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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 11th March 2010 at the Community Centre, High Street, Lower Halling

Present: Vice-Chairman Les Hitchcock, Ray Jackson, Chris Herbert, Trevor Reynolds, Mitzi Richardson, Maggie Coleman, Daryl Palmer, Richard Thorne and Norman Mitchell.

W R Swan - Clerk and 3 members of the public.

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from the Chairman Frank Howard.

2. Minutes

It was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Mitzi Richardson, that the minutes were a true record of the February 2010 meeting.  All agreed and the Vice Chairman duly signed them.

3. Matters Arising  

The Clerk read out Bob Swain’s resignation letter to Members and it was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Daryl Palmer, that the Clerk write to him thanking him for his  work on the Parish Council over the last 15 years.

It was agreed that if there were more than 1 application for the vacancy, then the Parish Council should proceed in the usual way as regards candidates for co-option.  If not, then the previous applicant should not be re-interviewed but co-opted at the next meeting.  This is all subject to Medway Council giving the necessary clearance.

4. Notification of Any Other Business

Daryl Palmer – 4 items; Vice-Chairman – 1 item.

5. Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

The Clerk passed round the draft Standing Orders and Financial Regulations and it was agreed that Members should have a look at these and come back for a decision at the next Strategy meeting.

6. Reports by Chairmen of Committees

(a) Estates  - Daryl Palmer reported on a meeting with Cemex representatives re the White Pit. There is a possibility of the Parish Council taking over management of this land but with Cemex retaining ownership for the time being.  Cemex is to send a legal document for consideration by the Parish Council.

An offer of £500 has been received from Peter Lingham for the grazing rights on the marsh for 2010.  He has spent £150 on a new lock and is looking for a contribution from the Parish Council.  It was proposed by Maggie Coleman, seconded by Richard Thorne, that the Parish Council offer 50% towards the cost of the lock.  All agreed and the Clerk is to write to Peter Lingham accepting £425.

The urgent work has been carried out on the play areas and the damage to the kissing gate on the marsh has also been repaired as a matter of urgency also. 

The corrosion on the slide in the Lower Rec. needs attention and an estimate of £120 has been obtained from a local man to repair this.   It was proposed by Daryl Palmer, seconded by Norman Mitchell, that this be approved.  All agreed.

The football pitch on the mound has been used and the Clerk will raised invoices on Cuxton 91 FC.

The wooden post supporting the Village sign at the front of the Community Centre is rotting.  An estimate was obtained from Total Property last year for £362 for putting a brick surround at the base of the post to remedy this.  It was proposed by Daryl Palmer, seconded by Chris Herbert, to give the go ahead on this and approach the Community Centre for permission.  

(b) Footpaths

Maggie Coleman said that she has written to Robin Cooper at Medway Council as the Director responsible for footpaths concerning the delay over a decision on the RS320.

A reply is awaited.

(c) Planning & Development

The Clerk is to write to Medway Council over their misunderstanding of the Parish Council’s letter re the Cemex development.

7. Marsh & Land registration

Maggie Coleman reported on the 3 parcels of land being transferred from Lafarge to the Parish Council.  A cheque for £763.92 has been drawn in favour of the Parish Council’s Solicitors which will be sent to them along with the papers signed by the Chairman and Clerk so that the conveyance may be completed.

Following very helpful advice from Barbara Graham, the Senior Lawyer (Property) at Medway Council, it was proposed by Chris Herbert, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, that the following Minute be adopted:

Halling Parish Council wishes to apply for registration of the two village greens in accordance with the plans which have been approved by Members at the meeting as follows:

Vicarage Road known as the Lower Recreation ground as shown by pink colouring on the attached plan and Browndens Road known as the Upper Recreation ground shown as edged red on the attached plan.  That the Chairman be authorised to make the applications to Medway Council. This was agreed unanimously.

8 Rural Liaison Committee

Ray Jackson said that there are two consecutive meetings on 23rd March, which he will be attending along with Norman Mitchell.

9. Jubilee Hall

Ray Jackson came in at 8.30 pm as he had been to the Jubilee Hall Committee meeting earlier in the evening.  He reported that there is a good level of bookings and the grass has been cut at the hall by Medway’s Council’s contractors.

The Committee has also expressed its thanks to Daryl Palmer for all his work on the Quiz evenings.

10.  Halling Association

Trevor Reynolds said that the Association is testing the water about the possibility having a Christmas Tree outside the Community Centre.  He will report back later.

11. Community Centre

The Vice-Chairman reported that 2 more new members have joined the Committee.  After some discussion about the status of the Centre, it was proposed by Chris Herbert, seconded by  Trevor Reynolds, that the Clerk should contact Medway Council to ascertain the legal status of the Community Centre.  All agreed.

12. Lafarge

The Clerk is to contact Daniel Daniels to arrange a meeting.

13. Cemex

Daryl Palmer reported that demolition contractors are now on site and will be starting soon.

14. Youth Club

The Vice-Chairman said that 2 classes are still being operated.

15. Highways & Rail

The Clerk has arranged a meeting with Phil Moore of Medway Council for Thursday 1st April.

16. Correspondence

(a)  Medway Council – Rural Liaison Committee – 23 March 2010

(b) Open Spaces Society – Spring 2010 magazine; Open Day 26 June 2010 and survey

(c) Demelza House magazine

(d) Kent Wildlife notices

(e) KDAONB – management plan 2009-2014

(f) Medway Council – Year book 2010/11

(g) CiLK charity for disabled persons– request for donation

(h) Network Rail – station community scheme

(i)  Medway Council – Cemex development

17. Receipts

Halling View Adverts        £320.00


18. Payments



Budget Head

Net £

Vat £

Gross £

Craigdene Ltd

Playground inspection





Ben Cook

Grounds work






It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Trevor Reynolds, that the above payments be ratified.   All agreed.

19.  Any Other Business

Daryl Palmer said that there is a delay with the Halling View which will now be ready at the beginning of April.  He also informed the meeting that he wished to stand down from preparing the magazine after the April edition.  Clive Stanley our webmaster has been approached to see if he could do it.

Daryl Palmer said that a neighbour, Vic Steele had died recently and it was believed that he was a Member of the Parish Council at some time.  Subject to proof being obtained, he proposed that a donation of £25 be made to St Dunstan’s charity in memory of Vic Steele.  This was seconded by Trevor Reynolds and all agreed.

Parishioners’ Questions.

Among the points raised by residents at the meeting were the following:

(a) Play areas.

(b) Bus stop in The Street,  Upper Halling




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