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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]


Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 8th October 2009 at the Community Centre

Present: Chairman Frank Howard, Vice Chairman Les Hitchcock, Maggie Coleman, Ray Jackson, Trevor Reynolds, Daryl Palmer and Chris Herbert.

W Swan – Clerk

1 member of the public.

1. Apologies

Mitzi Richardson and Bob Swain.

2.Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by Ray Jackson, seconded by the Vice Chairman, that the Minutes were a true record of the last meeting.  All agreed and the Chairman signed them accordingly. 

3.Matters Arising - none

4.  Notification of Other Business

Ray Jackson – 1 item; Trevor Reynolds – 1 item; Maggie Coleman – 1 item and the Clerk – 3 items.

5.  Reports by Chairmen of Committees.

(a)  Estates

Daryl Palmer reported that he has been trying to contact CEMEX re the White Pit but with no success so far.   He has arranged for Total Property to carry out urgent repairs to damaged fences and play equipment in the Upper Rec.  A survey has been carried out of the benches in the Village which total 29.  This included Medway Council’s.

It was proposed by Daryl Palmer, seconded by Maggie Coleman, that the Parish Council replace the damaged cupboard in the office at a cost of £117 and move it to the garage to store the chemicals and tools used by the handyman.  All agreed to this.   

(b)  Footpaths.

Maggie Coleman reported she is trying to ascertain from Medway Council the legality of vehicles having access to footpaths.  She will report back at a later meeting.


(c)  Planning & Development

MC2009/1254 – development behind 42-48 Rochester Road, North Halling.  The Chairman declared an interest as he lives close by and took no part in the discussion.  It was proposed by Maggie Coleman, seconded by Daryl Palmer, that the Parish Council oppose this application on the same grounds as previous applications.  All agreed with the Chairman abstaining.

MC2009/1242 – house at rear of 107 Kent Road.  Maggie Coleman declared an interest as she lives close by and took no part in the discussion. It was proposed by Daryl Palmer, seconded by Chris Herbert,  that this application be opposed on the grounds of overdevelopment.  All agreed with Maggie Coleman abstaining. 

MC2009/1415 – extension to 92 Pilgrims Road, North Halling.  It was proposed by Daryl Palmer, seconded by Maggie Coleman, that the Parish Council should not object but will ask Medway Council to consider the effect of this on the rural environment and the Green Belt.

All agreed.


6.  Jubilee Hall

Daryl Palmer said that the AGM will be on 22nd October 2009 and he will be resigning as of that date from the Committee as the Parish Council’s representative.   A replacement will be needed.

7 Halling Association

Trevor Reynolds said that the next meeting is on 14th October.

8  Community Centre

The Vice-Chairman said that the old photos in the foyer are to be replaced by more up to date ones.   The Accounts have been audited and cleared.  There will be a Pensioners’ Xmas party once again this year.

9.  Lafarge

The Chairman asked if there is a legally binding agreement about the football pitches.  The Clerk is to check on this.

10.  CEMEX

A letter has been received from Medway Council confirming that the Section 106 agreement has now been signed.

11.  Youth Club

The Vice-Chairman reported that the Club is still holding 2 classes and that new CRB checks are being done.

12.  Funday Committee

Trevor Reynolds reported that the Committee is now looking at fundraising for 2010 starting with a farmers’ market on 11th October in the Lower Rec.  Hoping to arrange a “Medway Valley X Factor”.   The 2009 accounts are to follow.   


13. Receipts – none

14. Payments



Budget Head

Net £

Vat £

Gross £

Jim Sutherland

Handyman’s wages





British Telecom

Phone and broadband





C. Wilkins-Smith

Duties at Funday






It was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Ray Jackson, that the above payments be ratified.  All agreed.

15.  Any Other Business

It was proposed by Daryl Palmer, seconded by Ray Jackson, that any expenses incurred by Maggie Coleman arising out of the legal issues concerning the Marsh, footpaths and recs. should be covered by the Parish Council.  All agreed.

The Clerk said that the accounts for 2008/2009 had now been cleared by the Audit Commission with no comment.  He also asked for volunteers for the poppy collection and Members expressed their wish to help.

Daryl Palmer spoke about the request from the Historical Society for a memorial to the late Ted Gowers.  He will discuss ideas with Trevor Reynolds and report back.

The Chairman reported on Medway Council holding the Section 106 monies from Harris House and not spending them on the school, which has a project in mind.    It was agreed that Chris Herbert and the Clerk formulate a suitable letter to the officer at Medway Council dealing with this requesting that the £48,000 in question be spent on Halling School.  Copies are to be sent to the Chief Exec., Cllr Maisey, Bryan McCutcheon and Gill King.

It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Maggie Coleman, that Ray Jackson purchase another supply of the doggie bags at a cost of £61.50  as these had proved very popular with dog owners and the Village did seem to be cleaner.  All agreed.

Ray Jackson said that he will discuss the question of the boundary stones with Members of the Footpaths Committee in order to map their position.

It was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Maggie Coleman, that the Parish Council make a donation to the Kent Community Rail Partnership of £50.   All agreed. 

Parishioners’ questions

Among the questions raised by residents were (a) the circle in Vicarage Close, (b) rubbish in Cemetery Road and footpaths.


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