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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 14th October 2010 at the Community Centre


Present: Chairman Daryl Palmer, Vice-Chairman Les Hitchcock, Sarah Poole, Trevor Reynolds,

Ray Jackson, Chris Herbert and Mitzi Richardson.

Trudi Smith – Assistant to the Clerk and 6 members of the public.


1.     Apologies

        Apologies were received from Richard Thorne.

2.     Cover for the Clerk

        The Chairman raised the subject of adopting the new Assistant to the Parish Clerk to cover additional hours in the office while Bill Swan is on sick leave.  Proposed by Vice-Chairman and seconded by Trevor Reynolds.  Chris Herbert took no part in the discussion and abstained due to a declared interest.  It was also proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Sarah Poole and unanimously agreed to continue to pay the Clerk full pay while he is off; to be reviewed at the next meeting.

3.     Parish Council Vacancies

        Ray Jackson handed out information on qualifications needed to be a parish councillor.  These notes to be handed to the applicants.

4.     Bishops Palace Site

        The guest speaker, Mr Richard Haynes, Valley of Visions, gave a speech on Archbishops Palace and Halling Marshes.  Proposal was made by the Vice-Chairman for maintenance of the marshes for the benefit of wildlife.  This was seconded by Mitzi Richardson and unanimously agreed by all present.

        Mr Haynes handed out Community Trail leaflets from surrounding areas and it was agreed that Sarah Poole would contact Jennifer Smith from Valley of Visions to start work on a community trail for Halling, identifying trail routes and the design of leaflets. This was seconded by Trevor Reynolds and agreed by all.

5.     Minutes of the last meeting

        To be confirmed at the next meeting.

6.     Matter arising

        Not applicable.

7.     Notification of Any Other Business

        Chairman – 1 item; Sarah Poole – 1 item; Ray Jackson – 1 item and Assistant to the Clerk – 1 item.

8.     Reports by Portfolio Holders

(a)    Estates and footpaths

        The Chairman said that he is awaiting quotes for the swing bridge in the Lower Rec and another dustbin is awaiting suitable placement.  The Parish Council’s grounds man, Ben Cook, has planted the bulbs in various locations around the Village.

(b)    Planning & Development

        Richard Thorne to report at next meeting.

9.     Audit Commission – Halling Parish Council Annual Audit

        The Annual Audit has been completed and signed and is available for inspection.

10.   Jubilee Hall

        Ray Jackson informed those present that he will be attending the Annual Meeting of the Parish Hall Committee.

11.   Halling Association

        The Halling Association Budget April 10 – March 11 was given out by the Chairman.  Mrs Donnelly, Head Teacher, Halling Primary School, will be attending future meetings in replace of Mr I Stuart.

12.   Community Centre

        Vice-Chairman attended Kent Youth AGM so couldn’t attend the Community Centre meeting.

        Trevor Reynolds volunteered to be the committee’s new representative.  The Chairman will inform the Community Centre Committee of the Parish Council’s new appointee.

13.   Remembrance Day

        Poppy tins and boxes with id tags all ready in the Clerk’s Office.  Chairman and Assistant Clerk to organise collectors and areas to be covered.  Sarah Poole agreed to read the Lesson at the church service to be held at St John's, 10.50 am on Sunday Nov 14th.

14.   LaFarge – subject to be removed from Minutes

15.   Cemex

        The Chairman reported that the chimney is finally down and the site will be cleared by 6th December.

16.   Youth Club

        The Vice-Chairman reported that they had now gone on 11 different outings and that there were over 100 members. Due to its success, Les Hitchcock will advertise for more helpers.

17.   FW10/11

        An annual meeting is to be planned for the end of November.

18.   Halling View

        Copies to be delivered this weekend.

19.   December Parish Council Meeting

        To reduce the large gap between meetings at Christmas and August holidays it was proposed by Trevor Reynolds to put back November’s meeting by two weeks to 25 November 2010 and hold the following one in January.  Dates to be adjusted for August 2011 when next year’s meeting dates are agreed.  Motion was seconded by Sarah Poole and unanimously agreed by those present.

