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JAN 12/01


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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 12th January 2012 at the Community Centre


Present: Chairman: Daryl Palmer (DP), Vice-Chairman:

Trevor Reynolds (TR), Richard Thorne (RT), Chris Herbert (CH),

Les Hitchcock (LH), Peter Wyatt (PW) and Mark Joy (MJ).

W R Swan – Clerk; 6 members of the public.

1.  Apologies

Shelley Watson (SW).  DP reported that Sarah Poole has resigned from the Parish Council due to pressure of business.  The Clerk is to send a letter thanking her for all her efforts.

2. Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by LH, seconded by RT, that the minutes were a true record of the December 2011 meeting. All agreed and DP duly signed them.

3. Matters arising

LH – item 5(a) the tree in the lower rec. – Medway Council are looking into this.

TR – could the Diamond Jubilee be made a regular Agenda item in future.

4. Notification of Any Other Business - none.

5. Reports by Portfolio Holders

(a) Estates

It was proposed by LH, seconded by PW that a new notice board at a cost of £718.81` from Glasdon Ltd be purchased to be placed on the riverside at the Bishops Palace. All agreed with Mark Joy abstaining. The Clerk said that consent must be obtained from Medway Council.  New “no dogs” notices have now been put up in both recs. The plinth on the village sign need refurbishing. The Upper Rec. gates are to be repaired.  It was agreed  to scrap the 5 a side goal posts which are in the garage.

(b) Footpaths

The Parish Council needs a new Portfolio Holder as Sarah Poole has resigned.  DP asked for volunteers and MJ said that he is prepared to take this on.  It was proposed by RT, seconded by PW, to accept MJ’s offer.  All agreed.

The Clerk said that the Public Inquiry due to be held on 17th January has been postponed because one landowner had not been consulted.

The RS320 on the Parish Council’s land has been cleared by volunteers and Muff Parker is arranging for the rubbish to be cleared.

(c) Planning and Development

RT reported as follows:

Elmhaven Marina - an application has been received to convert a boat into residential accommodation.  No objection.

An outline application has been received in respect for 4 terraced 2 bed houses at Mayfield, The Street,  Upper Halling.  5 objections have been made by local residents and it was proposed by CH, seconded LH,  that the Parish Council objects on the grounds of overdevelopment.  All agreed with MJ abstaining.

114 High Street – various comments from local residents – RT will keep a watching brief.

(d) Environment

PW had no report but will prepare a mission statement for the Parish Council and will report back.

18. Bishops Palace (item brought forward)

Rick Bayne from Valley of Vision gave a report to the Parish Council on the progress made at the Bishops Palace.  There are certain problems such as the state of the paths and fencing but generally he is  pleased with the very  favourable reaction of residents.  The official opening is planned for spring or early summer and they hope to get the Bishop of Rochester  to officiate.  It was agreed that a “Friends of Bishops Palace” organisation should be set up in the Village to keep an eye on thing after it is handed over to Medway Council.

17. Policing (item brought forward)

PCSO Phil Harrison said that areas of concern to be looked at include Marsh Road, Bishops Palace and the Rail station.

6. Halling Fire Station

DP declared an interest and took no part in the discussion.

The Vice-Chairman took over for a discussion on the Parish Council’s response. CH raised the question of submitting the figures for the increase in the volume of traffic as supplied by Medway Council.  After discussion about this, it was proposed by MJ, seconded by RT that the Parish Council should adopt the document as circulated.  This was approved unanimously.   As the meeting of KMFRA is due on 15th February, it was decided to postpone the next PC meeting scheduled for 7th February until 16th February when the result of the decision will be known.

7. Precept for 2012/2013

 It was proposed by CH, seconded by PW, that the budget recommended at the Strategy/Finance meeting on 5th January be formally approved.  All agreed.

8. Jubilee Hall – no report

9. Halling Association – no report

10. Community Centre – no report

11. Lafarge – no report

12. Cemex – no report

13. Youth Club – still need adult helpers

14.  Halling School

DP said that as Sarah Poole has resigned from the PC, a new representative is needed.  It was decided to leave this over to the next meeting.

15. White Pit

DP reported that that a lot of work has taken place and that VoV are working on a 10 year plan for the management of the site.

16. Highways and Transport

There has been no official notice of any closure of Vicarage Road for future water works.

19.       Receipts

                                                                                                                (a)    Halling view advert – Creative cakes                                  £120.00         (b)       Trevor Reynolds – Christmas card money                           £20.80

(c)    UK Power Networks – wayleave for mast on marsh                £ 31.87

                                                  Total for month                   £172.67

20.      Payments

(a)    HALARA – donation under section 137                                   £75.00

(b)    Kingswood trees – Christmas tree                                       £203.99

(c)   Clive Stanley – webmaster fees for November 2011                  £38.50

(d)   BT – phone and broadband                                                 £157.36

(e)   Total Property   - fencing at White Pit                                 £120.00

(f)   Total Property – flagpole at Church – section 137                  £100.00

(g)  Total Property – fencing at Jubilee Hall car park                     £694.00

(h)  Total Property – tree installation                                          £91.22

(i)   Richard Cottee – preparation of Halling View                         £202.50

(j)   PB group – printing of Halling View                                      £868.00

(k)  Clive Stanley – webmaster fees for December 2011                 £27.50

(l)  Poppy Appeal – donation of £100 and £74 for wreaths             £174.00

(m) Ben Cook – estates work                                                     £50.00

(n) Sean Hannant-Smith – estates work                                       £40.00

                                                 Total for month                    £2842.07


It was proposed by TR, seconded by LH, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed with SW abstaining.

21. Any Other Business - none

 Parishioners’ Questions.

Among the items discussed were:

Water works- Vicarage Road closure

Phone box Forge Green

Rubbish in River

Cemetery Road – fly tipping










































































































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