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[Draft Minutes - to be confirmed at next meeting]

Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 13 February 2008 at the Jubilee Hall

Present:  Chairman, Vice Chairman, Maggie Coleman, Chris Herbert, Trevor Reynolds, Bob Swain and James Souter
Bill Swan – Clerk

1. Apologies
Peter Wyatt, Daryl Palmer and Ray Jackson.

2. Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by the Vice-Chair and seconded by James Souter that the Minutes were a true record of the last meeting. All agreed and the Chairman signed them accordingly.

3. Matters Arising
Chris Herbert reported that the Pontoon is now back in place and seems to be fixed.

4. Notification of Other Business
Bob Swain – 2 items; Vice-Chairman – 1 item; Chris Herbert – 2 items; James Souter – 1 item; and Bill Swan – 1 item.

5. Reports by Chairmen of Committees:
a. Estates
In the absence of Daryl Palmer, the Chairman reported that the football pitch on the Mound is going ahead. Chris Herbert said that Lafarge should be asked to contribute to the facilities required.
It was proposed by The Vice-Chair, seconded by Chris Herbert, that the quote of £110 by Craigdene Ltd to carry out an independent inspection of the recreation grounds, should be accepted. All agreed.

b. Footpaths
Maggie Coleman reported that the Chairman, James Souter and she met with Medway Council in January and that progress is being made on the reinstatement of the RS320.

c. Planning and Development
In the absence of Norman Mitchell, there was no report.

6. Halling View
Trevor Reynolds said that the March edition is on time and would be sent out in early March. The Clerk had been sending out invoices to advertisers and some money had already been received.

7. Jubilee Hall – no report

8. Community Centre
The Vice-Chair said that the Christmas and New Year’s parties had been very successful. They were hoping to run a joint evening function with the Funday.

9. Halling Association
Trevor Reynolds reported that there is a need to appoint another Parish Council representative to the Association and he proposed that Daryl Palmer be put forward. This was seconded by Bob Swain and all agreed. The MUGA is moving ahead.

10. Lafarge
There is a need to liaise with them about the football pitch.

11. Cemex – general
The clinker process is still running.

12. Cemex – Site Development
The Chairman reported on the Section 106 proposals. Chris Herbert said that based on Medway Council’s criteria for Section 106 payments, the levy on the developers could be £1.4m. Bob Swain asked what the Parish Council could hope to gain from Section 106. An update meeting with Brian McCutcheon is to be arranged.

13. Youth Club
The Vice-Chairman said that because of a shortage of helpers they might have to restrict the numbers attending.

14. Policing
The Chairman said that PCSO Quentin Moss wishes to change the surgery from Saturday to 1 hour before Parish Council meetings because very few people attend on Saturdays.

15. Members’ Interests
The Clerk passed round the register of Interest forms for Members to complete and return to him.

16. Receipts

(a) Funday                      £25.00

17. Payments

  Net £ Vat £ Gross £
(a) Staples – office supplies
34.62 6.06 40.68
(b) Clive Stanley – webmaster 66.00   66.00
(c) Medway Council – lottery regn. 20.00   20.00
(d) You First Ltd - Halling View 73.75 12.91 86.66
(e) Paseana Ltd - Halling View 458.26 80.20 538.46
(f) Staples - office supplies 26.61 4.66 31.27
(g) J Sutherland – wages 173.25   173.25
(h) Paseana Ltd – Halling View 162.50 28.44 190.94
(i) Paseana Ltd – Halling View 311.43 54.51 365.94
(j) Clive Stanley – webmaster 55.00   55.00
(k) Malling Glass – C/C 304.68 53.32 358.00
(l) Audit Commission – annual fees 135.00 23.63 158.63
(m) P Wilkins-Smith – Halling View 40.00   40.00
(n) You First Ltd – Photocopier annual servicing 132.00 23.10 155.10
(o) BT – phone bill 67.80 11.07 78.87
(p) W R Swan – salary and expenses 1216.49   1216.49
(q) The Poppy Appeal – Section 137 don. 75.00   75.00

It was proposed by Bob Swain, seconded by Maggie Coleman, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.

17. Any Other Business
Bob Swain asked what is happening to Trechmann’s Wharf and the sale of Andy Ballantyne’s land on the marsh. The Chairman said that the Inspector’s decision on the appeal on Trechmann’s Wharf is awaited. Nothing had been heard about the sale of the land on the marsh.

The Clerk raised the question of the ratification of the Finance Committee’s proposal to increase the Precept for 2007/8 by £10,000 as a one off to meet the shortfall in the MUGA project. It was proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by James Souter, that this proposal be ratified. This was agreed unanimously.

The Vice-Chairman said that this year’s Funday would be on 21 June and would open at 12 noon and finish at 5.30.

Chris Herbert said that the assessment on the railway bridge had been made by an independent engineer. The school bus journey time has been increased by 20 mins. Because double deckers cannot cross the bridge. Will Medway Council make a decision in 3 months or will the traffic lights become a permanent fixture? It was agreed to get Phil Moore the head of Highways at Medway to come and update the Parish Council. The speed of traffic has increased since the lights were put in.

There has been vandalism on the fence at Bishops Palace. Could the fence be removed and the area be opened up to the public. The Chairman said that the Valley of Vision is to spend money on the Bishops Palace.

James Souter echoed Chris Herbert’s points on the lights and traffic management at the bridge.

18. Questions from the public
Among the points raised were:

“Mosquito” equipment at the rail station.
Bus service in Upper Halling
Cemex development
Speed of traffic on the Street, Upper Halling
Impact of Lafarge works on village.

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