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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 11th May 2010 at the Community Centre

Present: Chairman Frank Howard, Vice-Chairman Les Hitchcock, Maggie Coleman, Daryl Palmer, Mitzi Richardson, Sarah Poole, Norman Mitchell, Chris Herbert and Richard Thorne.

W R Swan - Clerk and 2 members of the public.

1. Election of Chairman for the ensuing year

Frank Howard stood down as Chairman in accordance with the rules.

Having expressed a willingness to stand again, Frank Howard was proposed by Maggie Coleman, seconded by Mitzi Richardson.  Daryl Palmer, having said that he was prepared to stand, was proposed by Chris Herbert and seconded by Richard Thorne.  The two candidates then withdrew and a vote was taken of the remaining Members.   On a show of hands Daryl Palmer was elected as Chairman and duly signed the Declaration Book.  The new Chairman thanked Frank Howard for all his work as Chairman over the last three years.  

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from Ray Jackson and Trevor Reynolds.

3. Minutes

It was proposed by Sarah Poole, seconded by Maggie Coleman, that the minutes were a true record of the April 2010 meeting.  All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

4. Matters Arising  - none

5. Notification of Any Other Business

Norman Mitchell – 1 item.

6. To elect Vice-Chairman and Chairs of Committees

Les Hitchcock, having declared a willingness to continue as Vice-Chairman, was re-appointed unopposed.

It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Richard Thorne, that Norman Mitchell be put forward as Chairman of the Estates Committee. There being no other candidates, he was duly appointed.

It was proposed by Sarah Poole, seconded by Norman Mitchell, that Richard Thorne be put forward as Chairman of Planning and Development Committee.  There being no other candidates, he was duly appointed.

As regards the Footpaths Committee, Maggie Coleman said that she was not prepared to carry on as Chair and there being no other Members willing to take over at this time, it was decided to hold the position over to a future date.

The Chairman thanked Maggie for all her work as Chair of Footpaths including the handover and registration of land.

7.  Appointment of Committee Members and representatives on other bodies.

KAPC local committee – Maggie Coleman and Ray Jackson

Rural Liaison Committee – Ray Jackson

School Governors – Frank Howard

Jubilee Hall – Ray Jackson

Public Transport – Trevor Reynolds

Halling View – Trevor Reynolds, Les Hitchcock, Daryl Palmer, Richard Thorne and Sarah Poole.

Lafarge and Cemex liaison  - whole Council

Halling Association – Trevor Reynolds and Daryl Palmer

Community Centre – Maggie Coleman

8. To confirm dates and venues for coming year

The dates and venues as circulated were agreed.

Reports by Chairman of Committees

(a) Estates  - Daryl Palmer said that the Jubilee Hall car park gates had been secured and that the provision of the new roundabout is to be processed.  A formal agreement on the White Pit is awaited from Cemex.


(b) Footpaths

Maggie Coleman said she had written to the Parish Council’s Solicitors about acting on its behalf should no reply be received from Medway Council on the RS320.

It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the Leader of Medway Council asking for an immediate review, copying in the Chief Executive, Robin Cooper and Annmarie Behn who had said that a decision was imminent when she wrote to the Parish Council on 4th May.

(c) Planning & Development

The new Chairman, Richard Thorne said that he would visit 5 The Street, Upper Halling where a new rear extension is being planned under ref. MC/10/1451.  He will report back on this. 

10. Jubilee Hall – no report

11. Halling View

The Chairman reported that the next issue will be brought forward to the 3rd week in June to make sure that FW10 is well advertised.  Clive Stanley has confirmed that he will be working on the production of the magazine.

12.  Halling Association

The Chairman reported on the meeting on 11th May.  There are small grants of £250 available for local organisations.


13. Community Centre

The Vice-Chairman reported that the AGM went well and that new Committee members were appointed to fill the vacancies.


14 Lafarge

The Chairman is meeting with Daniel Daniels next week and will report back.

15. Cemex

The Chairman has met with Maurice Claydon who said the demolition is proceeding well but no decision has been made as to how the chimney will be brought down.

16. Youth Club

The Vice-Chairman said that they will be taking part in the Halling activity walk arranged by Valley of Vision on the 14th May.

17. Highways

The Parish Council had a very positive meeting with Phil Moore from Medway Council on 29th April.

18.  Annual Parish Meeting

The Chairman reported that it was a very good meeting attended by 20 residents and guests.  It was proposed by Sarah Poole, seconded by Norman Mitchell, that the Parish Council make a donation of £50 to the WI in thanks for the refreshments. All agreed.

19. FW10

The Vice-Chairman said that some prizes for the draw have been donated and there will be a second fashion show on 7th July.

On the actual weekend, Goosebumps will be appearing on Friday 30th July with Ben Mills appearing on the Saturday.   Tickets will be available nearer the time.

20. Receipts

(a) Halara   £22.10 for photocopies.

(b) Fashion show £195.00

(c) Halling view advert £80.00

(d) Medway Council precept £24,000


22. Payments

(a) W R Swan – wages                                           £1073.98                                             

(b) KALC – subs for 2010/11                                  £751.51

(c) Total Property – agreed work                          £1162.70     £203.47vat     £1366.17

(d) Clive Stanley – webmaster fees                           £27.50

(e) D Pease – work on slide                                     £120.00

(f) M Coleman – reg fee                                         £9.00

(g) Zurich Insurance – 2010/11 renewal                £1661.95

(h) T&M BC – printing of HV                                £917.70

(i) Staples – office equipment                              £74.14       £11.34vat         £85.48

(j) Total Property – emergency repairs                  £108.50       £18.99vat       £127.49

(k) JHMC – hire of hall quizzes                               £30.00

(l) Ben Cook – grounds maintenance                       £55.00

(m) Ray Jackson – doggie bags                                £59.50

(n) Chesterfield Mayfair hotel – FW10 prize         £182.13

It was proposed by Frank Howard, seconded by Richard Thorne, that the above payments be ratified.  All agreed


23. Any Other Business

Norman Mitchell, the new Chairman of Estates said that he will liaise with Daryl Palmer about the proposed roundabout for the Upper Rec.

Parishioners’ Questions

Among the points raised by residents were the following:

(a) Locks in Jubilee Hall car park

(b) PCSO

(c) Service station



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