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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council Meeting held on 11th June 2013 at the Jubilee Hall 



Present:     Mark Joy (MJ) in Chair, Hayley Winter (HW,- Vice-Chair, Chris Herbert (CH),

Les Hitchcock (LH), Norman Godding (NG), Trevor Reynolds (TR), Daryl Palmer (DP),

Richard Thorne (RT)and Kevyn Wightman (KW)

Bill Swan - Clerk (WS), 6  members of the public.

Visit by representatives of the School Council from Halling Primary School – Amy Cotterill and Matthew Wilkinson.  Also in attendance were Wendy Donnelly the Headteacher and two parents.

The School Council had met earlier in school and had the following questions/suggestions to be put by their representatives to the Parish Council:

What does the Parish Council do? Answered by the Chairman and other Councillors that we are the link between the Village and Medway Council. We own the two recreation grounds, the Halling Marsh and the War Memorial Garden all of which have to be looked after by the Parish Council.  We also have an oversight of Planning Matters. 

The School Council asked how long does it take to organise events in the Village – can be up to a year for the Fun Weekend.

What are your plans for improving Halling for children? Improving the play areas in both recreation grounds and also including the older people of Halling.

Suggestions by the school for future events:

Another Skate Day; Red Cross day; Talent Show for all ages;

They thought that the best things to happen in the Village were the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and the parade by the Firefighters and Villagers when the Fire Station closed.

The school is raising money for its project in the Gambia and the Chairman stated that the Parish Council could make a donation to support this.

The school were thanked by the Chairman for attending and providing such a lively discussion.

The meeting then started with Parishioners’ Questions at 7.30 pm.

Among the points raised were:

Vicarage Road proximity to pit

Break ins in Browndens Road

Parking in the Street, Upper Halling and Vicarage Road near the old fire station.

Dogs in the Lower recreation ground  in spite of notices at the entrances – could something be put in the Halling View?

Bo Peeps – a report at the Annual Parish Meeting.

Grass in Cemetery

Why Minutes include the Youth Club and the Fun Weekend Accounts for 2011 and 2012?

1.              Apologies

                  Sally Brady and Sam Walsh. And PCSO Alan Hunter

2.              Minutes of the last meeting

Proposed by LH, seconded by HW that the minutes were a true record of the May 2013  meeting.  All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

3.              Matters Arising - none

4.              Notification of Any Other Business (exchange of information)

WS – 3 items; HW – 1 item.

5.              Reports by Committee Portfolio Holders

                  a) Estates             

LH reported that the Clerk has met with Park Leisure about providing a Multi Gym for the Lower Rec.  The Company will prepare a plan for this with ideas for obtaining funding.

                  A bench in the Lower Rec. Has been damaged by Medway Council’s gang mower and the Clerk has already submitted a claim for the cost of repairs estimated at £350

               The goal’s mouths have been attended to and anti-climbing paint has been applied to fencing where it is being climbed.  A notice will need to be put up.

                  b) Footpaths       

                  MJ said that a request for a new bench at the junction of RS219 and 319  has been submitted to the Halling Association.  The Parish Council has been asked to fund new signs at the site and it was proposed by TR, seconded by HW that provided the Footpaths budget can fund this, it should go ahead.  All agreed.

                  c) Planning and Development – no report

 d) Community – no report


6.              Policing

                  In the absence of PCSO Alan Hunter, a report from PSE Laura Ashwell was read out by the Clerk. DP said that the police had been called to an Anti-social behaviour incidents at the Bishops Palace on 10/06/13 and a letter from a local resident concerning this was read out.

7.              Report on Annual Parish Meeting.

               The Clerk reported that at the recent Clerk’s Conference, another Parish Council had reported on a different format for Annual Parish Meetings which had resulted in 300 residents attending as against 20 in Halling and low figures in other Villages. Agreed to look into this.

8.              Halling Association – donation by HPC

                  It was proposed by DP, seconded by HW, that the annual donation of £2000 by the Parish Council to the Association be continued though it was not specifically included in the Budget set by the Finance Committee.  All agreed.

              MJ said that the Association will be meeting the cost of a bench on the Marsh at the junction of the RS 219 and 319.

9.              Halling View  

              TR said that the next issue is no 100 and that he and DP felt that it would be a good idea to include issue No 1 in this with the cost being met from the Halling View budget.  It was proposed by HW, seconded by LH that this proposal be accepted and this was agreed unanimously.

              MJ said that there is a need to discuss the cost of adverts and which organisations should free or in receipt of a discount.   CH proposed that advertisers complete a form in future giving full details so that the Parish Council could decide on whether a charge is made.  Agreed that TR, LH and the Clerk look at this.


10.            Fire Station – update

              DP gave an update on the latest situation.  The £100,000 from Redrow Homes for the purchase of the Fire Station is available (subject to Central Government approval) but if it were to be sold by HPC in the first 20 years after purchase, it would have to share any profits with Kent Fire and Rescue. If HPC does not purchase the Fire Station, then the £100,000 would not be forthcoming for any other purpose.


              CH had 2 points to make:

  • Before making any final decision, the Parish Council must ensure that the Business Plan is viable.
  • Should HPC be involved in property speculation?

DP said that he would carry on with his feasibility study taking these points into consideration.

11.            FW13

              HW said that everything is going well and all the acts have been booked.


12.            FW11 and FW 12 Accounts

               This item was moved to the end of the meeting in view of the FW Committee Constitution. 


13.            Youth Club.

               LH said that they had attended a networking meeting with 3 other YCs in Medway at Cliffe to build bridges between YCs in the Area.

14.            Meeting Designations

              MJ said that the Kent Association of Local Councils had advised that all Parish Council meetings should be open to the Public except for those discussing confidential matters such as staffing . TR said that parts of formal meetings can be in private.  He also said that HPC can have informal get togethers  in private to discuss future Agendas.  MJ felt that any business of the Parish Council should be discussed in public.  Councillors choose to represent the people of Halling.  TR said that there is a case for closed meetings like other Councils. 

              MJ moved that all HPC meetings should be in public.  This was seconded by CH.  The motion was defeated with, MJ, CH and LH voting in favour and TR, DP, RT, NG and KW voting against.  HW abstained.

15.         Report on KALC Clerks’ Conference

                  The Clerk gave a report on the Conference at Faversham on 22nd May which the Assistant Clerk and he attended. 

16&17.    Receipts and payments as per attached spreadsheet

              It was proposed by TR, seconded by DP that the payments be ratified.  All agreed.


18.            Any Other Business

              The Clerk is to provide more information on the John May Charity following a request from Snodland Town for representatives from HPC.         

A letter has been received from the Parochial Church Council asking for a grant towards the grass cutting in the Cemetery. The Clerk will get more information on costs and schedule before a decision is made.

Cheque signing – KALC has advised that the Clerk as RFO can be a signatory to the account but should only sign cheques in an emergency.  Agreed that HW, KW and MJ be added to the list of cheque signers.   The Clerk to arrange.

12.        FW11 and FW12 accounts

This item was discussed in a closed meeting in view of the Constitution and Rules of the FW Committee.

The accounts will be submitted to the next full Parish Council meeting on 10rd July 2013.

The meeting closed at 9.45 pm.

















































































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