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NOV 12/01


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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 13th November 2012 at the Jubilee Hall

Present: Chairman: Daryl Palmer (DP), Chris Herbert (CH), Peter Wyatt (PW), Les Hitchcock (LH),) Richard Thorne (RT), Hayley Winter (HW), Norman Godding (NG) and Mark Joy (MJ).

W R Swan (WS) – Clerk; 3 members of the public.

1. Apologies – Shelley Watson and Trevor Reynolds.

2. Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by LH, seconded by CH, that the minutes were a true record of the October meeting.  All agreed and DP duly signed them.

3. Matters arising - none

MJ – item 19 – the parking at the school has got even worse.  PCSO will take a look.  LH –the holes on the mound have been filled in.  CH – the new flag has been put up at the church but the tree which damaged the old one still needs pruning.  It was proposed by CH, seconded by LH, that the Parish Council gets its grounds man to sort the matter out.  All agreed.

4. Notification of Any Other Business

CH – 1 item; MJ – 4 items;

5. Reports by Committee Portfolio Holders

(a) Estates

LH said that Medway Council had been contacted about the trees in the Upper Rec. He is working on a database for the lights, bins and street furniture in the Village.

(b) Footpaths

MJ reported that the Walking Club had its second walk on 27/10/12 – it was enjoyed by all. The next walk is on 24/11/12.  The permissive footpath around the Mound has been agreed verbally by the landowners but it has to be cleared by Medway Council.

DP asked that Members give more support to MJ in arranging these walks.


(c)  Planning and Development

RT  reported as follows:

MC/12/2543 – 35 Low Meadow – new conservatory- no objection from residents.

MC/12/2552 – 7 Britannia Close – 2 storey rear extension – no objection from residents.

It was proposed by RT, seconded by NG, that the Parish Council raise no objections to the above applications. All agreed.

Palm Developments  - realignment of Rochester Road at Whornes Place.

After discussion, it was agreed that the Parish Council could not object on planning grounds but ought to support residents by asking Medway Council to be satisfied that there will be no increase in traffic speeds leading to more accidents at this spot.

6.  Bishops Palace 

PW said that he is grateful for the recent police action to stop the anti-social behaviour in the area.  PCSO Alan Hunter said he will pass this message on.

7. Halling Fire Station

DP said that a follow up meeting with Redrow is necessary and that he is working on a business plan.

8. Jubilee Hall

MJ said that the AGM is on 14/11/12 at 6.0pm and that everyone is welcome to attend.

9. Halling Association

DP said the they are due to meet in early December.

10. Community Centre

LH said that the Pensioners’ party is on 1/12/12

11 Lafarge

DP said that a meeting with Daniel Daniels has arranged for the 22/11/12 to inform HPC of the progress of Vantage Point.

12 Redrow

MJ asked if the next meeting with Redrow could include the future of the RS201.

13 Youth Club

LH reported that the club is doing Children in Need this week and that they were seeking prizes fro the raffle.  It was proposed by DP, seconded HW, that the Parish Council donates a shopping voucher of £25.  All agreed except for LH who abstained.

14. White Pit

DP asked for volunteers to help replace the broken fence at the top of the pit.

MJ thanked DP and Ben Cook for the informative walks round the WP.

15 School

MJ said that at a recent Parents’ evening, interest had been shown in becoming Governors. A monitoring visit by OFSTED had recently taken place.

16. Policing

MJ said that no dates had been received from Inspector Matson for the proposed meeting as he understood the Inspector had been on holiday.  PCSO Alan Hunter will remind him.

RT said that a Neighbourhood Watch scheme is being set up in the Low Meadow area.

17.  Christmas Tree

DP said that Halling Association will pay for the tree once again this year. He suggested 1/12/12 to put it up with the switch on taking place the day after.

He said that he would ask Wendy Donnelly to switch on the lights.

It was proposed by CH, seconded by MJ, that the Parish Council pay for the mince pies and mulled wine again  All agreed.

18 and 19. Receipts and payments

See attached spreadsheet

It was proposed by HW, seconded by NG,  that the payments be ratified.  All

agreed but with MJ abstaining.

20.   Any Other Business

CH raised the question of Fun Week accounts for 2011 and 2012 being presented to and approved by the Parish Council.  The Clerk will start work on these.

MJ – asked about a bench on Chapel Lane Footpath. Clerk to obtain quotes and get permission from Lafarge, the landowner.  It was proposed by MJ, seconded by LH that HPC go ahead with this subject to a ceiling of £550.  All agreed.

MJ asked if Receipts and Payments could have more details in future.  Clerk will do so.

MJ said that Policies and Constitutions should have set dates for reviews.  The Clerk will look into this along with starter packs for new Councillors.

MJ reminded everyone about the Police Commissioners elections being held on 15/11/12.

The Clerk said that a request had been received from the Parochial Church Council for financial help with the grass cutting in the Cemetery. To be discussed at the next Finance Committee.

DP raised the problems of the lockable bollard on Marsh Road.  The Clerk is to write to all landowners about access for attending to livestock and land maintenance.

DP drew attention to the Firefighters’ farewell panto on 13th, 14th and 15th December in the Community Centre.  The pensioners preview will be on 12th December and it was agreed to provide tea and biscuits and to approach Halling Hire for any transport needs.


Parishioners’ questions.

The following questions were raised:

(a) Centre circle in Vicarage Close

(b) Pilgrims Road closure

(c) Vicarage Road pit






































































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