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JUNE 11/01


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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 7th June 2011 at the Jubilee Hall

Present: Chairman Daryl Palmer, Vice-Chairman Trevor Reynolds, Richard Thorne, Shelley Tilbury,

Chris Herbert and Mark Joy.

W R Swan – Clerk; Medway Councillor Ray Maisey and 1 member of the public.

1.  Apologies – Sarah Poole and Les Hitchcock

2. Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by Chris Herbert, seconded by Richard Thorne, that the minutes were a true record of the May 2011 meeting. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them

3. Matters arising - none

4. Notification of Any Other Business

Shelley Tilbury – 4 items; Richard Thorne – 2 items; Chris Herbert – 1 item and the Chairman – 1 item

5 Reports by Portfolio Holders

(a) Estates  No report in absence of Les Hitchcock but the Chairman reported that the padlock on the Jubilee Hall car park had been stolen,  Agreed that the Clerk should get this replaced urgently.

(b) Footpaths

No report in the absence of Sarah Poole.

c)  Planning and Development

Richard Thorne reported that the proposal for demolition and 3 new houses at 46 High Street has been refused by Medway Council.

42-48 Rochester Road – variation to existing application re basements – it was proposed by The Vice-Chairman, seconded by Chris Herbert that the Parish Council should not object provided that Medway Council is convinced that this is not intended to be living space in future.   Agreed with Shelley Tilbury and Mark Joy abstaining.

6. Jubilee Halling – no report

7. Halling View – no report

8. Halling Association – no report

9. Community Centre

The Vice-Chairman said that rents are to be reviewed in October





































10. FW11

Richard Thorne said that everything is going well.  He thanked all those

who had been involved with the Ferret Racing.

11. Lafarge 

The Chairman has been in touch with Daniel Daniels about consent for the Footpath at the farm which is not yet forthcoming.

12. Youth Club  - no report

13. Transport – no report

14. School report

Mark Joy reported that the school is very pleased with Medway Council’s efforts with the white lining in the car park though there are still parking issues with some parents.

15       Receipts







Daryl Palmer

(a)      Needle Magic – HV advert £100.00
16.   Payments  Payments
(a)      Shelley Tilbury – purchases for Royal Wedding party £25.89
(b)      Chatham ATC – donation for Royal Wedding entertainment £50.00
(c)      Tagish Ltd -  renewal of domain name £132.00
(d)     Open Spaces Society – donation £50.00
(e)      Jubilee Hall MC – hire of hall for 2011/12 meetings £60.00
(f)      KCC – Royal Wedding goods £9.60
(g)      KCC – office equipment £35.98
(h)      Printerland – toner £52.20
(i)       Ben Cook – grounds  work £80.00
(j)       Sarah Poole – Royal Wedding goods £45.45


Proposed Mark Joy, seconded Chris Herbert that the above payments be ratified.  Agreed with Shelley Tilbury abstaining.


17. Any Other Business

Shelley Tilbury asked if the walks leaflet is ready yet as we are still waiting for Lafarge to approve the farm footpath..  The Chairman said that he was in contact with Daniel Daniels about this.

Richard Thorne said that he has had reports that the cattle on the marsh have been chasing walkers.  The Clerk will contact Peter Lingham about this.

He also raised the question of the Bishops Palace – work has stopped.  The Valley of Vision is to be asked what is happening to the site.

The Chairman read out a letter from Jim Sutherland, handing in his resignation as Village Handyman.  He is however willing to carry on in a voluntary capacity.  The Chairman move a vote of thanks to Jim Sutherland for all his work in the Village and asked the Clerk to thank him in writing.


Daryl Palmer














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