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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 16th February 2012 at the Community Centre

Present: Chairman: Daryl Palmer (DP), Vice-Chairman:

Trevor Reynolds (TR), Richard Thorne (RT), Chris Herbert (CH),

Les Hitchcock (LH), Peter Wyatt (PW) and Mark Joy (MJ).

W R Swan – Clerk; 5 members of the public.

1. Apologies - none

2. Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by LH, seconded by PW, that the minutes were a true record of the January 2012 meeting. All agreed and DP duly signed them.

3. Matters arising - none

4. Notification of Any Other Business

TR 1 item; SW 1 item and the Clerk 2 items.

5. Co-option of new Members.

Following their interviews, it was agreed to co-opt the following persons on to the Parish Council:

Mrs Hayley Winter (HW) for Lower Ward

Mr Norman Godding (NG) for North Ward

They duly signed the Acceptance Book and took their places.

6. Reports by Portfolio Holders

(a) Estates

LH said that the new notice board is in place at the riverside and that work to tidy up the Jubilee Hall car park has been carried out.

(b) Footpaths

MJ said that he has not been able to walk any of the paths due to the bad weather but will be doing so as soon as possible. The Public Inquiry re the RS320 has now been set for 31st July for 2 days in the Community Centre. He will be putting an article in the Halling View to alert residents to this.

(c) Planning and Development

RT reported as follows:

4 Maximilian Drive – it was proposed by RT, seconded by TR that the Parish Council should not object to this. All agreed with PW declaring an interest and taking no part in the discussion.

53 Pilgrims Road, North Halling – large extension with no appeals against. It was proposed by TR, seconded CH, that the Parish Council should not object. All agreed except NG who declared an interest.

Notification has come through that Redrow Homes will be submitting an application for 400 homes on the Cemex site.  RT will investigate and report back.

(d) Environment

PW proposed that the Parish Council approves his previously submitted

statement on the environment.  This was seconded by MJ and all approved.

7. Halling Fire Station

TR reported on the meeting at KFB HQ on 15/02/12 which he, DP and WS attended.  The decision was taken by 22 votes to 2 to close Halling Fire Station on 2nd April 2012.  The Parish Council must consider what happens to the site as apart from other considerations, it has the right of access to the Lower Rec.  It was decided to wait for the CEO’s reply before formally contacting Medway Council.

8. Jubilee Hall – no report

9. Halling Association – no report

10. Community Centre

LH said that the accounts are now ready for the Auditors.

11. Lafarge – no report

12. Youth Club

LH said that they are still running 2 classes and that an outing to Hastings is planned for June.

13. Halling School

MJ said that there will be a full Governors’ meeting next week.  He will report back.

14. White Pit

CH suggested that a site meeting be arranged with Ben Cook, DP and himself on 18/02/12 to discuss the concerns recently raised.

Ben Cook is meeting with volunteers on 23/02/12 on site to ascertain the help needed.

DP said that various surveys have now been completed and that the tools are now stored in the garage.

15. Highways and Transport

TR said that the road works would be finished this week  There will be a separate phone number for the British Transport Police for trouble at the rail station.

16.  Policing

The village will be getting a new PSCO to replace Phil Harrison when he moves on.

17.  Bishops Palace

TR said that it was always thought that this would be a peaceful area.

After discussion about whether the swing should be taken away

because of anti-social behaviour, it was proposed by TR, seconded by SW, that the VoV be asked to remove it and place it in one of the recs.

This was carried on a vote of 8 to 2. 

18. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The Assistant Clerk, Trudi Smith (TS) reported as follows:

LH is arranging a beacon which has been registered with the authorities

It was proposed by SW, seconded by LH, that the Parish Council pay for this under section 137 as it will be used for the good of the village in years to come.  This was agreed with TR abstaining and MJ voting against.

19.  Office Printer

The Clerk reported that the cost of toner for the colour laser printer

at £222 exceed the cost of a new printer already containing toner.  He and DP had investigated this and it was found that a new inkjet printer costing £166 would be cheaper to run than the laser printer.(3.9p per page as against 11.2p per page).  It was proposed by MJ, seconded by RT, that the Clerk be authorised to purchase a new printer at a cost of £166.  All agreed with the redundant printer and the old OKI

Printer being disposed of for recycling.

20.   Receipts


(a)    Counterfeit Notes ticket and raffle sales.                       438.50 

(b)      Medway Council re Halling Association Christmas Tree    203.00                       

                          Total for month                                      641.50

21.      Payments

(a)    Total Property   emergency work to play equipment         78.24

(b)    Open Spaces Society – annual subs.                             40.00

(c)    Total Property – signs for recs.                                   349.20

(d)    Community Centre – hire of Saxon Hall                           30.00

(e)    Jessup Electrical – new lights                                      216.20

(f)    Sarah Poole – reimbursement for licence                          42.00

(g)   Total Property – emergency repairs to gate Upper Rec.     86.00

(h)   Minuteman Press  - FW12 printing                                 210.44

(i)    W R Swan – wages                                                   1291.50

(j)    Trudi Smith – wages                                                 542.50

(k)   Paula Wilkins-Smith  - delivery for FW12                          30.00

(l)    Printerland – toner                                                      79.20

(m)  Sean Hannant-Smith – grounds work                               40.00

(n)   Total Property – refurbishment of plinth                         280.00

(o)   Clive Stanley – web services for January 2012                  60.50

(p)   Cash withdrawal from Natwest  - £100 for petty cash and £400 for concert                                                                    500.00

(q)   Glasdon Manufacturing – new notice board                     862.50                    

                                             Total for month                  4738.28


It was proposed by LH, seconded by PW that the above payments be ratified.  All agreed with CH abstaining.

22. Any Other Business

TR gave the dates for FW12 – from 18th August to 26th August (the actual Funday).

SW asked about the lighting on the riverside path – the Clerk said that Ray Maisey was looking into this.

The Clerk said that CEMEX had told him that Aylesford Metals were looking into the possibility of using the rail sidings for their business.

A request had been received from The Parochial Church Council for a grant from the Parish Council towards the cost of grass cutting in the Cemetery.  It was proposed by TR, seconded by LH, that a grant of £400 as in previous years be made provided that the PCC could provided the actual costs.  All agreed.

Parishioners’ Questions

Among the subjects raised by residents were the following:

Fly tipping

Bishops Palace swing

Essex Road builders’ mess









































































































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