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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 9th April 2013 at the Jubilee Hall


Present:     Richard Thorne (RT) in Chair, Chris Herbert (CH), Les Hitchcock (LH),  Hayley Winter (HW), Norman Godding (NG), Trevor Reynolds (TR)

                        Bill Swan  - Clerk (WS), 5  members of the public.

1.              Apologies

                  MJ, DP, SRW  and PCSO Alan Hunter

2.              Minutes of the last meeting

                 Proposed by LH, seconded by HW that the minutes were a true record of the February meeting.  All agreed and the Vice-Chairman duly signed them.

3.              Matters Arising

                 RT – item 6 – good to see two prospective Members at the meeting.

4.              Notification of Any Other Business

                 NG – 1 item; CH – 2 items; WS – 2 items.

5.              Reports by Committee Portfolio Holders

                  a) Estates             

                      LH reported that the broken fence in the Lower Rec. has been repaired. WS opened the Tender document for Marsh Grazing and it was for £500 from Peter Lingham.  It was proposed by LH, seconded NG that this be accepted.  All agreed.


                  b) Footpaths       

                      No report from SRW but it was agreed to hold a small reception for the RS320 campaigners at 7.00 pm before the Annual Parish Meeting.  WS to send invites. 

                  c) Planning and Development

                      NG said that two applications had been received:  MC/13/0639 for a two storey side extension at 131 High Street, Lower Halling.  MC13/0730 – alterations to garage at 15b Foxglove Row, Lower Halling.  No objections.

                   d) Community

                       HW said it was good to see the PCSO at Thursday’s coffee morning.


6.              Policing

                      In the absence of PCSO Alan Hunter, his report was read out by the Clerk. He said that up to 5th April there had been no issues with Bishops Palace.  

                      Could the Community Pay Back team be asked to cut back the overhanging foliage from the West side of Kent Road from its junction with Vicarage Road to the bus stop. 

7.              Bishops Palace

                       LH said that there was a mistake on one of the interpretation panels and that the Clerk had informed VoV.  Medway Council has involved one of their Inspectors to keep an eye on the site.

8.              Halling Fire Station

                       TR said that the Business Plan is still being worked on but nothing official has yet been received from Medway Council or KF&RS.  HPC will be put in picture if anything happens between meetings.


9.              FW13

                       HW reported that all is going well and that HPC has been asked by FW13 committee to allow use of Lower Rec.  It was proposed by TR, seconded by LH, that formal approval be given.  All agreed.


10.            Jubilee Hall – no report

11.            Halling Association

                        CH said that as the Association were looking to fund projects in the Village, the Halling Weather site,  which is self funded, is looking for funds for new equipment.


12.            Community Centre

                        LH said that the AGM is on 13th May 2013.

13.            Lafarge – no report


14.            Redrow – no report


15.            Youth Club

                       LH said that the YC was very pleased to receive a cheque for £300 from the Fire fighters.  He reminded Members of the skate day on 20th April at the Community Centre.

16.            White Pit

                       The Clerk reported that Ben Cook  has filled in the hole and will be creosoting the fencing to preserve it.  CH said that a working party is needed to fence off the escarpment. Approach VoV on this.


17.            School

                       The Clerk said that the Head Teacher had agreed to the School Council coming to the HPC meeting on 9th June at 7.00pm.

18.            Receipts – none

19.            Payments

                       It was proposed by TR, seconded by HW, that the payments as per the attached sheet should be ratified.  All agreed.

20.            A.O.B

NG said that the overhanging foliage at the top of Low Meadow had not yet been cut back. The Clerk is to remind Medway Council.

CH asked the Clerk how the Asset Register is proceeding.  WS said that he was still waiting for one or two items.  CH also commented on the cost of the Halling View.  The printing costs had gone up from £790 to £1370 (including setting and delivery) in just over a year.  TR said that this should be discussed at the next Strategy Meeting.

The Clerk said the Members had provisionally agreed to the Insurance with Zurich Municipal being renewed for another year, the increase being 0.025%.  It was proposed by RT, seconded by NG, that this be ratified.  All agreed.

The Clerk said that the renewal terms for HPC’s membership of KALC had come through with an increase of 0.027%.  It was proposed by RT, seconded by LH, that the membership be renewed. All agreed.   

Parishioners’ Questions

Subjects raised:

Quarry next to Vicarage Road

Seat at top of Chapel Lane

Condition of Vicarage Road

Pavement parking

Phone Box in Lower Halling.


















































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