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[Draft Minutes - to be confirmed at next meeting]

Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 8 May 2008 at the Community Centre

Present: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Daryl Palmer, Maggie Coleman, Chris Herbert, Ray Jackson and Trevor Reynolds
Bill Swan – Clerk
1 member of the public.
The Chairman and Vice-Chairman stood down in accordance with the rules.

1. Election of Chairman for the ensuing year
Daryl Palmer nominated Frank Howard and this was seconded by Maggie Coleman. There being no other nominations, Frank Howard was elected as Chairman for 2008/9 and signed the Declaration Book.

2. Apologies
Bob Swain and Peter Wyatt

3. Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by Daryl Palmer and seconded by Les Hitchcock that the Minutes were a true record of the last meeting. All agreed and the Chairman signed them accordingly.

4. Matters Arising - none

5 Notification of Other Business
Chris Herbert – 1 item; Daryl Palmer – 1 item and the Clerk – 1 item.

6. Election of Vice- Chairman and Chairman of Committees.
Les Hitchcock was proposed as Vice-Chairman by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Daryl Palmer, and there being no other nominations, Les Hitchcock was elected to serve as Vice-Chairman for 2008/9.

Estates Committee It was proposed by Chris Herbert, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, that Daryl Palmer be asked to continue as Chairman of Estates Committee and as there were no other nominations, Daryl Palmer was elected.

Footpaths Committee It was proposed by Maggie Coleman, seconded by Daryl Palmer, that Peter Wyatt be asked to continue as Chairman of Footpaths Committee. A decision was held over until next month in view of Peter Wyatt’s absence.

Planning Committee – It was proposed by Daryl Palmer, seconded by Trevor Reynolds, that Norman Mitchell be asked to continue as Chairman of Planning & Development Committee. A decision was held over until next month in view of Norman Mitchell’s absence.

7. Appointment to Committees and outside bodies
The list was passed round and it was agreed that Estates Committee members should stay the same; Footpaths Committee should include Ray Jackson and Daryl Palmer should go on to the Planning Committee.
Maggie Coleman said that she is prepared to stay on the KALC local committee but wished to stand down from the Rural Liaison Committee.
Ray Jackson was nominated by Maggie Coleman, seconded by Daryl Palmer, to go on to Halling Association. This was agreed.

8. Date and venues of meetings
The list prepared by the Clerk was agreed.

9. Reports by Chairmen of Committees:
a. Estates
Daryl Palmer reported that the football pitch has been marked up but the season has now ended, Medway Council will put everything back in time for the new season. Work is continuing on the recs. and the waste bins are being put in.

The Clerk is to contact Medway Council re the MUGA planning application. The time limit for the funding has elapsed but we are continuing to liaise with Medway about this.

b. Footpaths
Maggie Coleman said that the interviews of the residents who have come forward re the RS 320 have been carried out.

c. Planning and Development
The Clerk reported that the appeal on the trees at Trechmanns Wharf has been rejected.
The Clerk is to find out from Medway Council why the Parish Council was not informed of the extension at 48 High Street.

10. Jubilee Hall
Daryl Palmer said that it has been agreed to replace the boundary fence. The notice board is to be delivered to Roy Willoughby for the use of Jubilee Hall.

11. Halling View
Trevor Reynolds reported that the June edition is being put together and should be out by the second week in June.

12. Halling Association
Trevor Reynolds reported the recent meeting was largely taken up by discussion on the MUGA. The Parish map is still proceeding.

13. Community Centre
The Vice-Chairman reported on the recent AGM – they are still looking for a Treasurer.

14. Lafarge
The Parish Council is to meet with the Section 106 officer from Medway on 16 June before committing to a liaison committee meeting.

15. CEMEX – general - no report

16. CEMEX- site development - no report.

17. Youth Club
The Vice-Chairman said that they are still running 2 groups and things were going well.

18. Policing
The PCSO did not turn up for the 6.30 pm surgery before the Parish Council meeting.

19. Annual Parish Meeting.
The Chairman said that it had been a very good meeting and thanked the WI for the refreshments. A donation of £50 as agreed, has been sent to them.

20. Funday
The Vice-Chairman said that arrangements were going well and that lots of prizes were being donated.

21. Receipts
(a) D Taylor - Halling View advert
(b) Medway Council - precept
22. Payments
(a) Total Property – play equipment
(b) P Wilkins-Smith – Halling View
(c) Paseana Ltd – toner for Halling View
(d) Clive Stanley - webmaster fees for February
(e) Cuxton & Halling PCC – donation Section 137
(f) Medway Council – MUGA plg appln
(g) Craigdene Ltd – inspection of play areas
(h) Clive Stanley- webmaster fees for March
(i) W R Swan – salary & expenses
(j) BT – phone bill
(k) Home & Hobby – handyman’s purchases
(l) Total Property – new bench lower rec.
(m) KALC – subs for 2008/9

It was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Maggie Coleman, that the above payments should be ratified. All agreed.

23. Any Other Business

The Clerk said that the Zurich Municipal' renewal terms for 2008/9 had been received. The increase is 32 which includes Forge Green. It was proposed by Daryl Palmer, seconded by the Vice-Chair, that these terms be agreed. All agreed.

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