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DEC 11/01


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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 6th December 2011 at the Jubilee Hall


Present: Chairman: Daryl Palmer (DP), Vice-Chairman:

Trevor Reynolds (TR), Richard Thorne (RT), Shelley Watson (SW),

Chris Herbert (CH), Les Hitchcock (LH), Peter Wyatt (PW) and

Mark Joy (MJ).

W R Swan – Clerk; 2 members of the public.

1.  Apologies none

2. Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by PW, seconded by LH, that the minutes were a true record of the October 2011 meeting. All agreed and DP duly signed them.

3. Matters arising

RT – 3.  DP said that arrangements for the flagpole are going ahead but he has to meet with the contractors and also get a quote for the flag.

MJ 21.  Still waiting to hear from Sure Start so the Parish Council will take no further action at this time.

4. Notification of Any Other Business

SW 2 items, Clerk 1 item; LH 1 item; PW 2 items; and DP 3 items.

5. Reports by Portfolio Holders

(a) Estates

LH reported that the Marsh Road bollards have now been put in place. The notice board at Forge Green has been vandalised beyond repair and has been removed.  The Parish Council will have to give thought about a replacement. The Clerk reported that Medway Council said that the Salt Bin will be back in Jade Hill by 9th December. DP said that he had received a complaint from a resident in Vicarage Close that a tree from the Lower Rec. is overhanging their garden. LH is to check this. 

(b) Footpaths

No report in the absence of SP but the Clerk updated Members on the latest situation re the RS 320 the planning inquiry for which is due to be held on 17th January 2012 in the Community Centre.

The leaflets for the Community Trails are now being distributed.

(c) Planning and Development

RT reported as follows:

11 High Street, new application for extension.

The Paddock – new application – agreed to oppose on previous grounds.

114 High Street – various from local residents – RT will keep a watching brief.


6. Halling Fire Station

TR said that he was not seeking a decision at this meeting as he is still co-ordinating the Parish Council’s response.  There will be another meeting with the CEO at the end of December.  The full report will be submitted to the 12th January 2012 meeting for a formal decision.

7. Jubilee Hall

MJ said that there had been no meeting and he was still awaiting a quote for the new boiler.

8 & 9 Halling Association & Christmas Tree

TR said that the splendid Christmas Tree had been erected and the lights switched on.

DP thanked everybody who helped with this especially

Rehs Herbert-Smith who scaled the heights for the lights.

It was proposed by TR, seconded by LH, that the proposal to allocate £75 towards the cost of the big switch on party be ratified.  All agreed.

10. Community Centre

TR said that there is to be a New Year’s eve party at a cost of £7.50 for adults and £5 for children.  Bring your own food and drink.  The OAP Xmas party has been cancelled.

11. Lafarge

DP said that the planning application for the Vantage Point at Holborough is going to Tonbridge & Malling BC this week.

12. Cemex  

DP said that the west side site including offices and Formby Terrace is now owned by Redrow Homes

13.  Youth Club

LH reported that there have been 2 resignations from the committee but he has had help from 2 new volunteers.

The Members raised £400 for Children in Need.

14.   Halling School

MJ said that there is to be a presentation by VoV on 7th December on Halling Old & New. The Parish Council has been invited.

15. White Pit

DP reported that that the survey on the kilns has been completed and the report will be ready soon. This and the archaeological, bat and badger surveys have all been funded by VoV. Looking to start the guided walks in Spring 2012.

16. Highways and Transport – no report

17. Policing – no report

18. Bishops Palace

PW said that the work is proceeding well and they hope to be finished by Xmas 2011.  The site certainly looks a lot better.  It would be advisable for the PCSOs to patrol the area regularly.

19. Receipts

(a)  Income from Billy Walton Concert                                  £924.00


20.      Payments

(a)  Total Property - replacement locks                                      £122.15

(b)  Paula Wilkins-Smith -  wages                                               £35.60

(c)  Total Property  - work on fences and gates                         £759.55

(d)  Audit Commission – 2010/2011 accounts                           £372.00

(e)  CPRE – annual subs                                                              £29.00

(f)   Minuteman Press – FW11 flyers                                          £280.40

(g)  Paula Wilkins-Smith      wages and delivery                         £67.90

(h)  Clive Stanley – web fees for October 2011                           £27.50

(i)   Shelley Watson  - travelling expenses                                    £14.23

(j)   Minuteman Press  - printing flyers   HV                               £125.00

(k)  Medway Council – lottery licence FW11                               £20.00

(l)   Luke Durling – work on White Pit                                          £96.00

(m) Ben Cook – work on White Pit                                             £120.00

(n)  Charlton Athletic – summer activity  FW11                         £100.00

(o) MCL Ltd – work on marsh gates etc                                      £708.00

(p) Ben Cook – grounds work                                                        £55.00

(q) Luke Durling – grounds work                                                  £24.00

(r) Paula Wilkins-Smith – HV delivery                                         £30.00

(s) Bellyflops amusements – FW11                                             £115.00

(t) Minuteman Press – HV                                                           £295.00

(u) Jubilee Hall MC – hire                                                             £10.00

(v) Mrs M Coleman – expenses for RS320                                    £65.04

(w)Richard Cottee   - FW11 art work                                          £170.00

(x) Total Property – maintenance work                                       £170.50

(y)Total Property – bus shelter                                                     £118.00

(z) Total Property – locks and keys                                               £98.70

It was proposed by TR, seconded by LH, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed with SW abstaining.

21.  Co-option of New Member

No co-option took place as the person concerned did not attend the meeting.  No further action will be taken in this regard.

22. Any Other Business

SW raised the poor lighting on the riverfront.  Also 3 people on a motorbike seen in Howlesmere Close.  PCSO to check.

WS – the Poppy Collection was £899.59 - £100 more than 2010. It was proposed by LH , seconded by SW, that the Parish Council should make this up to £1,000.  All agreed.

PW asked if the Parish Council has an environmental strategy.  It was proposed by TR, seconded by RT, to appoint PW as portfolio holder for environment strategy.  All agreed and PW accepted.   This will be an Agenda item in future.

DP said that the Halling View went to print on 6th December.

It was proposed by DP, seconded by LH, that the Parish Council buys 30 of the Halling Christmas cards for sending out to our contacts.  All agreed.

DP raised the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June 2012 and it was proposed that SW take on the role of co-ordinator for the Parish Council. The Finance Committee in January 2012 will need to budget for this.  The Halling Association should also be approached.

Parishioners’ Questions.

Among the items discussed were:

Water works

Fly tipping in Cemetery Road

Foliage in Cemetery































































































































































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