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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 12th May 2011 at the Community Centre

Present: Daryl Palmer, Les Hitchcock, Richard Thorne, Shelley Tilbury, Chris Herbert, Trevor Reynolds, Sarah Poole and Mark Joy.

W R Swan - Clerk and 6 members of the public.

1. Election of Chairman for ensuing year

It was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Richard Thorne, that Daryl Palmer be asked to become Chairman for the new Parish Council.  There being no other nominations Daryl Palmer was duly elected and signed the declaration book.

2. Signing of the declaration book

The Parish Councillors duly signed the book in accordance with procedure. 

3. Apologies - none

4. Minutes

It was proposed by Les Hitchcock, seconded by Richard Thorne, that the Minutes were a true record of the April 2011 meeting.  All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

5. Matters Arising  - none

6.  Notification of Any Other Business

Mark Joy – 3 items; Sarah Poole – 1 item; Chris Herbert – 1 item; Chairman – 2 items and the Clerk – 1 item.

To elect Vice-Chairman and Portfolio Holders

It was proposed by Chris Herbert, seconded by Mark Joy that Trevor Reynolds be asked to act as Vice-Chairman.  There being no other nominations, Trevor Reynolds was duly elected.

Estates portfolio – Les Hitchcock was nominated by Mark Joy , seconded by Richard Thorne.

Footpaths portfolio – Sarah Poole was nominated by Richard Thorne, seconded by Trevor Reynolds.

Planning & Development portfolio – Richard Thorne was nominated by Sarah Poole, seconded by Mark Joy.

As there were no other nominations for any of these posts, they were all duly elected.

8.  To appoint members to committees and representatives of outside bodies

It was agreed as follows:



VICE CHAIRMAN                                




ASSISTANT TO THE CLERK                                                                                    


Daryl Palmer
Trevor Reynolds

Les Hitchcock
Sarah Poole
Richard Thorne
Mrs Trudi Smith


Lower Halling Ward


Les Hitchcock
Chris Herbert

Trevor Reynolds                    

Richard Thorne                                   

Shelley Tilbury  

22 Vicarage Close, Lower Halling  ME2 1BH

3 Carroll Close, Lower Halling  ME2 1PA
2 Marsham Way, Lower Halling  ME2 1LY
214 High Street, Lower Halling, ME2 1BZ
7 Wendover Close, Lower Halling ME2 1AU





Upper Halling Ward    
Daryl Palmer
Mark Joy
48 Vicarage Close, Lower Halling  ME2 1BH
11 Lambarde Close, Lower Halling  ME2 1DE
0781 8843202
North Halling Ward    
Sarah Poole 89 Essex Road, Lower Halling, ME2 1AX 243481
Kent Association of Parish Councils  )
Rural Liaison Committee  )
School Governors
Jubilee Hall Management Committee
Rail Liaison Group
Halling View
Lafarge Liaison & Local Industry
CEMEX  Liaison Committee 
Halling Association
Community Centre

Shelley Tilbury

Sarah Poole
Mark Joy
Trevor Reynolds
Trevor Reynolds/ Daryl Palmer/ Trudi Smith
Committee of Whole Council
Committee of Whole Council
Trevor Reynolds/Daryl Palmer
Les Hitchcock / Trevor Reynolds


10 Reports by Portfolio Holders.

(a) Estates  

The White Pit lease has now been signed.  Clearance efforts have been started.

(b) Footpaths

Sarah Poole said that the new trail brochure is ready but waiting for the clearance from Lafarge for the use of the path adjoining Court Farm.   

(c) Planning & Development – no report

11. Jubilee Hall – no report

12. Halling View

The Vice-Chairman said that it would normally be due out on 1st June but was being delayed until 1st July so that more up to date information on FW11 could be included.

13. Halling Association

The Chairman raised the question of the windows in the Community Centre which have no curtains.  A quote has been obtained from Velux for £2100 for 3 window blinds and it had been suggested that the Community Centre, the Parish Council and the Halling Association meet the cost equally at £700 each. Chris Herbert said that the Community Centre was a registered charity in its own right and should meet the cost from its own funds.  It was agreed to hold this over until the next meeting to investigate further before making a decision.

14 Community Centre

The Vice-Chairman said the Committee was very pleased with the way the party for the Royal Wedding went.

15. FW11

Richard Thorne said that preparations are going well with lots of events taking place in support.

16. Lafarge

The Chairman said he had met with Daniel Daniels recently and had asked him for a list of dates for a meeting with the Parish Council.

17. Cemex

The Clerk reported that he had been informed by Maurice Claydon that a new electricity station is to be installed near the Formby Road roundabout which will need to have a cable laid under the A228. This will mean the A228 will have 2 way working at the beginning of June for a short time.

18. Youth Club

Les Hitchcock said that they do not have enough helpers for the 2nd class – if residents do not come forward to help this class will have to be closed.

19.  Highways and Rail

The Vice-Chairman said that the new signing on the A228 roundabout had now been completed.

20       Receipts

(a)  E P Lingham – marsh grazing rights  2011                 £500.00

21.      Payments

(a)  Jubilee Hall – hire for FW11                                     £15.00

(b)  Ben Cook – grounds work                                      £85.00

(c) T&M BC – FW11 printing of flyers                            £13.82

(d) Cuxton & Halling PCC – grass cutting in Cemetery £400.00

(e) KALC annual subs for 2011/2012                             £769.62

(f) KALC Clerks’ conference and workshop                    £72.00

(g) WI – donation section 137                                       £50.00

(h) Zurich Insurance renewal for 2011/2012                 £2183.48

(i)  Paula Wilkins-Smith – delivery of flyers                    £25.00

(j)  Halling Community Centre – hire for FW11               £75.00

(k) Ann Perfect – purchases for Royal Wedding party     £182.92

(l) Clive Stanley – webmaster fees for April                     £86.90

It was proposed by Les Hitchcock, seconded by Chris Herbert, that the above payments be ratified.  All agreed.     


21. Any other Business

Mark Joy said that there were still parking problems at the school both outside and inside.  It is not known if normal highway parking regulations apply to school premises – the Clerk is to find out.

He raised the perennial problem of cars speeding in the High Street.  A meeting with Phil Moore of Medway Council is to be arranged.

Sarah Poole said that she has attended School Governor training and will be continuing this over the next 3 months.  The Clerk is to include a school report item on future Agendas.

Chris Herbert said that off road bikes have been using the Mound – this has been reported to the police.

The Clerk said that a request had been received from the Open Spaces Society for a donation to help them in the fight to keep open green spaces.  It was proposed by Sarah Poole, seconded by Chris Herbert, that the Parish Council make a donation of £50 to this worthy cause.  All agreed.

The Chairman raised the question of the 3 vacancies on the Parish Council (1 in each ward) and it was agreed to put this on notice boards and the website.

Parishioners’ questions

Among the matter raided were the following:

Trouble with youths at the Railway station

Plough path and speeding cyclists

Damage and thefts in the Cemetery


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