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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 9 October 2008 at the Community Centre

Present: Vice Chairman, Daryl Palmer, Chris Herbert, Ray Jackson, Maggie Coleman and Norman Mitchell.

Bill Swan – Clerk

2 members of the public and Ray Maisey, Medway Council.

1. Apologies Frank Howard, Trevor Reynolds, Mitzi Richardson, Bob Swain and James Souter.

2. Minutes of last meeting   It was proposed by Chris Herbert, seconded by Ray Jackson, that the Minutes were a true record of the last meeting.  All agreed and the Vice-Chairman signed them accordingly.

3. Matters Arising Daryl Palmer – will the Clerk find out the planning position on Turks Hall Place, High Street and Marsham Way.  Chris Herbert – could the Clerk prepare a list of those advertisers in Halling View who have not paid. 

4.  Notification of Other Business Chris Herbert – 1 item; Daryl Palmer – 3 items; Vice-Chairman – 2 items; Norman Mitchell – 3 items and the Clerk – 2 items. 

6.  Reports by Chairmen of Committees:

a.       Estates

Daryl Palmer reported that an Open Day for the Valley of Vision project on the Bishops Palace is being held on 2 November to which all residents are invited.  The Parish Council is responsible for the upkeep of Forge Green and he contacted a contractor, Spade Work, to quote for the work.  Nothing has been heard from them so he will be contacting other firms.  Ray Maisey said that he has details of another company who does this kind of work and he will send details to the Clerk.There is a need to talk to Lafarge about the football pitches and this will be included for discussion at the next Liaison meeting.  It was agreed not to let the PCSO football use the Upper Rec.The fence on the south side of the Lower Rec. has been damaged which could lead to the escape of horses.  It was proposed by Ray Jackson, seconded by Maggie Coleman, that emergency repairs costing £115 should be carried out by Total Property.  Members agreed with Daryl Palmer declaring an interest.The Clerk is to send for £150 a bill to Medway Council for the cost of repairs to the gate at the Upper Rec. damaged by their grass cutting contractor.   

b.     Footpaths

Maggie Coleman reported that the stile on the Marsh is badly damaged and as this is the responsibility of the landowner Lafarge cement, she will contact them about a replacement.As regards the RS320, Medway Council are due to meet the other landowners on 14 October 2008. 

c.   Planning and Development

Norman Mitchell reported that the Vice-Chairman, Ray Jackson and he attended the official opening of Harris Court on 6 October.  This was attended by many relatives of Sergeant Harris VC and MHS Homes presented two plaques showing historical photographs and letters about Sergeant Harris VC along with newspaper cuttings of the original Harris House.  There has been a rumour that the Paddock might be redeveloped as an Old Persons’ Home which the Parish Council could support in principle. 

7.  Jubilee Hall  Daryl Palmer said that a map similar to the one at the Community Centre, is planned for the Jubilee Hall.                                                      

8.  Halling Association Daryl Palmer reported on the latest meeting the Minutes of which had been received from Catherine Smith. 

9.  Community Centre  The Vice-Chairman said that the usual Xmas party for Pensioners will be held as will a New Years Eve party. 

10. Lafarge  The Clerk is to arrange a liaison meeting as soon as possible. 

11. Cemex  Chris Herbert said that the original idea of a Community Centre in the new development to be run by the Parish Council needs a lot more information in order to respond. This could create another village centre which would be detrimental to Halling as a whole.                                     

12. Youth Club   The Vice-Chairman said that the Club is still looking for more adult volunteers. 

13.  MUGA   The Clerk reported that the planning application had gone in and had been allocated the reference MC2008/1609 by Medway Council.  Daryl Palmer said that he is willing to talk to any residents that might possibly be objecting. 

14. HighwaysPhil Moore was unable to meet with the Parish Council as he was unwell so the Clerk is to arrange a meeting on his return. 

15.  MUGA  Daryl Palmer said that the planning application had gone in to Medway Council who have come back with more requests for information which it was thought had already been given.  It was decided to ask Catherine Smith for her advice in this matter.  

16.  Lower Recreation Ground Registration   Maggie Coleman said that on investigating this possibility which should protect the Recs. against any future pressure for development, she found that not all of the Lower Rec. had been registered with the Land Registry following the transfer of land when the by pass was built.  She and the Clerk will investigate this and report back.  There is no question of the land not being owned by the Parish Council 

17. Receipts
18. Payments
(a) Paseana Ltd – Halling View
(b) Home & Hobby – handyman’s purchases
(c) BT – broadband  & phone
(d) P Wilkins-Smith – Halling View
(e) You First Partnership – contract for photocopier 
(f) Jubilee Hall – rent for meetings 
(g) Open Spaces Society – subs
(h) Total Property – goal mouths and posts
(i) Clive Stanley – webmaster fees for August 2008 
(j)  D Palmer – expenses for Halling View


Daryl Palmer declared an interest and abstained from the vote.                     

It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Chris Herbert, that the above payments be ratified.  All agreed.

19. Any Other Business

Maggie Coleman raised the question of the land on the Marsh being transferred to the Parish Council.  This is to be raised with Lafarge at the next Liaison meeting.  In the meantime, the Clerk will bring this to Lafarge’s attention.

Chris Herbert reported on his complaint to Medway Ports Authority about the speed and behaviour of boat owners.  He was informed that the Kent Power and Ski Club have dispensation to exceed the speed limit in certain stretches of the river.  He will keep on top of this and report back.

Daryl Palmer said that the  Fire Fighters’ pantomime is going ahead between 10 and 13 December and Pensioners will be invited along to the 1st performance on the 10th.

It was agreed that the Parish Council  should arrange the usual transport and refreshments.  As regards footpath parking he will take photos and send them on to the PCSO.

It was also agreed that the Rainbows and Brownies could use the Jubilee Hall car park for  fireworks on 6 November.

Norman Mitchell asked about the proposed roundabout for the Upper Rec.  Quotes are being obtained and will be forwarded to Ray Maisey who said that he has money in his ward fund to help out with this along with new goal posts. 

Ask for more info on Sgt Harris VC in Halling View and the former Black Boy PH.

The Vice Chairman was not able to obtain a quote from Colin Morris for grass cutting at the Community Centre and Jubilee Hall.  We will have to contact another contractor on this.

The Parish Council will be asking Medway Council to put more bins on the river walkway following complaints from residents.

The Clerk mentioned the new bye law consultation and Norman Mitchell volunteered to read through this and report back.

Parishioners’ Questions.


Among the items discussed were the following:

1. Village warden

2. Circle in Vicarage Close.

3. Dog bins.

4. Signs on rec. gates.

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