20.   Receipts

(1)    FW10                                                                                                                £100.00

(2)    FW10                                                                                                                £252.33

(3)    HALARA                                                                                                               114.10

(4)    Medway Council                                  Rural Liaison Grant                                      £3,500.00

21.   Payments

(1)    Paula Wilkins-Smith                             HV/FW10  Flyers                                              £80.00

(2)    FW10                                                    FW10  Cash for bands                                  £2,000.00

(3)    Ben Cook                                              EST  Grounds work                                         £110.00

(4)    Phoenix Fireworks                                FW10  Funday fireworks                              £3,525.00

(5)    You First Partnership                            G/A  Toner                                                         £88.07

(6)    Home & Hobby                                    EST  Handyman’s purchases                             £39.85

(7)    Jubilee Hall Management                      FW10  Funday Auction                                     £25.00

(8)    Clive Stanley                                         G/A  Webmaster services                                     38.50

(9)    Glasdon Manufacturing                        EST  Noticeboards                                        £3,942.30

(10)   Total Property                                       EST  Tree felling upper rec                              £235.00

(11)   Total Property                                       EST  Noticeboard replacement                        £775.50

(12)   Ben Cook                                             FP  Grounds work                                             £55.00                                    

(13)   Ben Mills                                              FW10  VAT for band FW10                           £175.00

(14)   Total Property                                       EST  Portable appliance testing                         £49.35

(15)   Total Property                                       EST  Rec ground maintenance                        £237.64

(16)   Staples UK                                           G/A  Office purchases                                       £36.31

(17)   Ben Cook                                             FP  Grounds works                                            £70.00

(18)   The Champion Corp Clothing              FW10  services                                                 £227.50

(19)   J Sutherland                                          EST  Handyman work                                     £229.20

(20)   W R Swan                                            HV  Toner                                                        £291.40

(21)   W R Swan                                            G/A  Office expenses                                        £51.18

(22)   Trevor Reynolds                                   HV  Toner – canon                                            £54.95

(23)   Paula-Wilkins-Smith                             HV  Flyers                                                         £30.00

(24)   Darren Eiffert                                       FW11  Entertainment deposit                          £100.00

(25)   Open Spaces Society                            SEC 137  Subs renewal                                     £40.00

(26)   M J Alcott                                            G/A  Honorarium                                               £50.00

(27)   British Telecom                                    G/A  Phone & broadband                                £137.55

(28)   Ben Cook                                             FP  Grounds work                                           £200.00

(29)   CPRE                                                   SEC 137  Renewal of subs                                £29.00

It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by the Vice-Chairman that the above payments be ratified.  All agreed.

22.   Correspondence

        Thank you letters were read out by Assistant Clerk to the Parish Council from Betty Head, on behalf of Halling WI and Mary Acott.

23    Any Other Business

        Trudi Smith gave an update on the campaign to get a zebra crossing outside the school.  Budget for a lollipop person has been approved by Medway Council and the school has advertised for an applicant within the village.


        Two more accidents have occurred at the new roundabout on the A228.  Assistant to the Clerk and Chairman to follow up the request to Medway Council for Halling road markings on the outside lane. 


        Ray Jackson attended a consultation meeting of the Kent Minerals and Waste Development Framework. Copy of the strategy is in the Parish Council Offices to view.


        Sarah Poole met with the Ambassador of Medway with regard to Medway’s application for City status.  Trudi Smith to see Mrs Donnelly, Head Teacher, to inform the children of the ‘fly the flag for Medway’ celebrations in 2012.


        Daryl Palmer ran through the HPC office procedures.

Parishioners’ Questions

Among the points raised by residents were the following:-

(a)    Foxes in Plough Path

(b)    Phone box by The Bells says ‘no cash calls’.  Assistant to the Clerk to chase up.

(c)    Repairs to the Lower Rec

(d)   Noticeboard – keyholders and Les Hitchcock to check broken bar on noticeboard by bus stop

(e)    BMX track – following discussions with Medway Council the MUGA was built instead.



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