meeting on 25 April 2005 has been booked at the Community Centre for 9 months but the main hall is being used. It was agreed that the 2 other rooms with the divider pushed back would probably be sufficient in view of the number of residents who normally attend.

13. Lafarge
No report.

14. RMC
No report

15. Youth Club
No report

16. Precept for 2005/2006
It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Councillor Mrs Terry, that the proposal of the Finance Committee to set the precept at £12,500 an increase of 5 % be ratified. This was agreed unanimously.

17. Correspondence
(a) Medway Council – new Local Transport Plan
(b) Medway Council – rural transport “one off” trips
(c) Medway Local Strategic Partnership – dates of meetings
(d) SERPA – annual contribution for 2005/6 £20
(e) Medway Council – Rural Liaison Committee – 15 March 2005 invitation to all Members
(f) Medway Council – rural community funding – meeting at Harrietsham on Wednesday 16 March between 10 am and 3 pm
(g) Action with Rural Communities in Rural Kent (was KRCC) – opinion survey return by 16/2/05
(h) KAPC – newsletter
(i) KAPC – new legislation info day – Harrietsham Wednesday 23 February cost £47
(j) KAPC – planning info day – Hawkinge Saturday 19 March cost £47
(k) Rugby Cement – minutes of Liaison Meeting on 19 January 2005
(l) SERA – The South East Plan draft for public consultation – comments by 15 April 2005
(m) Harry Stebbing Workshop – confirmation of order for new Notice Board
(n) Medway Council – email re Stake Lane Car Park
(o) Trenport – exhibition Community Centre 14 February 2005
(p) Medway Council – Jenni Davis new Youth Development worker
(q) Glasdon U K Ltd – newsletter
(r) Halling WI – programme for 2005
(s) Kent Police – draft letter to be given to "Goped" riders
(t) Floodscape – newsletter
(u) Cuxton Scout Group – maintenance appeal
(v) Halling Community Centre – bookings
(w) Halling Community Centre – reply re office security
(x) Halling Community Centre – request for donation towards Children’s Xmas Party
(y) Office of DPM – Vibrant Local Leadership – comments required
(z) Medway Council – planning application re land adj and opposite 22 Meadow Crescent Construction of 2 bed bungalow

18. Receipts
(a) EFD power – wayleave for Marsh - £30.61
(b) Youth Club – photocopying £ 4.80

19. Payments                                       £            Vat£          Total£
(a) Medway Council – lottery licence      17.50                         17.50
(b) Shaw & Sons Ltd – books                67.50                         67.50
© Staples Ltd – office supplies             118.08      20.68         138.76
(d) BT – broadband connection              89.97      15.76          105.71
(e) W R Swan – wages and expenses    1031.31                     1031.31
(f) Fuss 3 solutions Ltd – new printer    1076.10    188.32        1264.42
* this is a payment on behalf of the Halling Association

20. Any Other Business
Councillor Swain has learned of a possible planning application by an operator of 44 tonne artics. to use the riverside at Wharnes Place for a depot. The Parish Council will have to keep its eyes open and await any formal application. It would mean a right turn across traffic at the top of Rochester Road, North Halling.
Councillor Mrs Terry – trees in the Low Meadow playground have been torn up by vandals.

Last updated 6 April 2005.

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