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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 13th January 2011 at the Community Centre

Present: Chairman Daryl Palmer, Vice-Chairman Les Hitchcock, Trevor Reynolds, Chris Herbert, Richard Thorne, Sarah Poole, Shelley Tilbury and Mark Joy.
W R Swan - Clerk and 3 members of the public.

1. Apologies
Apologies were received from Mitzi Richardson.

2. Minutes
It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Mark Joy, that the Minutes were a true record of the November 2010 meeting. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

3. Matters Arising
Item 3 - Trevor Reynolds asked if a lollipop person at the school has been appointed. Chris Herbert said that no appointment had been made – all agreed that the best way forward would be for a Pedestrian Crossing to be constructed in Howlesmere Close.
Item 7 (b) Chris Herbert asked if anything been heard from Medway Council about the reinstatement of the RS320. The Clerk said nothing more had been heard so he would contact Medway Council accordingly.
Item 7 (c) Richard Thorne said that the plot of land owned by the Parish Council at the rear of the Paddock is land locked with no access and it would be unlikely that any body would be interested in purchasing it. In view of this he and Chris Herbert were withdrawing their previous recommendation that the Parish Council should sell the plot.
Item 18 – the Chairman said that the shelter referred to was on the railway station.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Mark Joy – 1 item; Chris Herbert – 2 items; Shelley Tilbury – 1 item.

5. Poppy Day collection.
The Clerk reported that the Village collection was £792.03. It was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, that the Parish Council should make a donation of £207.97 to make the sum up to £1,000. This was agreed unanimously.

6. Precept for 2011/2012
The Chairman reported on the Finance Committee meeting held on 6th January 2011 at which it was recommended to increase the budget to £30,000. It was proposed by Chris Herbert, seconded by Mark Joy, to increase the precept for 2011/2012 to £30,000. This was agreed unanimously. The necessary papers were then signed for onward transmission to Medway Council.

7. Bank Account
The Chairman said that the new account with the Natwest had not yet been opened as it had been difficult to get all the signatories to the bank with their details. This will be dealt with shortly but in the meantime he proposed to add Bill Swan, the Clerk as a signatory so that he can sign cheques and make payments with an official debit card. There will be adequate control as 2 signatories are required on cheques and debit card purchases will be scrutinised by other signatories. This was seconded by Sarah Poole and all agreed.

8 Reports by Portfolio Holders.
(a) Estates
The Chairman reminded Members that quotes of £1694 were obtained last March for work to be carried out on the play areas in both recs. The contractor has held the prices at last year’s level and it was proposed by
Chris Herbert, seconded by Mark Joy, that the work be carried out before the 31st March 2011 in accordance with the quote. All agreed.
The Chairman asked if the Parish Council would agree to the Village sign outside the Community Centre being lit up following suggestions from the public. It was proposed by Richard Thorne, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, that £150 maximum be set aside to cover this. All agreed.
The paper work on the lease of the White Pit has now been completed and sent off to Cemex.
Quad bikes have been using the mound so the Clerk is to contact the police about this The Valley of Vision scheme has confirmed that current projects will be completed as the project has been extended to March 2012.

(b) Footpaths
The Chairman said that nothing had been heard about the RS320 - the Clerk is to contact Medway Council about this.

(c) Planning & Development
Richard Thorne - nothing to report.

9. Jubilee Hall
A new representative from the Parish Council is needed as Ray Jackson has moved out of the area.

10. Halling Association - no report

11. Community Centre
The Vice-Chairman confirmed that Trevor Reynolds is now the Parish Council’s representative on the Community Centre Committee. The Christmas Tree was a great success with the public and it is hoped to repeat this at Christmas 2011. The new Bookings Secretary is Ann Perfect.
Trevor Reynolds said that the dismay of residents at the lack of a New Year’s Eve party in 2010 is being addressed and there will definitely be one in 2011.

12 Lafarge – no report

13. Cemex – no report

14. Youth Club
The Vice-Chairman said that no accounts were available at the present time, so it was decided to defer the matter of a donation until they have been presented to the Parish Council.

15. Highways and Rail
Trevor Reynolds said there was nothing to report on the rail. A site meeting at the A228 roundabout has been arranged with Chris Rogers, the Highways Engineer at Medway Council for 0830 on 14th January for Members to discuss their concerns with him. The Chairman is obtaining accident stats. from the Police for this area.

16. Receipts
(a) Various HV adverts £432.50
(b) EDF wayleave 31.87
(c) FW10 £284.00

17. Payments
(a) W R Swan Printing ink (G/A) £19.90
(b) T Reynolds Toner (HV) £556.70
(c) Total Property (G/A) £35.96
(d) D Palmer expenses (G/A) £60.00
(e) Clive Stanley Web fees (G/A) £44.00
(f) Ray Jackson expenses (G/A) £40.95
(g) Paula Wilkins-Smith (H/V) £60.00
(h) Paula Wilkins-Smith (FW10) £30.00
(i) BT Web and phone (G/A) £136.66
(j) D Palmer expenses (G/A) £27.91
(k) You First Partnership toner (G/A) £88.07
(l) T&M BC printing and paper (HV/GA) £549.31
It was proposed by Chris Herbert, seconded by Sarah Poole, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.

18. Any other Business
1. Mark Joy raised the problems with cars and vans parking on double yellows lines - he will be asking the police to look into the red van at the top of Howlsmere Close in particular as it is near the school.
2. Chris Herbert said that the phone box has been cleaned but it cannot be used as there is no cash box. The Clerk is to contact BT.
3. Sarah Poole asked about the vacancy on the School Governors – the Clerk is to contact the school about the number of vacancies but in the meantime Mark Joy would apply for one of the Parent Governor posts.
Sarah showed the meeting the maps she has prepared for various length walks in and around Halling which she will be arranging for the |Valley of Vision to include in a booklet.
It was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Richard Thorne, that Sarah Poole be asked to become the Portfolio Holder for Footpaths in view of the great job she has done on the map which entailed walking all of the proposed routes. All agreed and Sarah accepted.
4 As regards the vacancy on the Rural Liaison Group, Shelley Tilbury is willing to be the Parish Council’s representative and the Clerk will send her details to Medway Council.
Mark Joy is prepared to represent the Parish Council on the Jubilee Hall Committee.
These were both agreed.

Parishioners’ Questions
Among the points raised were the following:
(a) Land rear of Paddock
(b) Playgrounds
(c) Fencing in rec.
(d) Salt bins.
(e) Parish Council website.


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