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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Annual Parish Council Meeting, 9th May 2013 


Present: Councillors Hitchcock, Herbert, Thorne, Winter, Joy, Walsh

Apologies: Councillors Godding, Reynolds & The Clerk

Before the meeting began Councillor Palmer explained about the situation with the absence of The Clerk and the advice taken from KALC.  The meeting commenced with Cllr. Palmer acting as stand-in Clerk accordingly.

Parishioners’ Questions - Topics arising: 

The meeting opened at 1943:

Item 1: Election of Chairman – It was proposed by RT that MJ continue in the role. Seconded by LH – Unanimous

Item 5: Matters Arising – #20 Medway have been contacted by WS.

It was proposed by HW & seconded by LH that the minutes were correct and they were signed by the Chairman.

Item 6: AOB – HWx1 & DPx1

Item 7: Two people had applied for the two vacant positions.  Kevyn Wightman & Sally Brady were co-opted to the positions and signed the declaration book.

Item 8: Election of Other officers. 

Vice Chair – Cllr Winter - Prop by DP & seconded by LH – No other proposals

Estates - Cllr Hitchcock – Prop by DP & seconded by SW – No other proposals

Footpaths – Cllr Walsh – Prop by CH & seconded by RT - No other proposals

Planning – Cllr Godding – Prop by DP & seconded by SW - No other proposals

KALC – Vacant

Rural Liaison – Vacant

Governors – Vacant

Jubilee Hall – MJ

RLG/Transport – TR

HV – Vacant

LaFarge/Cemex/Redrow – All PC

HA – MJ & HW (DP to hand over)

Com Centre – CH

The Chairman thanked all of the people who were stepping down from these roles for the efforts over the last year(s).

Item 10: 2013/4 meetings.  It was noted that the CC meetings were due to be moved to Wednesdays.  Prop by LH & seconded by RT that they be approved as amended.

Item 11: Reports of Portfolio Holders:

Estates:  Upper Rec ramp has been churned up – Redrow approached to see if they could provide road-stone.  Both recs sprayed for moss/weeds.  Glass replaced in the notice board by the river.  Gate at lower rec has had a rough fix to allow it to lock.  Goal mouths are having additional sockets to allow 108 degree swing to let grass to re-establish.  Slats were replaced on the seat in Vicarage Road.  Funding applications are in progress for both recs to provide more multi-age equipment.

Footpaths: The Bluebell Walk was once again a success.  Medway Valley Line are looking to get walks arranged from station on the line – Halling walk is in the planning stages.

Planning: No report

Community: No Report

Item 12:  Policing:  PCSO AH reported that there was not a lot to report.  Still issues at railway station, and also Cuxton station.  Yellow van on bridge will be moved after he spoke to the company.  RT pointed out that Community Payback had been working in the village – confirmed by AH.  MJ reported that parents are concerned about the CCTV overlooking the Bishops Palace – AH to seek advice.  SB asked about station – Police and BTP are watching.  Reminded about the 101 number.

Item 13:  Held over for attendance of The Clerk

Item 14: Fire Station.  DP explained the outcome of the meeting with KFRS.  The Fire Museum is no longer an ideal option.  It was proposed by DP and seconded by MJ that the feasibility study/business plan now go ahead excluding this.  Unanimous.

Item 15:  HV – DP reported that the 100th edition will be the Summer one planned for mid-July to optimize the timing for FW publicity.  It is intended to include a copy of edition #1 with edition #100.

Item 16:  MJ reported that the rent increase initially set as £200 up to £284 had been reduced and was now £250 per calendar month.  It was proposed by DP and seconded by CH that the new rent amount be accepted and alternative arrangements be considered.  Voted 6 for, 1 against & 2 abstained.

Item 17:  FW13 – HW reported that progress is good.  Club & Five bells events confirmed.  KW asked about flower club inclusion.  The email exchange between HW & Pat Catchpole was reported and it was confirmed that they had declined an invite to have a presence at the FW to publicise their own event.

Item 18:  Youth Club – LH reported that the Skate Event was a success and made the KM.  5 police officers also attended.  The Red Cross are planning to visit to give  basic First Aid instructions to the older group.

Item 19:  RT reported that the meeting with Phil Moore had been a success and productive.  The light in Ferry Road is estimated at £1600.  The office have been asked to discuss this with our Ward Councillor with a view to assisting us with funding.  Medway are going to look into the distance between bollards in Ferry Road which still allows vehicles of a reasonable size to pass through easily.  A traffic survey will be carried out to establish whether there is justification for a 20MPH limit.  Kent Road & Yellow Line parking – Medway & the Policae are in conversations about this.

Item 20:  No Report

Items 21/22:  Payments & Receipts – MJ gave an explanation for the report.  CH pointed out that they didn’t add up correctly.  It was proposed by CH & seconded by LH that they be accepted (with totals corrected) and this was unanimous.

Item 23:  AOB.  DP said that his item was no longer needed.  HW reported that the Halling Train Station sign had been replaced.

The meeting closed at 2104.

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