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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 9th October 2013 in the Community Centre 



Present:         Mark Joy (MJ) in Chair,  Chris Herbert (CH), Trevor Reynolds (TR),

Jenny Robinson (JR), Les Hitchcock (LH), Matthew Fearn (MF) Kevyn Wightman (KW)

Bill Swan  Clerk (WS), 19  members of the public

1.          Apologies

Sally Brady, Daryl Palmer.  Proposed by MJ, seconded by KW that these be accepted.  All agreed.

2.         Minutes of last meeting

TR said that item 10 should read as follows: “seconded by TR, subject to the detailed financial implications being reported to the next meeting”" It was proposed by TR, seconded by MF that the minutes be adopted subject to TR’s amendment.  All agreed and MJ duly signed them.

3.          Matters Arising

Item 9 – KW said the new times should be on Voicemail.  Item 12  KW said that there are lots of ideas coming forward.  WS said that the Clerks had not yet started on this.

4.        Disclosure of Pecuniary and/or Prejudicial Interests

CH declared a DPI in item 10.TR and LH declared a prejudicial interest in item 9.

5.          Any Other Business

KW had three items: Feedback on Task day, Neighbourhood Watch and Trenport. WS had one on grass cutting in cemetery.

6.          Co-option of new Members

MJ said that as there were only two applicants, Jim Sutherland was appointed for Lower Ward and Tony Pickard for North Ward.  They took their places, declared no interests and signed the Declaration book.

7.          Portfolio Holders

SB is stepping down from Communities and it was agreed that having declared an interest in this portfolio, KW should take her place. JS said he was willing to take over Footpaths.   Planning & Development – no volunteers so left vacant.

8.          Halling Fire Station

CH introduced his study and copies were passed to the public. There are 4 options:

There is a covenant that states that the building must include the Parish Office. 

Option 1 –  use as an  office

Option 2 – office and changing rooms for sporting events

Option 3 -  Office and meeting venue, changing rooms for sporting events and a venue for parties/receptions

Option 4 -  Purchase for resale as a development plot and CH saw no reason why this cannot be done.

JS asked if planning permission would be needed for all of the options?  CH replied in the affirmative.  JS have local residents been asked about noise?  MF thanked CH for all his work on the study which he had done in three weeks as against a failure by the HPC to do this in over a year.  HPC must have confirmation that Section will allow this.  MF could not support the expenditure of £23,500.  He also asked how the project is to be managed whichever option is decided upon.  MJ said that it would be the responsibility of the Parish Council to manage the project.  TP and MF said that if Option 4 is taken, then residents should be consulted on how they want the money spent.

CH said that having been backed into a corner, he made the following proposal:

That HPC accept £100,000 to purchase Halling Fire Station with the sole purpose of reselling the property with Planning permission for development retaining a right of way to the Lower Rec.

And utilising the funds obtained to revamp all the equipment and safety surfaces in both recs. and to provide with grant aid, changing facilities and an adult football pitch in the Lower Rec. 

This was seconded by TR.  TR, CH, LH, MJ, JR, JS and KW voted for the motion. TP and MF abstained.  

KW asked about vacant property insurance and other costs and is there any asbestos problem.  CH said that the insurance can be arranged and that there was a very low risk regarding asbestos.

9.  Availability of FW11 and FW12 accounts

MJ said that these had not yet been received from the Auditor so he adjourned the item until his report is received.  MF asked if the FW committee should be given a time limit – MJ said that any delay now is down to the auditor.

10. Proposal to set up a working group from HPC and FW committee

It was proposed by DP who had now joined the meeting,, seconded by MJ, that 3 members of HPC and 3 members of the FW committee should form a working group to amend the constitution if required and to establish how the FW events and their management go forward.  The HPC members will be the Chairman, the Vice-Chair and JS.  No members of the FWC have yet been appointed.  This was agreed with TP and CH abstaining.

11. Planning and Development – no report.

12.  Dogs in Recreation Grounds

LH said that there have been complaints about dogs in the Lower Rec. with fouling and dog mess being put in the normal waste bins. Would HPC consider changing the rec. rules to allow dogs in the recs.  MJ said that he had encountered an abusive resident walking his dogs in the Lower Rec. and had called 101. CH said that dogs and recs should be kept separated.  JS said that it is not the dogs’ fault it is the owners.

It was agreed to keep the no dog policy and to ask for 2 new dog bins be put in suitable places.  KW said that HPC should carry out an Ad campaign and circulate all houses about the problem.

13.  Parish Council Website

The Parish Council’s webmaster, Clive Stanley, said that he had given ideas for revamping the site he inherited, to give a fresher and new look. The estimated cost will be between £180 and

£260. It was proposed by KW, seconded by LH, that Clive’s estimate range be accepted. All agreed. 

14. Parish Council editorial group.

MJ said that the renaming and revamping Competition is under way at the school and will run to the end of October.   KW, JR and TP volunteered to represent HPC and the Clerk will be responsible for all financial matters.  HPC will welcome the involvement of residents.  It was proposed by MJ, seconded by CH, that the 3 members as above be on the editorial board along with one or more residents.  All agreed.  Quotes are still being obtained for printing.

15. Redrow

MJ said that Redrow’s Consultant Engineers had offered HPC £5,000 for an easement over the top of Marsh Road for a high pressure sewerage system linking St Andrews Park to the sub station.  Proposed by TR, seconded by DP, that this be accepted.  All agreed.  

Parishioners’ Questions.

Among the points raised were the following:

1.  Naming of ST Andrews Park.

2.  Section 106 money for Fire Station purchase can it be used for any other purpose.

3.  Parking on pavements.

4.  Bus stop at Walnut Tree flats.

5.  Business Plan for Fire Station.

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