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JULY 11/01


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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 19th July 2011 at the Community Centre

Present: Chairman: Daryl Palmer (DP), Vice-Chairman:

Trevor Reynolds (TR), Richard Thorne (RT), Shelley Tilbury (ST),

Les Hitchcock (LH), Chris Herbert(CH), Sarah Poole (SP) and

Mark Joy (MJ).

W R Swan – Clerk; Medway Councillor Ray Maisey and 3 members of the public.

1.  Apologies – none as all present

2. Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by MJ, seconded by RT, that the minutes were a true record of the June 2011 meeting. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them

3. Matters arising

RT – item 14 – the signs in the road outside the school are obscured by an overhanging tree. Item added to the Phil Moore agenda.

CH – item 17 – Bishops Palace – DP said the work is scheduled to start in September 2011 according to Rick Bayne of the Valley of Vision.

4. Notification of Any Other Business

Shelley Tilbury – 2 items; Richard Thorne – 1 item; MJ – 2 items and DP – 4 items

5 Co-option of new Members

TR said that he and CH are hoping to see the 5 interested parties before the September meeting.

6. Reports by Portfolio Holders

(a) Estates  LH said that he was still awaiting quotes for work on fencing repairs in the Upper Rec.  There is overhanging vegetation on the path to the Upper Rec. from The Street. This is to be taken up with MHS Homes.

Do Members think that  the Youth shelter in the Lower Rec. needs repainting before FW11. It was decided that this should be looked at before making a decision.

He has received a quote for replacing the fence at the Jubilee Hall car park together with one for work on the height barrier entrance. In view of the amount involved it was agreed that another estimate be obtained from MCL. Quotes are being obtained for various types of bollard at Marsh Road.

DP updated Members on the White Pit.  Ben Cook is carrying out clearance work on the site which has made a real difference along with help from various Members..  The VoV has offered £15,000 towards work on the site including training and ST has volunteered to seek out grants from various bodies to help with this project.  However the PC is awaiting consent from English Nature before any further work can be carried out.

(b) Footpaths  SP said that PC is still awaiting approval from Lafarge to

the use of the path adjoining Court Farm.  It was proposed by TR, seconded by SP that the PC should write to Lafarge informing them that HPC would go ahead with the walks leaflet including this path in 7 days as it assumes that Lafarge will give the go ahead.

The Warren path is becoming very overgrown and the Clerk is to contact Medway Council about this.

SP will give her ideas to Medway Council about the placement of Dog bins in places on these walks.

c)  Planning and Development

RT updated Members on the 1 High St development – there has been an amendment to the style of the roofing structure.  This should not impinge on the aspect of the building.

Concern has been raised about the car access to the site of the houses at the Paddock.  This will be taken up with Medway Council. Add to Phil Moore agenda

7.  Accounts for 2010/2011

It was proposed by LH, seconded by SP, that the accounts for 2010/2011  as circulated by the Clerk should be accepted.  This was agreed unanimously and the Chairman and Clerk signed them accordingly.

8. Jubilee Hall

MJ said that he had attended a recent Committee meeting and had been tasked with investigating the replacement boiler.  Things are going reasonably well but the Hall could always use more bookings.

9. Halling Association – covered under White Pit.

10. Community Centre – no report

11. Lafarge – DP said the he had been unable to arrange a meeting as yet. 





































LH and Clerk







































12.  Cemex  DP said that he had learned through a chance remark that the recycling plant would not now be going ahead.

13. Youth Club

LH said that he had attended the Fire Fighters’ presentation  where the YC had received £150. He wished to place on record his gratitude for The work the Firefighters do to raise money for charity.

14. FW11

Richard Thorne said that everything is going well with only just over 5

Weeks to go..

15. Transport

TR said that he and DP had attended a function for the new 151 bus route which would now be linked to the Medway Valley rail line.

DP said that a meeting has been arranged for 21st July at 6.30pm with Phil Moore of Medway Council at which the PC could update him on highway matters.  He will email Phil Moore with an Agenda.

16. School report

SP said that she has now finished her Governor training and the next

Governors’ meeting will be in September.

17.  Receipts

(a)  Satori Spa – advert in Halling View                              £90.00

(b)  M Palmer  - FW11                                                    £50.00

(c)  S L Edwards – FW11                                                £38.00

(d)  E Maisey   FW11                                                     £19.00

18.      Payments

(a)   Ben Cook – grounds work                                       £120.00

(b)   BT – phone and broadband                                     £150.08

(c)   You First Partnership – toner                                    £77.99

(d)  Clive Stanley – web services for May 2011                   £33.00

(e)  Shelley Tilbury – royal wedding party                           £20.34

(f)  Total Property – maintenance                                    £263.73

(g)  Clive Stanley – web services for June 2011                   £33.00

(h)  Jim Sutherland – handyman work                                £169.04

(i)  KCS – office supplies                                                  £59.70

(j) Shelley Tilbury – expenses                                           £14.23

(k)Ben Cook – ground work                                               £55.00

It was proposed by LH, seconded by TR, that the above payments be ratified.  All agreed with ST abstaining.                                             




















19. Any Other Business

MJ said that the path between High St and by pass ( lower Plough path) is overgrown. The Clerk is to arrange for Ben Cook to clear it.

Could the waste bins in the recs be moved closer to the play areas.

ST reported on her attendance at the KALC and Rural Liaison meetings. Among matters discussed were charging PCs for elections – a big no! The effect of local Fire Stations on their community.  She and the Clerk are to liaise with Mark Tickner about this. DP to invite Mark to a strategy meeting within the next 2 wks.

New policing structure for North Kent.  Contacting Veolia direct re drains.

RT said that 271 High St has now been occupied – must ensure that this property has rear car access.  Medway Council to keep him informed.

LH – PC should send letter of thanks to Firefighters for their splendid fund raising efforts.  (See YC report)   All agreed.

DP – he has had reports that there have been thefts of hanging baskets and pot plants in the village.

He wishes to set up a Staffing sub committee to keep an eye on employment matters and TR, MJ and SP have agreed to serve on this.

ST will provide cover for the office whilst WS and TS are both away for the week beginning 25th July.  She will liaise with them re keys etc.




















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