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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 10th February 2011 at the Jubilee Hall

Present: Chairman Daryl Palmer, Vice-Chairman Les Hitchcock, Trevor Reynolds, Chris Herbert,
Sarah Poole, Shelley Tilbury and Mark Joy.
W R Swan - Clerk and 3 members of the public.

1. Apologies
Apologies were received from Richard Thorne.

2. Minutes
Sarah Poole said that under Item 4, she had requested an item for Any Other Business. It was then proposed by Sarah, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, that the Minutes as amended were a true record of the January 2011 meeting. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

3. Matters Arising
Item 15 – Mark Joy said that the work as agreed for the A228 roundabout has not yet been started. The Clerk is to chase up Medway Council.
Item 3 – Chris Herbert referred Members to the letter from the Head of Halling School about delays by Medway Council in providing a Crossing Patrol. It was agreed that the Parish Council should write to Medway about this.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Shelley Tilbury – 1 item; Trevor Reynolds – 1 item; Sarah Poole – 2 items; Chairman – 2 items; Mark Joy – 3 items and the Clerk – 1 item.

5. Bank Account
The Clerk reported that 3 signatories had completed their information and the Chairman and Trevor Reynolds will go to the bank on 11th February to complete the necessary procedures.

6 Reports by Portfolio Holders.
(a) Estates
The Chairman reported that Councillor Ray Maisey has around £900 in his ward fund for Halling. It was proposed by Chris Herbert, seconded by Mark Joy, that this money be used towards the cost of repairs to the play equipment in both recs. All agreed.
The lease for the White Pit is at present being completed by Cemex for the Parish Council to sign. Once this is complete, the Parish Council can take possession of the site. It was suggested that the Probation Service be asked to provide help for this project.

(b) Footpaths
The Chairman thanked Sarah Poole for all her work on the Halling Trails in conjunction with the Valley of Vision.
Sarah Poole said that Medway Council have updated the Parish Council on the RS320 – they are waiting for their Highways Dept. to decide on whether a Public Enquiry is necessary. The Clerk is to ascertain the latest position. Sarah said that the Valley of Vision are to supply 3 A2 lecterns at the following sites to show the agreed trails: (a) outside the Community Centre (b) at the top of Marsh Road and the bottom of the Warren path. There is also funding available for bird and/or animal hides on the Marsh and the Parish Council’s ideas are required to enable this to go ahead.

(c) Planning & Development
The Chairman reported in the absence of Richard Thorne. A letter has now been received from Medway Council in response to our complaint about non notification and misdirection of applications.
They have reassured us that all relevant notifications will be sent to us but they wish to consult all Parish Council’s in Medway to see how improvements could be made to the system eg electronic notifications.
21 garages behind the old Service Station in Essex Road are up for sale at £210,000. As this borders on development land this will have to be watched.
Richard Thorne will be having a look at the new application for a single storey side extension at 43 Rochester Road. He will report back. The recycling plant at Cemex will be going ahead in March.
The KALC is holding a planning conference at Lenham on 12th March at a cost of £72.00. It was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Mark Joy, that the Parish Council send a representative. All agreed and the Chairman will arrange this with Richard Thorne.

7. Jubilee Hall
Mark Joy said that he has now made himself known to the Committee but no meetings have yet been arranged.

8. FW10 and FW11
FW10 – the accounts have been passed to Chris Herbert they show a surplus of £956.70. It was proposed by Sarah Poole, seconded by Chris Herbert, that these be accepted. All agreed.
FW11- Trevor Reynolds said that having concerts on two consecutive nights is not such a good idea so it has been decided to have the first on previous weekend followed seven days later by the second. The Committee officers have been appointed as follows:
Chairman – Richard Thorne; Vice-Chairman- Trevor Reynolds; Treasurer – Julie Evans; Committee Secretary;- Paula Wilkins-Smith; General Secretary – Trudi Smith: The week will run from 20th August to 28th August. The March edition of the Halling View will have more details.

9. Rural Liaison meeting.
Shelley Tilbury reported on the meeting held at Stoke on 18th January 2011. The planning training referred to in 6 (c) was mentioned at the meeting. A presentation on the 2011 Census was given – this will be on 27th March 2011. It can be completed on line or by post. Leaflets and posters are being sent out to Parishes and it will be covered in the Halling View. There is a new Chief Superintendent of Police in Medway, Steve Curbishly
The offer was made to Parishes by the Kent Probation Service for the use of probationers to carry out community projects.

10. Halling Association
The Chairman reported on the latest meeting at which all members agreed to match their last year’s funding. The Association will pay for FW11’s fireworks display at a cost of £3525.

11. Community Centre - no report

12. Lafarge
The Chairman has spoken to Daniel Daniels to arrange a meeting as soon as possible.

13. Cemex
The Chairman said that the demolition has been delayed because of the bad weather but it should be completed by 11th February 2011. Phase 2 will remove all the concrete that is left to the new recycling plant for processing. Mark Joy queried the amount of lorry movements – this should be no more than the previous

14. Youth Club
The Vice-Chairman said that the new Committee is up and running. The Christmas raffle raised £100 for “Help for Heroes”. The new pool and air hockey tables have been ordered but have not yet been delivered. The question of a donation was raised by the Chairman and following the receipt of the Club’s accounts, it was proposed by him, seconded by Mark Joy, that the Parish Council make a donation of £150 towards these items. All agreed but with the Vice-Chairman declaring an interest and abstaining.

15. Highways and Rail
See matters arising for Highways. Trevor Reynolds said that a questionnaire is being sent round by the Community Rail Partnership about rail use by residents - it was proposed by Chris Herbert that as the CRP is a valuable resource, the Parish Council should make a donation of £100 to the scheme. This was seconded by the Vice-Chairman. This was agreed with Trevor Reynolds declaring an interest and abstaining.

16. Receipts
(a) Various HV adverts £590.00
(b) Photocopying £8.00

17. Payments
(a) Royal British Legion – donation £207.97
(b) Acorn Marquee Company FW10 £1762.50
(c) Jessup Electrical – Christmas lights £229.25
(d) W R Swan – wages and expenses £816.02
(e) Trudi Smith – wages £262.50
(f) Natwest Bank – new account £100.00
(g) MHS Homes garage rent £42.29
(h) Clive Stanley – Web admin. £38.50
(i) Total Property - Christmas tree electrics £184.96
It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Mark Joy, that the above payments be ratified. This was agreed with the Chairman and Chris Herbert declaring an interest and abstaining.

18. Any other Business
Shelley Tilbury asked if the Web site could be up dated – the Clerk said that the latest information on Councillors had been sent to Clive Stanley.
Sarah Poole had attended the School Governors’ meeting and has now been formally elected on to the Governing body.
The Chairman asked if a letter could be sent to Roger Knight following his family bereavements.
Trevor Reynolds asked about putting extracts from Ted Gowers’ book in Halling View and a discussion was held on a suitable memorial in the village for Ted who had done so much regarding the history of the village.
The Clerk is to contact the Historical Society for ideas.
Mark Joy attended the “Big Society” conference at Priestfield Stadium – no decisions were made as there was no information as to the money available.

Parishioners’ Questions
Among the points raised were the following:
(a) Blue and White recycling bags
(b) Fly tipping in Vicarage Road.
(c) Fencing in rec.
(d) Salt bins.
(e) Parish Council website.


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