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[ DRAFT MINUTES - to be confirmed at next meeting ]

Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 9th April 2009 at the Jubilee Hall

Chairman, Vice Chairman, Chris Herbert, Maggie Coleman and Mitzi Richardson.
Bill Swan – Clerk
4 members of the public.

1. Apologies
Bob Swain, Daryl Palmer and Trevor Reynolds.

2. Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by Maggie Coleman, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, that the Minutes were a true record of the last meeting. All agreed and the Chairman signed them accordingly.

3. Matters Arising
5(c) Chris Herbert – the meeting with Section 106 officer at Medway is not necessary in view of recent events reported elsewhere.
5(a) – the Clerk said that a letter of thanks has been received from the Parochial Church Council for the donation of £400 towards the grass cutting in the Cemetery.
The Clerk has been in contact with the Parish Council’s Insurers who confirm that as soon as the MUGA has been handed over by HAGS, they will arrange cover.
5(b) Maggie Coleman – Lafarge has now been in direct contact with the Parish Council’s Solicitors.
15 – Chris Herbert said that the High Street should be resurfaced rather than being patched first.

4. Notification of Other Business
Chairman – 1 item; Vice-Chairman – 1 item; the Clerk – 2 items.

5. Reports by Chairmen of Committees:
a. Estates
In the absence of Daryl Palmer, the Clerk read out his report which was as follows:
He recommended that the Tender by Peter Lingham of £500 for Marsh Grazing in 2009 should be accepted. This was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Maggie Coleman, and was carried unanimously.
In view of the good work done by Jim Sutherland’s family on the Dog Mess posters, he recommended that the Parish Council purchase a £20 voucher for them. This was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Maggie Coleman and all agreed.
The invoice for the MUGA has been received from HAGS Ltd in the sum of £63,577 in accordance with their original estimate but it was agreed to hold payment of this until the snagging issues have been resolved.

b. Footpaths
Maggie Coleman had nothing to report.

c. Planning and Development
In the absence of Norman Mitchell, there was no report.

6. Halling Association - no report.

7. Jubilee Hall – no report

8. Community Centre
The Vice-Chair said that the Annual General meeting is to be held on 27th April. All residents are welcome. New heating, lighting and a recycling bin enclosure have been installed.

9. Lafarge – no report

10. Cemex - no report.

11. Youth Club
The Vice-Chairman said that the Club is closed for the Easter Holidays.

12. Policing
It was reported that PCSO Quentin Moss is being moved on to pastures new. The Vice-Chairman said that the Village owed a great deal to Quentin Moss for all his efforts and it was proposed by Maggie Coleman, seconded by Mitzi Richardson, to move a vote of thanks on behalf of residents. All agreed.

13. Annual Parish Meeting
This is taking place on Tuesday 21st April in the Community Centre at 7.30pm.

14. Highways
The Clerk is to ask Phil Moore for an update following the last meeting with the Parish Council.

15. Receipts
(a) Medway Council re Halling Association grant for MUGA £22,500

16. Payments
(a) Tonbridge & Malling BC – printing HV
(b) P Wilkins-Smith – delivery HV
(c) Craigdene Ltd – report on Recs.

It was proposed by Maggie Coleman, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.

17. Any Other Business
A letter has been received from the Fire Station inviting 2 Members to a presentation on 22nd May to the Charities benefitting as result of the Fire fighters’ fund raising efforts.
It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Maggie Coleman, that the Parish Council renew its membership of KALC fro 2009/2010 at a cost of £711.69. This was agreed unanimously.
The Vice-Chairman asked if the Parish Council would agree to the use of the Lower Recreation Ground for the Fun Weekend in August. It was proposed by Chris Herbert, seconded by Mitzi Richardson, that this be approved. All agreed.

Parishioners’ Questions.
Among the questions raised by residents were the following:
(a) Broken fences
(b) Flooding in Pilgrims Road
(c) Forge Green phone box.
(d) Fencing at Bishops Palace.

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