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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 12th November 2009 at Jubilee Hall

Present: Chairman Frank Howard, Vice Chairman Les Hitchcock, Maggie Coleman, Ray Jackson, Trevor Reynolds, Daryl Palmer and Chris Herbert. 

2 members of the public. 

1.  Apologies for absence

Norman Mitchell, Mitzi Richardson and Bill Swan (Clerk)

2.  Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by the Vice Chairman, seconded by Daryl Palmer, that the Minutes were a true record of the last meeting.  All agreed and the Chairman signed them accordingly. 

3.  Matters Arising

Halling Association meeting had yet to take place. 

4.  Notification of Other Business

Daryl Palmer – 5 items, Leslie Hitchcock – 2 items. 

5.  Parish Council Membership

It was agreed that this item would be held in abeyance pending consultation between councillors. 

6.  Reports by Chairmen of Committees. 

(a)  Estates

Daryl Palmer reported CEMEX surveyor was investigating the White Pit and opportunities for seeking ownership as an asset for the village.  Local Resident Ben Cook had retired from his job and was now undertaking a lot of work for the PC.  A new cupboard had been purchased for the PC office; the old cupboard was now in the garage housing general handyman equipment. Daryl Palmer would email to PC colleagues examples of dog signs that could be used at entrance points to the recreation grounds.  The sign outside the Community Centre was rotting quite badly, the sign was on Medway Council land but was purchased by Halling PC; a protective brick plinth could be built around the sign, and Daryl Palmer would get some quotes for the work.

(b)  Footpaths.

RS320 on Halling Marsh, no further progress on the footpath claim had been reported from Medway Council; Maggie Coleman had asked Medway Council to confirm an unofficial report that The Kent Wildfowlers had disputed the footpath claim.  Medway Council had invited Halling PC to comment on a proposal to divert footpath RS219.  It was agreed that Halling PC would dispute the proposal; this was proposed by Chris Herbert and seconded by Daryl Palmer.                

(c)  Planning & Development

Planning application for six detached houses on the site of The Paddock in Halling High Street had been approved, with conditions.  Planning application for property in Essex Road to the rear of Kent Road was still under review.  Planning application for a single storey extension in Pilgrims Road had been approved.  Planning application for a two storey extension in Pilgrims Road had been refused.  Halling PC voiced concern that it had received reports for none of these planning applications.  The Clerk would write to the CEO of Medway Council voicing concern that Halling PC was not being consulted on planning applications in Halling.   Tonbridge & Malling are consulting Halling PC on plans for Holborough Quarry and land that borders Halling; Daryl Palmer would progress details of the consultation with Halling PC members. 

7.   Marsh and land registration

Two parcels of land on Halling Marsh were being transferred to Halling PC from Lafarge and both parties’ solicitors were progressing the matter.  Halling PC had been asked to provide further details and this was being dealt with.  Application for voluntary registration of Lower Halling and Upper Halling recreation grounds as village greens had been submitted for determination to Medway Council as the registration authority and response awaited.

8.   Jubilee Hall

The Chairman had been approached by the Chairman of the Jubilee Hall Committee to ask whether Halling PC would like to be represented on its committee.   This matter would be discussed outside the PC meeting.

9.   Halling Association

The next meeting was scheduled for the following week.

10.  Community Centre

It was still planned to replace the old photos in the foyer with more up to date ones.   Emergency lights and fire alarms had been checked.  Invitations had been sent out for the Pensioners’ Xmas party on 12 December. The next meeting would discuss among other items the New Year’s Eve party. 

11.  Lafarge

No meeting had taken place. 

12.  CEMEX

No meeting had taken place 

13   Youth Club

A bowling trip is planned for 28 November.  The group still needs helpers. 

14.  Fun Weekend Committee

Trevor Reynolds suggested that the Fun Day Committee members declare an interest on this item.  The Chairman saw no reason why members of the Funday Committee should not take part in discussion of this item.  Trevor Reynolds had drafted a constitution for the committee and would bring this to Halling PC for approval.  For future Funday events, Halling Association funding would no longer be available.  The Funday Committee asked for permission to access residual funds from last year’s Funday event, which currently sat in the Parish Council’s account, to plan for the next Funday event.  This request would be conditional on the Funday Committee presenting its accounts.  It was agreed to discuss this issue further at the next Halling PC strategy meeting depending on presentation of the Funday Committee and other accounts being available to view.  Agreement of this was proposed by Ray Jackson and seconded by the Chairman.   Daryl Palmer added that members of the Funday Committee were also undertaking other fundraising events to support next year’s celebration e.g. the Halling Farmers’ Market. 

15.  Highways and Rail

Local residents had recently met to discuss a feasibility study to revisit and improve the bridge over the railway line and disabled access to the station platform.  A planned meeting with British Rail and Medway Council was ‘in abeyance’.  The Clerk was arranging a meeting between Halling PC, Network Rail and Medway Council. 
16.  Receipts – none 

17.  Payments – none.

18.  Any Other Business

Parishioners’ questions

Among the questions raised by residents were (a) Broken fences in the village, (b) vacancies on the Parish Council.


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