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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 12th March 2009 at the Community Centre

Present: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Daryl Palmer, Chris Herbert, Ray Jackson,
Maggie Coleman, Mitzi Richardson, Norman Mitchell, Bob Swain and Trevor Reynolds.
Medway Councillor – Ray Maisey.
Bill Swan – Clerk and 6 members of the public.

1. Apologies – none

2. Minutes of last meeting
Ray Jackson pointed out that in his report on page 3, it should read “white lines” not “yellow lines”. Maggie Coleman said that in her report under Footpaths the date of the meeting with Lafarge was 18th February not the 16th.
It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Ray Jackson, that subject to these amendments, the Minutes were a true record of the last meeting. All agreed and the Chairman signed them accordingly.

3. Matters Arising
Item 5(c) – Chris Herbert said that he has not yet been in touch with Medway Council about the Section 106 calculations for the CEMEX development.

4. Notification of Other Business
Vice-Chairman – 1 item; Ray Jackson – 2 items; Chris Herbert – 1 item.

5. Reports by Chairmen of Committees:
a. Estates
Daryl Palmer reported that the MUGA is now being installed and should be finished by 31st March as scheduled.
He has been negotiating with Councillor Ray Maisey about funding from Medway Council towards the proposed roundabout in the Upper Rec. and Chris Herbert has been in discussion with Medway about the Section 106 monies from the Harris House development.
Medway Council’s contractors, Quadron have tidied up Forge Green without being asked and have done a good job thus saving the Parish Council money.
The rules for the Recreation ground signs will be completed shortly.
It was proposed by Daryl Palmer, seconded by Chris Herbert, that the Parish Council should make a grant of £400 to the Parochial Church Council towards the cost incurred by them for grass cutting in the Cemetery. All agreed.

b. Footpaths
Maggie Coleman reported that a new PROW officer has been appointed at Medway which should help with their backlog. She is awaiting more information from Medway regarding the RS320. The members of the Footpaths Committee intend to walk all the footpaths as soon as practicable. She and other Members met up with the representatives of Lafarge on 18th February to discus the state of the stiles on the Marsh. Responsibility for these rests with Lafarge who indicated that they would like to pay for the repairs from their Halling Association funding.
Medway Council advise that they cannot make the Wildfowlers replace the missing stile on their land whilst the RS320 is under discussion.
Lafarge have agreed to transfer the remaining 2 plots of land to the Parish Council by the end of May 2009. It was agreed that the Parish Council’s Solicitors should act for us. They have also confirmed that the Lower Rec. has been registered with Land Registry.
Chris Herbert asked about the Parish Council’s plans to “beat the boundaries”.
Ray Jackson said that he had been into the City Archives to look at the maps they hold on footpaths and has indentified 22 boundary markers. He will try to walk them soon to find out their location.
Norman Mitchell thought that the Ramblers Association’s “adopt a Parish” scheme might be useful with footpaths and boundaries. He will look into this.

c. Planning and Development
Norman Mitchell reported that an application had been received for 7 houses on “The Paddock“ site in the High Street. The view of the Parish Council was that this should not be opposed but in view of the one way system on the bridge, there should be road sensors to help with the ingress and egress from this development.
Chris Herbert said that he has been in discussion with Medway Council regarding the Section 106 funds from the Harris House development and it is hoped to put it to use for play areas in both recs. He proposed that the Parish Council accept Medway Council’s offer of a meeting in early April to further this and all agreed. He will try to arrange this for the week commencing 14th April.
The Parish Council has received an email from Trenport confirming that the Peters Pit development will be going ahead.

6. Halling View
Daryl Palmer said that the magazine had now been printed and delivered.

7. Halling Association
Trevor Reynolds said that the next full meeting is on 7th April but a Funday meeting was held on 12th March to discuss plans.
It was agreed to put forward the proposal for the stile as shown in item 5b above, to the meeting on 7th April.

8. Jubilee Hall – no report

9. Community Centre
The Vice-Chairman reported that the new flooring in the main hall had been laid and new lighting has been installed. The AGM has been arranged for 27th April.
Chris Herbert said that users of the Community Centre should respect the double yellow lines outside the centre.

10. Lafarge
The Clerk is to try and arrange a meeting with Daniel Daniels and Stuart McKay.

11. Cemex – no report

12. Youth Club
The Vice-Chairman said that they are still running 2 age groups at full capacity but still need adult help.

13. Policing
Daryl Palmer has asked PCSO Quentin Moss to attend meetings but he has not done so recently. It was decided to invite his senior officer to the Annual parish Meeting.

14. Annual Parish Meeting
This is at the Community Centre on 21st April at 7.30 pm. The Clerk is sending out the usual invitations and will invite the Valley of Vision to give a talk.

15. Highways
Daryl Palmer reported that the resurfacing of the High Street has been approved for 2009/2010 by Medway Council.

17. Receipts
(a) Halling View adverts – various   £685.00
18. Payments
(a) Clive Stanley – webmaster fees for January 2009
(b) Total Property – repairs to N Halling notice board
(c) Total Property – cleaning U Halling play equipment

The Vice-Chairman proposed, seconded by Bob Swain, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed apart from Daryl Palmer who declared an interest and took no part in the discussion.

19. Any Other Business
Chris Herbert said that we should inform the Insurers of the MUGA so that it is covered when finally handed over.
Ray Jackson asked if the new Village maps had yet been delivered. The Clerk said nothing had been received as yet.
He reported the there is a group to be found on the internet called Freecycle which arranges for the barter of various items to keep them out of land fill. It was agreed to investigate and encourage residents to use the scheme by notice board and website.

Parishioners’ Questions
Among the subjects raised by residents were the following:
(a) Halling View
(b) Dog mess
(c) Footpaths on Marsh

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