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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 18 September 2008 at the Community Centre

Present: Vice Chairman, Daryl Palmer, Chris Herbert, Ray Jackson, James Souter and Trevor Reynolds.
Bill Swan – Clerk
3 members of the public.

In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman Les Hitchcock took the meeting.
He asked for a Minute’s silence in memory of Chris Harris, the Watch Manager at the Fire Station who had recently died.

1. Apologies
Maggie Coleman, Norman Mitchell and Frank Howard.

2. Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by Chris Herbert, seconded by Ray Jackson, that the Minutes were a true record of the last meeting. All agreed and the Vice-Chairman signed them accordingly.

3. Matters Arising - none

4. Notification of Other Business
Trevor Reynolds – 1 item; James Souter – 1 item; Daryl Palmer – 1 item

5. Co-option to fill vacancy
Mitzi Richardson was proposed for co-option to the Parish Council by Trevor Reynolds. This was seconded by Daryl Palmer and all Members agreed. Mitzi Richardson then signed the Declaration of Acceptance and took her place on the Council.

6. Reports by Chairmen of Committees:
a. Estates
Daryl Palmer reported that the Mound pitch is now being used. Some of the rubbish bins in the Lower Rec. have been damaged and he will arrange for Total Property to investigate and report. The goal mouths have been done and new goals put in place. An invoice for £1134.25 including VAT had been received from Total Property for this work. The invoice included £582 for the goal mouth work as already agreed and an extra £383.32 for new goal posts as the originals were found to be rotten and needed replacing urgently as a safety issue.
Daryl Palmer then declared an interest and took no further part in the discussion. It was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Chris Herbert, that the invoice be accepted for payment and all agreed. Daryl Palmer then reported that there had been complaints about the language and behaviour of an adult football match arranged by the Police in the Upper Rec. The Clerk was asked to write to Alan Beech saying that the arrangements for one off matches will cease forthwith as permission had not been obtained for this match. The question of the amount of £528.75 owed to Medway Council for work on the Mound was raised as the Parish Council had incurred an outlay of £150 for urgent repairs to the gate to the Upper Rec. the damage to which had been caused by Medway, grass cutting contractor. It was decided to invoice Medway with the £150 and pay them the amount owed.

b. Footpaths – no report

c. Planning and Development
Daryl Palmer said that extension work is being carried out to a property in Turks Hall Place, Upper Halling and there was no report of a planning application in this case. The Clerk is to investigate this with Medway Council.

7. Jubilee Hall - no report

8. Halling Association
Trevor Reynolds said that the next meeting is on 1 October – Daryl Palmer will attend this.

9. Community Centre
The Vice-Chairman said that the Trustees are still looking for a Treasurer. The loft has had more flooring installed recently leading to much more storage space.

10. Lafarge
The Clerk is to arrange a liaison meeting as soon as possible.

11. Cemex - no report

12. Youth Club
The Vice-Chairman said that the Club had received valuable help from Medway Youth Service. Two sessions were still being run on Friday evenings.

13. Funday
The Vice-Chairman said that arrangements were being made with Halling Association for the 2009 event.

14. Highways
Trevor Reynolds reported that the work on the railway bridge had been completed on time and it seemed to be a very good job. The bollards on Ferry Road were put back in place following the consultation with residents.
The Clerk was asked to arrange a meeting with Phil Moore to discus the future of the bridge and other Highway matters.

15. MUGA
Daryl Palmer said that the planning application had gone in to Medway Council who have come back with more requests for information which it was thought had already been given. It was decided to ask Catherine Smith for her advice in this matter.

16. Half Yearly Accounts
The Clerk passed round a spreadsheet showing the state of the Parish Council’s accounts at the half year. Members noted that all expenditure heads were on budget but were concerned at the cost of printing the Halling View. It was agreed to pay the outstanding account for toner at £996.84 and to look at lower cost printing for future issues. It was also agreed that the Advertisers in Halling View should pay in advance for their adverts not in arrears as at the moment. The Clerk is to look into this.

17. Lower Recreation Ground Registration
As Maggie Coleman was not present, it was decided to hold this matter over to the next meeting.

18. Receipts
19. Payments
(a) Total Property – removal of signs on gates
(b) Total Property – new litter bins in recs.
(c) Paula Wilkins-Smith – HV
(d) Paseana Ltd – printer supplies HV
(e) Clive Stanley – webmaster fees June 08
(f) Castle Marquees – toilets for Funday
(g) W R Swan – wages
(h) Total Property – repair to Upper Rec gate

(i) BT – broadband

(j) Clive Stanley – webmaster fees for July 08
(k) J Sutherland – handyman’s wages 6 mths to June08
(l) You First Partnership Ltd – office supplies


It was proposed by Chris Herbert, seconded by Trevor Reynolds, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed with Daryl Palmer declaring an interest and abstaining.

20. Any Other Business
James Souter raised the question of who owns the service road at the rear of High Street as this is in need of urgent repairs. The Clerk said that this is the responsibility of Medway Council and that Councillor Ray Maisey was aware of the situation.

Chris Herbert asked if we could obtain the records of Councillor Maisey’s ward budget as he is concerned that Halling is being left behind Cuxton. The Clerk is to investigate.

The Clerk will read the lesson at the Remembrance Sunday Service and will purchase wreaths from the British Legion for Members to lay at the Church and Forge Green along with other Village organisations.

Trevor Reynolds asked that Daryl Palmer leave the meeting which he did. He said that Daryl Palmer is incurring a lot of personal expenses in printing Halling View which he never claims. He proposed, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, that Daryl Palmer be paid expenses of £20 for each issue to help with his costs. This was agreed unanimously.
Daryl Palmer then rejoined the meeting.

Parishioners’ Questions
Among the subjects raised by residents were the following:

(a) Dog mess
(b) Bus shelter at Forge Green.
(c) Pavement parking.
(d) Footpaths on Marsh
(e) Village map
(f) MUGA

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