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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 14th August 2013 at the Jubilee Hall 


Present:     Mark Joy (MJ) in Chair, Hayley Winter (HW), Les Hitchcock (LH), Chris Herbert (CH),  Richard Thorne (RT), Trevor Reynolds (TR), Kevyn Wightman (KW) and Sally Brady (SB)

Bill Swan  Clerk (WS), 34  members of the public

Although there were no Parishioners’ Questions on the Agenda at this extra Parish meeting, it was agreed to allow members of the public to give their views on the matter of the Bishops Palace and in particular the tunnel.

Among the points raised were the following:

Graffiti; Approval for funding: Anti social behaviour;  Parish Council agreeing to it being bricked up; moving any problem elsewhere; residents want input; youngsters using tunnel for chilling out; will the bus shelter and youth shelter be bricked up.

Sophiee Farrow read out a statement on behalf of the youth of the village.

1.            Apologies

Daryl Palmer.  Agreed

2.          Declaration of Interests

Prejudicial :  FunWeek – TR, LH, RT, HW, NG

3.          Appointment of Vice-Chair

It was proposed by TR, seconded by RT, that Daryl Palmer be considered.

SB proposed herself, seconded by CH..  A vote was held which was tied at 4-4 with one abstention and the Chairman used his casting vote to elect SB.

4.          Proposal by MJ to allow the Fun Committee to draw funds up to the value of £200 per request, as long as they are within their current fund levels.  Any request without an invoice to be signed by a member of the Fun Committee giving a reason for the expenditure.

Motion seconded by CH  - agreed by Vice-Chair, CH, KW and MJ.

5 & 6.   FW11and FW12  – update on when accounts will be delivered in line with Fun Committee Constitution.

                  RT said that the person dealing with these is not present.  It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by CH, that this matter be adjourned until the next meeting of the Parish Council on 10th September 2013 but no extension of time would be given for the delivery of the accounts after that date.

7.          Payments

                  It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by the Vice-Chair, that the items shown on the spreadsheet presented by HW regarding expenditure on FW1 3 should be approved.  MJ< SB< CH and KW agreed.

8.          Request for funding from Halling Association towards the bricking up of the tunnel on Bishops Palace  

                  MJ said that HPC had heard the views of residents about this.  TR said that he would not want HA paying for something controversial.  It was agreed that HPC should tell Medway Council that no decision has been made about the bricking up of the tunnel and thatHPC would continue to engage with residents. KW has contacted Medway Council about their support for Voluntary Groups (providing insurance etc) and she will be happy to set up such a group and encourage residents to join.  TR felt that funding was not important at this time.  

9.          Proposal to investigate the cost of new/refurbishment of play equipment in Lower Recreation Ground.

                  MJ said that HPC has set aside funds for this.  He proposed that the was agreed that the  Clerks should seek out funding streams for this.  This was seconded by CH and all agreed.  HW said that the interest of all age groups should be included in any schemes.



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