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[ DRAFT - to be accepted at next Ordinary Meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 31st July 2013 at Jubilee Hall 


Present:     Mark Joy (MJ) in Chair, Hayley Winter (HW), Les Hitchcock (LH), Chris Herbert (CH), Daryl Palmer (DP), Richard Thorne (RT), Trevor Reynolds (TR),Kevyn Wightman (KW)

Trudi Smith Assistant Clerk (TS), 4  members of the public

There were no Parishioners’ Questions allowed at this extra Parish meeting.

1.              Apologies

                  Sally Brady, Norman Godding and Bill Swan.

2.              Declaration of Interests

Pecuniary :  Payment of cheques - TR, LH for

Prejudicial :  FunWeek – DP, TR, LH, RT, HW

              :  Payments – Jubilee Hall – MJ

3.              Fire Station

Chairman proposed a special meeting with parishioners to enable them to ask questions and get feedback with the plan to purchase the fire station. Seconded by DP, all in favour.

4./5.         FW11 / FW12

                  Daryl Palmer was awaiting feedback from the Clerk with regard to confirmation of certain items paid into HPC bank before producing the final accounts.  Trudi to look into email request.

6.              FW13

                  Discussion was held on the Fun Week Committee funding going through the HPC accounts and freezing of the funds until the previous final accounts were received.

                  MJ proposed setting aside the FW13 accounts and allowing the FunDay to go ahead on 1 Sept.

                  HW informed the meeting that the current committee have not touched upon the parish council funds as yet as they have kept costs to within the funds given from Halling Association and Isuzu.

                 KW raised concerns of the garden society holding their event in the Jubilee Hall at the same time as the FunDay.

                  DP informed the meeting that the Halling View would go ahead straight after the meeting if FW13 was to go ahead so he could advertise the event. 

                  TR stated the last vote was not specific so gave suggestions on how the event can proceed.

                  CH informed the meeting that the previous vote was not to withhold funds but to hold the committee to account as per their constitution. 

                  HPC were unable to proceed with proposal as doing this with declaration of interests would have made a vote inquorate.

7.              Vice-Chairman

                  Procedures were discussed and Chairman agreed to check status with the Clerk on his return from holiday.

8.              Payments

                  Payment for 1st raffle prize from last year’s FunDay was voted on, all in favour with KW abstaining.

                  Payment for village tree works was also approved, all in favour.

                 Assistant Clerk informed the meeting that the money from Medway Council had been received and banked for the water heater, Jubilee Hall.  All voted in favour of payment to be made for installation. 


Chairman closed the meeting at 8.30pm














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