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FEB 13/01


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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 12th February 2013 at the Jubilee Hall

Present:                 Mark Joy (MJ) Chris Herbert (CH) Les Hitchcock (LH)

                            Richard Thorne (RT) Daryl Palmer (DP)  Trevor Reynolds (TR)

                            Sam Walsh (SW) Hayley Winter (HW) Norman Godding (NG)

                            Trudi Smith (Assistant to the Clerk)

                            5  members of the public + PSCO Hunter

1.              Apologies

                  Mr W Swan

2.              Minutes of the last meeting

Proposed by DP, seconded by RT that the minutes were a true record of the January meeting.  All agreed and signed by Chairman Mark Joy.

3.              Matter Arising

No matters arising.

4.              Dispensations

A general dispensation in respect of all serving and future councillors of the term of this council to discuss and vote on the setting of the Parish Precept.  MJ proposed, LH seconded, all in favour except TR who abstained.

5.              Precept

                  It was proposed by CH to maintain the current precept and accept MC’s grant.  Motion was Seconded by RT and agreed by all.  Paperwork to be sent to Medway Council.

6.              Notification of Any Other Business

DP – 1 item     RT – 5 items      SW -  1 item       CH – 1 item           MJ – 2 items

7.              Reports by Committee Portfolio Holders

                  a) The Environment Portfolio Holder was changed to “Community PH”

                    Hayley Winter volunteered to take on the new role.

                  b) Norman Godding  volunteered to take on the new role of Planning &                   Development PH

                  c)              Estates  

                  Boundary Fence quotes are still due. Three tree quotes are in but the report on the conker tree in the lower rec has not yet arrived.

                  LH proposed hedging be planted in front of the boundary fence to prevent further vandalism but this was not agreed.

                  Seating in memory of Ted Gowers was discussed and LH agreed to look at costs at the same time as costing replacements of the broken benches.

                  The issue of potholes appearing in the village and re-surfacing of Vicarage Road was discussed.  Clerk to contact Medway Council to arrange.

                  d)              Footpaths

                  A hole has been cut in the fence down Cam Path. LH to inspect.

                  It was noted that the walking club meets last Saturday of every month.  HPC will be adopting the Bluebell Walk – details to be posted on the website.

                  MJ proposed that a £50 donation be given to the Bluebell Walk charitable causes, motion was seconded by DP.

8.              Bishops Palace

                  The site has now been officially handed over to Medway Council.

9.              Halling Fire Station

                  HPC is working with Redrow on feasibility of purchase. DP to report on progress.

10.            Jubilee Hall

                  Nothing to report

11.            Halling Association

                  Redrow has now joined the HA.

12.            FW13

                  The Fun Committee have met and are early stages of planning. Date of funday to be set.

13.            Halling View

                  DP requested articles for March edition of HV to be in no later than this weekend.

                  TR advised that this issue will be No. 99 and put out a request from any villager for a copy if they have No.1

14.            LaFarge

                  Nothing to report

15.            Redrow

                  Building of the new houses on the old cement work site has been delayed until March.

16.            Youth Club

                  LH thanked Halling Association for their grant to enable them to hold a skate day.

17.            White Pit

                  DP is in discussion with Cemex regarding the lease as there is one year left.

                  Feasibility was discussed as to the White Pit being used by the walking club but would ultimately rely on the weather.

18.            Halling Primary School

                  MJ informed those present that the School Governors’ meeting had taken place and that there is a vacancy for a Community School Governor. 

                  During their meeting the 6th form school council attended and asked questions and it was agreed that HPC should invite the pupils from the school council to a HPC public meeting to do the same.

19.            Policing

                  PCSO Alan Hunter reported on parking issues surrounding the school and that he has been in attendance.  Other problems of cars parked on double yellow lines were also raised particularly at the junction of High Street and Low Meadow.

                  MJ informed the meeting that Inspector Matson will be in Halling this Saturday at 11.30 to discuss issues with HPC.  MJ, RT and DP agreed to attend.

                  The new Police & Crime Plan is viewable on line.  TR proposed we invite Ann Barnes to HPC to discuss the plan further.

20.            Receipts & Payments

                  MJ proposed for wages to be removed from items listed. Seconded by DP. See attached spreadsheet.

21.            A.O.B

                  RT brought up the subject of the new lighting being installed in the village by MC.  He asked the Clerk to find out when the project will be completed.

                  At the same time could we investigate the possibility of putting a light down Ferry Road between the church and the surgery.

                  It was confirmed that invoices are received in the office for litter picking in the recs.

                  Question was raised as to why a refund had been given to a cancelled advert in the Halling View that had not been paid for.  The Assistant Clerk pointed out that the office was not made aware that monies hadn’t been received last year for adverts and they had just followed procedure when informed by the council of a cancellation.

                  The question of VAT being charged for advertising in the HV was also discussed.  RT and Clerk to investigate.

                  MJ proposed a vote of thanks to Cllr Daryl Palmer for his chairmanship over the last 2 years.

                  DP congratulated the new Chairman, Mark Joy and his wife Charlie for the birth of their new baby son.

Parishioners’ Questions:

Vicarage Close – fencing

Station sign

Street light


Parking at the Fire Station

Piece of land at Stake Lane

Inaccessibility to marsh land

Footpath RS320

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