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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 10th June 2010 at the Community Centre

Present: Chairman Daryl Palmer, Mitzi Richardson, Sarah Poole, Trevor Reynolds, Ray Jackson, Chris Herbert and Richard Thorne.
W R Swan - Clerk and 3 members of the public.

1. Apologies
Apologies were received from Maggie Coleman and Frank Howard.

2. Minutes
It was proposed by Sarah Poole, seconded by Richard Thorne, that the minutes were a true record of the May 2010 meeting. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

3. Matters Arising
Item 9(c) – Richard Thorne has contacted the neighbours of 5 The Street, Upper Halling who have no objections to the proposed extension.
Item 8 – Ray Jackson and Trevor Reynolds – could they have list of dates.
Item 9(b) – the Chairman said that Medway Council is due to make an announcement this week about the RS320.
Item 19 – Sarah Poole - the fashion show tickets are now on sale.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Ray Jackson – 1 item and Chris Herbert – 2 items.

5. Reports by Chairman of Committees
(a) Estates -there was no report in the absence of Norman Mitchell. The Chairman reported that an email from Lafarge had indicated that the Marsh would be handed over within 7 days.

(b) Footpaths – no report

(c) Planning & Development
Richard Thorne said that an application No MC10/1873 had been received for a recycling plant on the east CEMEX site for aggregates and top soil. Letters have been sent to the residents of Formby Terrace being the closest to the site. He is to study the application and report back to the Strategy meeting on 22nd June.

6. Jubilee Hall
Ray Jackson reported on a recent committee meeting. All is going well but one or two equipment issues have been attended to. He was asked if the Parish Council could supply a new notice board at the hall.

7. Halling View and FW10
The Chairman reported that the next issue will be brought completed by 17th June. Trevor Reynolds said that there have been regular meetings of the FW10 committee and there will be lots of information in the Halling View.

8. Halling Association – no report

9. Community Centre – no report

10 Lafarge
The Chairman reported that 3 Parish Councillors attended the grand opening of the Holborough Marshes hide which involved Lafarge and the Kent Wildlife Trust.

11. Cemex
The Chairman reported that demolition is well under way. Chris Herbert asked if monitoring of asbestos is being carried out.
12. Youth Club – no report

13. FW10 - see 7 above

14. Receipts
(a) HMRC – VAT reimbursement for 2009/10 £4804.33

15. Payments
(a) J Sutherland – handyman’s wages £ 226.34
(b) Clive Stanley – webmaster fees for April 2010 £ 60.50
It was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Ray Jackson, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.

16. Any Other Business
Ray Jackson said that He would like to attend the KALC meeting on 19th June and it was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Sara Poole, that the fee of £60 be met by the Parish Council. All agreed. It was proposed by Mitzi Richardson, seconded by Richard Thorne, that the Parish Council purchase the “Tool Kit” advertised by the KALC at the cost of £10. All agreed.
Chris Herbert said that only half of the grass at the riverside had been cut by Medway’s contractors. He referred to the work being carried in the Bishops Palace – are they monitoring for bats. Medway Council have only just got round to answering the resident’s letter about the traffic problems at the school and Howlesmere Close. The reply did not answer all the concerns raised and a petition is being started by parents to ask for a proper pedestrian crossing and zig zag lines in Howlesmere Close. Parking in Jade Hill, Essex Road and Kent Road needs to be looked at by the police. Parking against the flow of traffic and on the path is illegal. He proposed that the Parish Council should write to Medway Council inviting them to hold a consultation with us and the school and not putting in yellow lines until this has been held. This was seconded by Ray Jackson and all agreed.

Parishioners’ Questions
Among the points raised by residents were the following:
(a) Plough path
(b) Mechanical sweeper
(c) Cemetery
(d) Woodens opening.



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