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[Draft Minutes - to be confirmed at next meeting]

Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 13 March 2008 at the Community Centre


Chairman, Vice Chairman, Chris Herbert, Trevor Reynolds, Daryl Palmer, Peter Wyatt,

Ray Jackson, Norman Mitchell and James Souter

Bill Swan – Clerk

2 members of the public.


1. Apologies

Bob Swain, Maggie Coleman.


2. Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by the Vice-Chair and seconded by James Souter that the Minutes were a true record of the last meeting.  All agreed and the  Chairman signed them accordingly. 


3. Matters Arising

Daryl Palmer said that the comment on speeding cars through the Village was an observation not a matter of fact.

4.  Notification of Other Business

Vice-Chairman – 1 item; Norman Mitchell – 3 items; Daryl Palmer – 1 item  

5.  Reports by Chairmen of Committees:

a.  Estates

Daryl Palmer reported that the painting in both recs. has been completed and the new seesaws installed. It was proposed by Peter Wyatt, seconded by Norman Mitchell, that the account for 3,617.14 submitted by Total Property for the new equipment should be met from the Capital Fund. This was agreed unanimously.

The Planning Application for the MUGA is to be completed shortly and sent off to Medway Council.

Medway Council has asked for £450 annually for the upkeep of the Mound as a football pitch and it was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Ray Jackson, that this be accepted subject to charges on teams for the use of the pitch being used to offset this.  It was agreed unanimously.  Daryl Palmer is to inform all local residents of the situation as regards the mound.  It is thought that Planning Permission will be necessary for the temporary changing rooms donated by R Swain & Son.  Chris Herbert asked if Lafarge will be approached for funding.  Daryl Palmer said that he had been in touch with them.  The Parish Council has received a request from the Parochial Church Council for help towards the cost of grass cutting in the Cemetery.  After some discussion it was proposed by Chris Herbert, seconded by Trevor Reynolds, that a donation of £400 be made.  All agreed.


b.  Footpaths

Peter Wyatt said that there would be no report in the absence of Maggie Coleman.  Norman Mitchell suggested that a walk of the footpaths might be appropriate in the near future and it was agreed to arrange a Committee meeting to discuss this.

c.   Planning and Development

Norman Mitchell reported that the plans for the Service Station are not yet available and the Clerk is to chase these up.  Chris Herbert said that if the plan was still for 14 houses, this would be overdevelopment.

It was agreed not to object to the application for 5 houses on the Pumping Station site in Vicarage Road.


6.  Halling View

Trevor Reynolds said that the March edition had been produced on time and that advertising revenue is coming in well.  There have been issues with distribution and Trevor Reynolds said he would come back with proposals before the next issue.  The Chairman thanked Daryl Palmer and Trevor Reynolds for all their efforts.

7.  Halling Association   - no report.                                                          

8.  Jubilee Hall – no report

9.  Community Centre

The Vice-Chair said that there is to be a Fire Brigade pantomime again this year.

There will be a Disco on the evening of the Funday 21 June to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Centre.

10. Lafarge

The Chairman asked if there was a need for a formal liaison meeting.  Daryl Palmer thought that this might be necessary if there was no response from Dawn Moore.

11. Cemex – general  - no report.

12. Cemex – Site Development

It was reported that EDF were refusing to move the power pylons and this could delay the planning process.

13. Youth Club

The Vice-Chairman said that 5 new adult helpers has come forward which was very encouraging.

14. Policing

A surgery was held before this meeting only 3 persons turned up.

15. Annual Parish Meeting

The standard for the meeting with the usual guests was agreed.

16.  Highways

Chris Herbert asked for speed cameras to be put up on the by pass in view of the recent accidents.  It was agreed that we must continue to lobby Medway Council on this and the

Railway bridge.

17. Receipts

(a) Halling View Adverts – various    £1,070.00  
(b) EDF Energy – wayleave for marsh   £ 30.61  
18. Payments
(a) Clive Stanley – webmaster for January 2008
(b) BT – Internet connection
(c) Paseana Ltd – Halling View
(d) Home & Hobby – handyman’s purchases
(e) Total Property – work on play areas
(f) You First Partnership – paper office & HV
(g) Maggie Coleman – buffet for meeting

It was proposed by Norman Mitchell, seconded that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.

19. Any Other Business

The Vice-Chairman said that preparations for the Funday are going well. Norman Mitchell said that the recent work on the Recreation grounds looks well. He said that in view of the fact that overweight vehicles had used the railway bridge when the by pass was closed, Medway Council should be asked to consider if the restriction on the bridge had been compromised and that the police should be informed. It was agreed that the Clerk should email them accordingly.

Parishioners' Questions.

Among the subjects raised were the following:

(a) Dogs and golf balls in recreation grounds.

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