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SEP 11/01


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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 6th September 2011 at the Jubilee Hall


Present: Chairman: Daryl Palmer (DP), Vice-Chairman:

Trevor Reynolds (TR), Richard Thorne (RT), Shelley Watson (SW),

Chris Herbert (CH), Sarah Poole (SP) and Mark Joy (MJ).

W R Swan – Clerk; 9 members of the public.

DP had to leave the meeting before it started as he got a fire call.  The Vice-Chairman took the chair.

1.  Apologies

Les Hitchcock

2. Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by CH, seconded by RT, that the minutes were a true record of the July 2011 meeting. All agreed and TR duly signed them

3. Matters arising - none

4. Notification of Any Other Business

SP – 4 items and DP – 1 item

5 Co-option of new Members

TR said that there was still one interview to be held so co-options could not take place at the current meeting.

6. Reports by Portfolio Holders

(a) Estates - no report in absence of LH.

(b) Footpaths

SP reported that the Clerk has asked Medway Council about providing dog bins on the RS201.  Lafarge has given approval to the path adjoining Court Farm to be included on the map of local walks.

(c) Planning and Development

RT reported that the lights at the Paddock/bridge junction will be phased appropriately to include the new development.

UK Power will be working on overhead cables in Rochester Road.

114 High Street – the Parish Council had no objection to the upgrade to the outbuilding.

46 Low Meadow – change of use to room – no objection.

135 High Street – 2 det. and 2 semis.  The Parish Council is concerned about parking and requests that Medway Council looks at this when considering the application.

The scrape on the marsh – Medway Council have been asked if the works to be carried out will be held in abeyance pending the public Inquiry re the RS320.  No reply as yet. 


Richard Thorne said that it was a very successful event leaving a great buzz round the village.  He thanked everybody involved.


8. Jubilee Hall – no report

9. Halling Association – no report.

10. Community Centre – no report

11. Lafarge – TR reported on a recent meeting with Lafarge – the factory is still on hold and in this regard, the company will try to put a pedestrian crossing over the A228 at Holborough pending the proposed footbridge.  The football pitches are still on hold because of the new road bridge to Burham but they will try to find another suitable field.

The question of the overgrown footpaths on their land is being dealt with.

12. Cemex  - no report

13.  Youth Club – no report

14.   Halling School

SP said that there is a Governors’ meeting soon and she will report back after that.

15. White Pit

DP having returned to the meeting said that a great job had been done by Ben Cook, Sean Hannant-Smith and LH in getting the site cleared and erecting the posts and rails so that the circular route could be open in time for the public visits on Funday.

The VoV has money available for certain conservation matters which are to be investigated.  It is hoped to open the White Pit for supervised visits say once a month.

MJ now entered the meeting at 8.0pm.

16. Highways and Transport

DP reported on a meeting with Southern Water and Nu-Venture Buses about the closure of Vicarage Road for a new main to the water works.

The closure will be for 9 days as against 7 weeks originally proposed.  It is hoped that this will take place during the October half term holidays.  Alternative bus arrangements are awaited.

17. Policing

DP will be drafting a letter to the Area Commander re the lack of attendance and their commitment to FW11.

18.  Army Invite

It was agreed that DP should attend this function as representative of the Parish Council.

19. RHS Britain in Bloom – no action

20.  Village Competition

TR said that the entry form has now been completed and further instructions are awaited.

21  Tree issues

The question of the overhanging tree at Forge Green – the tree officer at Medway Council has been contacted but no reply as yet. He is to be chased up on this

22.  Bishops Palace

DP read out an email which he has received from Rick Bayne of Valley of Vision as per attached.

23       Receipts

(a) Rocky’s autos H Vadvert                                                        £55.00

(b) Travelling Trends  Commission FW11                                     £70.00

(c) R J Kingsland  FW11                                                               £19.00

(d) Isuzu Trucks  Sponsorship for FW11                                  £1,000.00

(e) Youth Club    Photocopying                                                     £10.00

(f) Various  FW11 adverts                                                          £164.00

(g)  Medway Council  Halling Assoc grant FW11                     £1,000.00

24.      Payments

(a)  Printerland ---toner                                                               £203.46

(b) W R Swan    wages                                                                £805.48

(c) Trudi Smith  wages                                                                £339.50

(d) B T Cook     footpath clearance                                               £35.00

(e) KALC   conference fee                                                            £72.00

(f) Jubilee Hall  hire of hall                                                           £60.00

(g) B T Cook  Ground work on paths and White Pit                  £140.00

(h) Action Rural Cs in Kent   donation                                       £100.00

(i) T & M BC  Printing HV                                                            £731.90

(j) You First Partnership   toner and drum                                  £257.87

(k) Wallace Print Ltd    FW11 banners                                       £252.00

(l)  B T Cook    grounds work                                                     £105.00

(m) C/C    hall hire for fashion show FW11                                 £48.00

(n)  Clive Stanley      Web fees for July                                        £33.00

(o) Minuteman Press printing FW11 programmes                  £1,450.00

(p) Total Property  PAT testing                                                    £60.00

(q) Cash       FW11                                                                  £2,500.00

 (r) B T Cook    Ground work                                                      £125.00

 (s) TCX4    T shirts FW11                                                          £314.40

 (t) Sean Hannant-Smith     Work on White pit                           £156.00

 (u) Trudi Smith   Purchase of posts for White Pit                      £702.60

(v)  B T Cook       White Pit                                                           £79.76

(w) Clive Stanley   web fees for August                                        £27.50

(x)  Phoenix Fireworks          FW11                                          £3,600.00

(y) B T Cook        White Pit                                                           £70.00

It was proposed by DP, seconded by SP, that the above payments be ratified.  All agreed apart from CH who declared an interest and abstained.


25.  Any Other Business

1.SP said that the Federation of Small businesses wishes to run a competition for the youth of the Village.  She will give details to TR for inclusion in the Halling View

2. SP thanked Trudi for getting the photos of FW11 put on the website

3. SP said that the police have been leafleting residents in Essex Road re parking on the footpaths.

4. SP reported that Frank Smith had said at the slide show that Halling always had a flagpole outside St John’s Church.  DP will bring this up with Halling Association for possible funding and it was agreed that the Parish Council should support this.  MJ registered his concern at the cost of this and possible vandalism.  A vote was taken with 6 in favour and 1 against.

DP said that SW had covered the office for the week when WS and TS were both off and he proposed that she be paid an honorarium of £60. This was seconded by SP.  All agreed with SW abstaining.















































































































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