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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 13 September 2007 at the Jubilee Hall

Present: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Councillors N Mitchell, D Palmer, P Wyatt, R Underdown, Mrs M Coleman and C Herbert.

W R Swan – Clerk
4 members of public and PCSO Quentin Moss.

1. Apologies for absence
Councillor Reynolds – meeting.

2. Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by Councillor Palmer, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, that the Minutes were a true record of the last meeting. All agreed and the Chairman signed them accordingly.

3. Matters arising
Item 3 - Councillor Underdown said that the pontoon had been taken away to be fixed.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Councillor Palmer – 1 item; Councillor Mitchell – 2 items; Vice-Chairman – 2 items; Councillor Underdown – 1 item; Councillor Herbert – 1 item and Councillor Coleman – 1 item.

5. Reports by Chairman of Committees
(a) Estates
Councillor Palmer reported that the rats in the area of the Church had now been dealt with.
Preparations for the MUGA are going well but confirmation of the various grants is awaited. Councillor Wyatt delivered the COMMA to Cirencester personally to ensure it arrived on time.
The slide in the Upper Rec. has been completely vandalised and has been left in a dangerous condition. In view of this he arranged for Total Property to remove it and tidy up the site as a matter of urgency.
It was agreed that a sub committee be formed to look at the areas in which CCTV should be placed. The Clerk is to chase up Medway Council about this.
Halling FC is up and running and a request is in to the Halling Association for some funding.
The Village Handyman is to go into hospital for a hip operation in October so will be unable to continue for some time. The Committee Chairman is to see him and arrange for cover as necessary.

(b) Footpaths
Councillor Wyatt reported that there has been no update from Medway Council and he will chase them up. The question has been raised of the RS320 being flooded should the Shoreline Management Plan be adopted. The Parish Council should ensure that it is on the definitive plan before this.

(c) Planning & Development
Councillor Underdown reported that there were 4 applications under review as follows:
21 Rochester Rd., North Halling. – hard standing – no objection.
4 Reservoir Cotts., Upper Halling – change of use to double garage – no objection.
Water works, Vicarage Rd., - 5 terraced houses in place of previous application for 6 houses. – no objection.
3,5 & 7 Essex Rd., - 3 terraced houses on land at rear. The Parish Council objects on the grounds that there is no provision for parking in an area which already has problems.
Although Medway Council’s LDF was thrown out by the Planning Inspector it is thought that Cemex will still move forward with their application. The Parish Council will have to keep an eye on the situation.

6. Jubilee Hall – no report
7. Halling Association
Councillor Wyatt reported that the next meeting is on 8 October. Recent applications include help for Halling FC and £250 has been awarded to Halling Rainbows for them to set up a new pack at the Jubilee Hall. It was proposed by Councillor Mitchell, seconded Councillor Mrs Coleman, that the Parish Council should match this with a grant of £250. This was agreed unanimously.

8. Community Centre
The Vice-Chairman reported that the Community Centre is hoping to arrange a Senior Citizens’ Christmas party. The fence between the Centre, the PO and the Surgery has been replaced. Consideration is being given to closing the car park off at night to stop unwelcome behaviour.

9. Youth Club
The Vice-Chairman reported that they were back in the Community Centre after the summer break in the Lower Rec. More adult help is needed and it was agreed that a plea for help should be put on the Parish Council’s website.

10. Lafarge
The Chairman reported on the Liaison meeting held on 23 September. Little help was forthcoming on football pitches as the earliest Lafarge can offer them is in 2010 or 2011 because of the bridge works. It was agreed that the Clerk should contact Medway Planners about the length of time a Section 106 agreement remains in force. Councillor Underdown mentioned the scruffiness of the A228 roundabout – Lafarge said that we should contact Halling Association and Snodland Town Council about this. Halling Marsh is to be handed over to the Parish Council shortly.
Work is being done on the rail link into the new works so that the planning permission is kept alive.

11. Cemex - there has been no meeting as we are awaiting a date from Maurice Claydon.
This is to be chased up.

12. Policing
The new PCSO Quentin Moss introduced himself to the meeting and said that another PCSO is starting soon so that more time will be spent in Cuxton and Halling. The Vice Chairman said that no residents had turned up for the recent surgery.

14. Accounts 2006/7
The Clerk reported that the Audit Commission required the Chairman and Clerk’s signatures on a section of the Audit return which was agreed and completed at the meeting.

15. Correspondence
(a) KAPC newsletter
(b) Zurich Municipal – addition of War Memorial £130.32
(c) KAPC – Medway Area meeting – 19 September at Wainscott at 7.30pm
(d) LCR magazine
(e) Royal British Legion – November 2007 Appeal reminder
(f) email fro Cuxton PC re liaison meetings.
(g) Government Office fro SE – report of the Panel on spatial strategy CD rom
(h) Medway LDF – Inspector’s findings

16. Payments

£ Net
 £ Vat
£ Gross
(a) Home & Hobby - VH purchases 47.94 8.49 56.34
(b) BT phone bill 71.02 11.64 82.66
(c) Total Property – play equip 125.00   125.00
(d) W R Swan wages(£1020) HV (426.22) 1446.22   1446.22
(e) Total Property – rat clearance 150.00   150.00
(f) Cuxton 91 FC – repairs to goal mouths
(g) J Sutherland – VH wages 251.39
(i) Clive Stanley – webmaster fees for July 07 44.00   44.00
(h) P Wyatt - footpath expenses 30.29   30.29
(j) BT – internet charges 65.97 11.54 77.51
(k) Home & Hobby – VH purchases 16.25 2.84 19.10

It was proposed by Councillor Mitchell, seconded by Councillor Palmer, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.

17. Any Other Business
Councillor Mrs Coleman said that she had been contacted by a resident about the allocation to local people of the houses at Harris Court and those in The Street. The Clerk is to contact MHS.
Councillor Herbert raised the situation of commercial vehicles being parked overnight on the A228 at Formby Terrace. The Clerk is to alert the necessary authorities. Also some of the Double Yellow Lines in the village are being ignored. The Clerk is to contact Keith Hanshaw of Medway Council and the PCSOs.
Councillor Underdown mentioned that an email had been received from a lady who wished to follow the Pilgrims Way all the way to Canterbury and wished to be rowed across the river as in days of yore. He will investigate the possibility.
The Vice-Chairman said that the Funday was a great success but lessons were being learnt for the evening activities. He thanked Councillor Palmer for acting as DJ. The money made will be spent on seating in the village.
The Chairman thanked Les Hitchcock and his team for all their hard work.
Councillor Mitchell said that there is a pothole in front of the new houses at Palmers corner, Upper Halling. Also a goal post has been damaged in the Upper Rec. Councillor Palmer said that he will be looking at getting quotes for replacing all goal posts.
Councillor Palmer raised the question of new byelaws for the recs. The Clerk is to look into this.

18. Parishioners’ Questions

Among the subjects raised by residents were the following:
1. The danger of the A228
2. Recreation ground rules
3. Vicarage Close circle
3. Medway Council’s LDF

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