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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 11th September 2012 at the Jubilee Hall

Present: Chairman: Daryl Palmer (DP), Vice-Chairman Trevor Reynolds (TR) Chris Herbert (CH), Les Hitchcock (LH), Norman Godding (NG),

Hayley Winter (HW), Peter Wyatt (PW), Richard Thorne (RT), Shelley Watson (SW)  and Mark Joy (MJ).

W R Swan (WS) – Clerk; 12 members of the public.

1. Apologies - Sam Walsh (SRW)

2. Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by PW, seconded by NG, that the minutes were a true record of the July meeting.  All agreed and DP duly signed them.

3. Matters arising

MJ – item 5b – the steps have been installed on Marsh Road.

CH – item 7 – the Code of Conduct, Standing Orders and the Financial Regulations need to be adopted.

4. Notification of Any Other Business

CH – 2 items; MJ – 1 item; PW – 1 item; RT – 1 item; LH – 1 item and DP –

1 item.

5. Reports by Committee Portfolio Holders

(a) Estates

LH said that quotes are being obtained for work necessary on the trees at the rear of The Street in the Upper Rec.  The Browndens Road wooden bench has been vandalised again and it has been removed for safety’s sake.  It was proposed by DP, seconded by CH, that £550 be allocated for a new metal seat as a replacement. All agreed apart from MJ who abstained. The Clerk will get quotes and make the necessary arrangements.

(b) Footpaths

MJ reported that the area at the eastern end of the Ticker Path has dog fouling. He will investigate the possibility of having a dog bin put here but the area is on the boundary between Medway and Tonbridge & Malling Councils. He will check on this.  He is thinking of starting a walking club in the Village – there will be a preliminary walk on 29th September starting from the New Bell Inn at 10.30 am.  The New Bell Inn will be sponsoring T shirts.  Posters will be going up shortly.

The RS 320 Public Inquiry has now closed and it is expected that the result will not be known for some months.  DP thanked all of those who prepared and gave evidence.

NG said that the path alongside the A228 from Redrow to North Halling is overgrown and needs clearing.  The Clerk will inform Medway Council.

5(c)  Planning and Development

RT reported on the following applications:

1. MC12/1592 1 Hostier Close – extension

2. MC12/1072 – 4 Maximilian Drive alterations.

3. MC12/2018 – 32 Howlesmere Close – conversion garage to room.

4. MC12/2029 – 19 Vicarage Close – extension

5. MC12/2163 – 135 High Street – extension of time.

It was proposed by RT, seconded by TR that HPC should not object to any of the above.  All agreed apart from MJ who abstained on 3 and 5; LH who abstained on 4 and SW who abstained on 5.

It was proposed by RT, seconded by PW, that HPC should not object in principal to the Redrow Development but put the following concerns to Medway Council:

1. Schooling – MC’s estimated figures are not a true reflection of the anticipated figures from 385 dwellings.

2. The road improvements in the outline application are no longer included in the current application. 

3. Increase in traffic on the A228.

4. Application shows no incremental impact on the area – the Holborough

and Peters Pit developments seemed to have been ignored.

6.  Bishops Palace 

PW said that the problems are still ongoing and the state of the site is getting worse.  He and CH toured the site and took photos which were circulated to HPC. They met with PCSO Joe Ford, who said that he had been instructed to take a “softly softly “ approach.  Walkers in the area are being intimidated by the number of youths gathering on the site. The swing and tunnel are both problems areas. PW asked if HPC should contact the Heritage Lottery Fund to show them how the money has been spent and comment on VoV’s efforts.

CH suggested that he and PW meet with Nigel Holman – MC’s Green Spaces Manager as soon as possible.

The Clerk is to contact the Senior Office for PCSOs 

7.  Jubilee Hall – no report

8. Halling Association

TR said that the next meeting is on 18th September.

9. Community Centre

LH said the a new fire alarm has recently been fitted.

10 Lafarge – no report

11  Cemex/Redrow – no report

12 Youth Club – no report

13 FW12

RT said that the Committee had recently had a debriefing session.  He thanked all stall holders and participants.  He thanked CH for running the Coconut Shy at short notice.  It was very successful and raised over £120.  All in all it was a successful day and the fireworks display was reckoned to be the best yet. Thanks to HPC and everybody who helped.

14. White Pit – no report

15 & 16 Receipts and payments

See attached spreadsheet

It was proposed by LH, seconded by SW,  that the payments be ratified.  All agreed apart from CH who declared an interest and abstained.

17.   Any Other Business

DP said that the Clerk should deal direct with Clive Stanley about the increase necessary in the size of the website.

CH raised the issue of Accounting and Accountability and he is to work with the Clerk to devise and update the system of accounting in the office to achieve a better standard of management in this regard particularly with Petty Cash payments.

MJ – the school now has access for pupils in wheelchairs including toilets.  Money has been spent on the Swimming Pool area.  This year’s SATs are the best achieved by the school and above the Medway average.

PW – speed of traffic through the Village – approach Phil Moore for a meeting about this and other highway matters including parking at which we should raise the question of a 20 mph limit.

RT – attended the Rural Liaison Committee on 4th September at which the police received some criticism.  Ensure that all Parish Council’s use the Rural Liaison Grant.

CH – raised the adoption of the Parish Council’s Code of Conduct, Standing Orders and the Financial Regulations.  It was proposed by PW, seconded by HW, that these should be adopted.  This was agreed unanimously and DP and the Clerk will formally sign the correct copy.

Parishioners’ Questions

Among the points raised were:

Trees and hedges

Chapel Lane closure

Thomas Harris Close

























































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