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JAN 13/01


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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 10th January 2013 at the Community Centre


Present: Daryl Palmer (DP), Chris Herbert (CH), Les Hitchcock (LH),)

Richard Thorne (RT), Hayley Winter (HW), Mark Joy (MJ). 

Trevor Reynolds (TR), Sam Walsh (SRW) and Norman Godding (NG)

W R Swan (WS) –Parish Clerk; and 7 members of the public.

1. Apologies – none

2. Appointment of Chairman

Following DP’s resignation as Chairman, it was necessary to appoint a new Chairman. TR nominated MJ and there being no other names put forward, MJ was duly appointed as Chairman.  He duly signed the Declaration Book, took his place and formally declared the meeting open.

3. Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by RT, seconded by HW, that the minutes were a true record of the November meeting.  All agreed and MJ duly signed them.

4. Matters arising

RT – item 5(c) – nothing more has been heard of the road scheme at Whornes Place.

LH – item 5(a) – nothing from Medway Council about the trees in the Upper Rec. The Clerk is to chase them up.

TR – item 17 – he suggested that a thank you letter be sent to Martyn Court for his help with the Christmas Tree

5. Notification of Any Other Business

TR – 1 item; DP – 2 items; CH – 1 item; MJ – 1 item

6. Dispensation request

This is a request by CH concerning his wife, the Assistant Clerk’s salary being included in the list of payments, at which point he must leave the room and thus not be allowed to enter any discussion on the other payments. It was proposed by TR, that (1) the list of payments not include any salary details for the Clerk and his assistant as these are contractual and agreed when the budget is set or (2) produce the payments in two parts separating out the salaries from the other payments.  The course of action as in (1) was agreed with CH declaring an interest and taking no part in the discussion.

7. Reports by Committee Portfolio Holders

(a) Estates

LH said that he was obtaining more quotes in respect of the replacement benches in Browndens Road and Chapel Lane. 

He is also obtaining additional quotes for the repairs to the fencing in the Lower Rec. adjoining the horses field.

(b) Footpaths

MJ reported that the Walking Club postponed its December walk because of bad weather.

The path in the Mound area – the landowners have agreed but Medway Council is being awkward over legal matters – he is to contact them.       

RS320 – the Parish Council has now heard officially from Medway Council confirming the Order. DP proposed a vote of thanks from the Parish Council to all those who campaigned for the re-opening of the path.  RT seconded this.  All agreed.

There is however is 6 week stay of execution on the decision from 14th January 2013 for any appeals.


(c)  Planning and Development

RT  reported that the application for the recycling plant at CEMEX is with Medway Council.

8. Bishops Palace – no report

9. Halling Fire Station

DP said that no meeting with Redrow has been arranged as yet.

10. Jubilee Hall

MJ said that the AGM on 14/11/12 agreed a small rise in charges owing to the recent increases in Utility and Service costs.

11. Halling Association

TR said that they are due to meet in February 2013.

12. Community Centre

LH said that the next Committee meeting is on 13/01/2013.

13 Lafarge

DP said that the meeting with Daniel Daniels arranged for the 22/11/12 had to be cancelled and will need to be re-arranged.

14 Redrow – see under 9 above

15 Youth Club

LH reported that the club raised £463.09 for Children in Need and that a grant of £500 had been awarded by Streetcops Trust for skateboard equipment. He thanked PCSO Alan Hunter for his help on this project.

16. White Pit

DP is speaking to CEMEX concerning options for the future of the lease.

17 School

MJ said that the school now has a crossing patrol twice a day making it much safer for the children and their parents. He thanked Alan Hunter for his help with this.

18. Policing

PCSO Alan Hunter said that there had been no serious crimes reported recently and very few other incidents. RT thanked him for his increased visibility in the Village.  MJ said that Inspector Matlis has not yet come up with any dates for a meeting with HPC – AH and the Clerk will chase this up.

CH said that there is still parking on the double yellow lines at the junction of Low Meadow and High Street.

19 & 20. Receipts and payments

See attached spreadsheet

CH and SRW declared an interest and left the meeting before the payments were discussed.

It was then proposed by TR, seconded by HW, that the payments be ratified.  All agreed.

21.   Any Other Business

TR raised the question of the Casual Vacancy caused by Peter Wyatt’s resignation.  He proposed that this be held over until the Annual Parish Council meeting in May. DP seconded the motion and all agreed.  DP said that HPC should send a letter of thanks to Peter for all his help and efforts on behalf of the Village. 

DP said that £630 had been raised for the Poppy Appeal 2012 as against £899 in 2011.  He proposed, seconded by CH, that HPC make this up to £750 by a donation of £120.  All agreed and DP thanked all of those involved in the collections.

MJ raised the positions of Vice-Chair and Portfolio holders.

He proposed LH as Vice-Chair and this was seconded by HW. RT was nominated by SRW , seconded by DP.  The two candidates then left the room and a vote was held with RT being elected.

Portfolio Holder for Footpaths – SRW nominated by DP – there being no other nominations, SRW was duly appointed.  It was decided to leave the post of Planning & Development Portfolio Holder until the next meeting.

22. Staffing

It was agreed that, due to the confidential nature of the business to be transacted, the press and public be excluded during consideration of the following item:-


It was proposed by Councillor Palmer, seconded by Councillor Godden and unanimously agreed that:-

1. In the light of the current freeze on public sector salaries, no adjustments to staff salaries be made at the present time,

2. The situation be reviewed at the end of 2013 to take into account the latest situation relating to public sector pay together with information obtained from staff appraisals,

3, The Assistant to the Clerk be awarded an honorarium of £200 in recognition of the extra work she undertook in respect of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, and The Chairman and Vice-Chairman meet with the Clerk as soon as possible to discuss staffing issues generally and report back, initially to a strategy meeting in due course.

Parishioners’ questions.

The following questions were raised:

(a) Street Lights in Vicarage Road near water works.

(b) Icy Rail bridge and damaged station sign.

(c) Parking

(d) Trees in Pilgrims Road

(e) Events for website




































































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