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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 10 January 2008 at the Community Centre

Present: :Chairman, Vice Chairman, Cllrs M Coleman, C Herbert, N Mitchell, D Palmer and T Reynolds

1. Apologies
W Swan (Clerk), Cllr R Swain

2. Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by Cllr Hitchcock and seconded by Cllr Reynolds that the Minutes were a true record of the last meeting. All agreed and the Chairman signed them accordingly.

3. Matters Arising
Pontoon – still not back in place; Cllr Wyatt had been investigating this issue and Cllr Palmer agreed to research recent correspondence to identify any progress.

4. Notification of Other Business
Vice Chairman – 2 items; Cllr Reynolds – 1 item; Cllr Mitchell – 2 items.

5. Co-option of New Member(s)
Cllr Roy Underdown had recently advised the Chairman in writing of his resignation from the Parish Council. A vote of thanks to Roy Underdown was proposed by Cllr Reynolds and seconded by Cllr Mitchell for his sterling work on behalf of Halling Parish over many years on the Parish Council. His commitment and enthusiasm for the work of the Parish Council would be much missed.

This councillor resignation had resulted in a councillor vacancy in the Parish Council Lower Ward; there were now two vacancies in the Lower Ward.

It was proposed by the Vice Chairman and seconded by Cllr Palmer to co-opt Ray Jackson to the Parish Council representing the Lower Ward. All agreed and Mr Jackson signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

It was proposed by Cllr Mitchell and seconded by the Vice Chairman to co-opt Mr James Souter to the Parish Council representing the Lower Ward. All agreed and Mr Souter signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

Cllr Herbert proposed and Cllr Palmer seconded that Cllr Mitchell would take the role of Chairman of Planning & Development Committee. All agreed.

6. Reports by Chairmen of Committees:

a. Estates
Councillor Palmer reported:
- Basketball hoop funded by the Halling Association had now been installed in the Upper Halling Recreation Field. Cllr Palmer proposed that a vote of thanks be sent to Maurice Claydon of Cemex; all agreed.
- Play equipment for both recreation fields on order and planned for installation before summer by Total Property. Overall cost for supply and fitting would be c. £5k; this would also include supply and fitting of a new bench at Bore’s Hole.
- Village Handyman Jim Sutherland was hoping to be back in circulation soon following illness. Once he had returned, the Parish Council planned to grant him authorization to refer urgent work to Total Property direct.
- MUGA (Multi-Use Games Arena) funding – budget timescales from related agencies were being considered. The Chairman suggested an approach be made to Rugby Benevolent Fund. A meeting would be set up between Halling Parish Council, Richard Cottee, Michael Hellygar to further progress this initiative.
- Football Club and pitch – Cemex had proposed that the field adjacent to the allotments close to Formby Terrace could be used to create a football pitch for use by Halling Football Club. A full sized pitch could be created by utilising some of the land currently used by Cemex as a car park. Cllr Swain had offered to supply portakabins for use as changing rooms, as had Maurice Claydon. The plateau on top of the ‘mound’ behind Halling School had originally been offered as land that could be used as a football pitch but was deemed unsuitable. The question regarding the S106 commitment of LaFarge to provide a football pitch to replace those taken for development land still remained. Brian McCutcheon from Medway Council had agreed to research this issue; the Chairman would liaise with the Clerk to follow this up.

b. Footpaths
Councillor Mrs Coleman reported:
- Footpath RS320 Marsh Road – an official claim for the footpath to be included on the Definitive Map had been submitted to Medway Council in May 2007; to date Medway Council had not been able to progress this claim. HPC Footpaths Committee had been approached by the Valley of Vision team to suggest that this claim be deferred, to enable the VoV initiative to have a ‘cleaner slate’ to undertake a feasibility study on the area. A vote was put to the Parish Council on whether or not to delay the claim; it was agreed unanimously that the claim should progress. It was proposed by Cllr Herbert that a letter be written to Medway Council CEO and the Chairman of the relevant committee to complain about the unacceptable delay in progressing the claim; all agreed.

c. Planning and Development
Councillor Mitchell reported:
37 The Street - application approved by Medway Council.
- Cemex Development – Halling Parish Council’s response had been received by Medway Council and would be included in the planning application. The Chairman relayed the Parish’s response to those present. Also see Item 11.
- Primrose Cottages – 2 applications were in place. The Clerk would liaise with Medway Council to confirm decision on the first application and be advised of the decision appeal date, if not already provided.
- 41 Scholey Close – would be considered at an HPC planning meeting.
- Rugby - use of clinker shed - the Parish Council had asked that, if planning was granted, that it be only for a temporary transfer station and not involve any environmental disturbance. No response had been received, and work had already commenced. Cllr Mitchell agreed to liaise with Medway Council.

7. Jubilee Hall
Cllr Palmer reported the Christmas event had been successful and well attended. No recent meeting had taken place.

7. Community Centre
The Vice-Chairman said that the event for Halling pensioners was very well attended by 44 people. The New Year’s Eve event had once again been very successful.

8. Halling Association
No recent meeting had taken place.

9. Lafarge
Cllr Palmer would meet with Dawn Moore to discuss the issue of the Halling football pitch.

10. Cemex – general
No general meeting had taken place.

11. Cemex – Site Development (see item 6c)
Cllr Mitchell offered to consult with the S106 officer at Medway Council on the agreement in the outline plan, and specifically S106 allocation to Halling. Cllr Herbert asked that the Parish Council’s response to the planning application should reiterate the comment about the development being in keeping with an urban development in a rural area, and specifically buildings not exceeding 3 storeys. Cllr Herbert asked that this response be despatched to Medway Council by recorded delivery, or to be hand-delivered, to ensure receipt. All agreed.

12. Youth Club
The Vice-Chairman said that bowling and ice skating activities were planned for youth club members; coach trips were also planned.

13. Policing
Inspector Robin Wolfe would attend a future meeting with the Parish Council to discuss local policing. Date and agenda to be discussed at Strategy meeting

14. Receipts
15. Payments

To be advised by Parish Clerk.

16. Any Other Business
- Christmas lights in Halling was a subject relayed to a councillor for consideration; this would be discussed at the next strategy meeting.
- 2007 Fun day – final accounts show a profit of £505.43. Date of 2008 Fun Day 21 June.
- Community Care Award – HPC would discuss at a strategy meeting.
- Behaviour during football matches – Cllr Palmer would liaise with the team manager
- Trechmann’s Wharf – appeal against Medway’s imposition of a tree preservation order would be heard by the Planning Inspectorate on Tuesday 15 January; the prospect of this area being developed was still very real. The Chairman would attend the appeal hearing.

Parishioners’ Questions
• Request for progress on RS320 footpath claim
• Notification of broken stile on Halling Marsh
• Request for update on issue regarding Andy Ballantyne’s land
• Request for information regarding ownership of RS219 Marsh Road
• Notification of conditions on Halling Station and vandalism
• Dog fouling in the lower recreation ground
• Speeding through the village
• Fence opposite Jade Hill
• Cut-up car dumped in cemetery

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