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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 10 May 2007 at the Community Centre

Present: Vice-Chairman, Councillors C Herbert, D Palmer, F Howard, P Wyatt, R Underdown and T Reynolds,
W R Swan – Clerk and 6 members of the public.

The Vice-Chairman welcomed the new Council and then stood down in accordance with the rules.

1. Election of Chairman for the ensuing year.
Councillor Wyatt nominated Councillor Howard as Chairman and this was seconded by Councillor Reynolds. There being no other nominations, Councillor Howard was elected as Chairman for the ensuing year and signed the Declaration Book. He thanked the previous Chairman, Andy Ballantyne, who had not stood for election this time, for all his work on behalf of the residents of Halling over the last 10 years and said he will be sorely missed.

6. Co-option of Members (item brought forward)
Norman Mitchell of the Street, Upper Halling was proposed by Councillor Hitchcock and seconded by Councillor Palmer to fill the vacancy in Upper Ward.
Roy Underdown of Scholey Close, Lower Halling was proposed by Councillor Wyatt and seconded by Councillor Herbert to fill the vacancy in Lower Ward.
Maggie Coleman of Essex Road, Lower Halling was proposed by Councillor Reynolds and seconded by Councillor Hitchcock to fill the vacancy in Lower Ward.
Bob Swain of Rochester Road, North Halling was proposed by Councillor Palmer and seconded by Councillor Wyatt to fill the vacancy in North Ward.
The above co-options were all approved unanimously.

2. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Councillor Swain who was on holiday and Councillor Mrs Coleman who was working.

3. Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Councillor Palmer, that the Minutes were a true record. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

4. Matters arising
Item 3 - the Clerk stated that the 500m was not specified in the Code of Conduct. Councillors would have to be guided by the sections of the Code relating to interests. If there was any doubt, further advice could be sought from the professional bodies.
Item 18 – the Clerk said that the new PC has been purchased and was working well along with the broadband connection. He acknowledged the help of Councillor Wyatt in setting up the system. The ventilation fan has now been installed in the office and this has helped greatly when the photocopier is being used.
Councillor Wyatt said that the pontoon now seems to be in order and the area in front of the Bishops Palace is now being worked on by Saxon Homes.

5. Notification of Any Other Business
Councillor Palmer – 3 items, Councillor Mitchell – 1 item, Councillor Wyatt – 2 items, Councillor Hitchcock – 3 items.

7. Election of Vice-Chairman and Chairs of Committees
Councillor Hitchcock was nominated by Councillor Wyatt and seconded by Councillor Herbert. There being no other nominations Councillor Hitchcock was duly elected as Vice-Chairman.
Councillor Palmer was proposed as Chairman of the Estates Committee by Councillor Reynolds and this was seconded by the Vice-Chairman. This was agreed by all Members.
Councillor Wyatt was proposed as Chairman of Footpaths Committee by Councillor Underdown and this was seconded by Councillor Palmer. This was agreed unanimously.
Councillor Underdown was proposed as Chairman of Planning and Development Committee by the Chairman and this was seconded by Councillor Wyatt. All members agreed.

8. To appoint Members of Committees and representatives to other bodies.
The Members of the Committees were agreed as follows:

Estates Footpaths Planning & Development
D Palmer (Chair) P Wyatt (Chair) R Underdown (Chair)
L Hitchcock Mrs M Coleman Mrs M Coleman
R Swain D Palmer T Reynolds
T Reynolds L Hitchcock P Wyatt
P Wyatt N Mitchell C Herbert
N Mitchell   R Swain
R Underdown    
Mrs M Coleman    

The Chairman and Vice- Chairman serve in an ex officio capacity on all Committees.

It was decided that the following Members be delegated to serve on outside bodies;

KAPC/Rural Liaison Committee – Mrs M Coleman/P Wyatt/N Mitchell
School Governors – F Howard
Jubilee Hall Management Cttee. – D Palmer
Public Transport bodies – T Reynolds
Halling View – R Underdown/P Wyatt/T Reynolds/L Hitchcock/D Palmer
Lafarge Liaison – Committee of whole Council
CEMEX Liaison – Committee of whole Council
Halling Association – R Underdown/P Wyatt/F Howard/T Reynolds.

9. Dates and venues for 2007/8 meetings
The dates and venues put forward by the Clerk were accepted.

10. Reports by Chairmen of Committees
(a) Estates
The Clerk read out a report from the Village Handyman concerning the condition of the recs.
The Committee Chairman, Daryl Palmer, is to arrange a Parish Council walkabout to look at both recs. and other areas of interest.

(b) Footpaths
Committee Chairman, Peter Wyatt reported that progress is being made with the RS320. Councillor Mrs Coleman has submitted the necessary paper work to Medway Council. There has been no response from Medway Council to the problems on the Warren path. It is believed that the ownership of the land has changed and this might be an opportunity to move ahead on this. Woodens Opening is overgrown and needs an application of weedkiller.

(c) Planning & Development
The Committee Chairman, Roy Underdown, reported that a site meeting was held at 86 Pilgrims Road, North Halling. It was decided to object on the grounds of an increase in the height and footprint and incursion into the green belt and an AONB.
The Primrose Cottages application had been deferred for a site inspection by Medway Council.

11. Jubilee Hall
Councillor Palmer said that bookings are down due to the Martial Arts people leaving after a number of years. He will be running quizzes at the hall to raise money for various charities.
Quotes are being obtained for refurbishment of the garage.

12. Harris House
Councillor Herbert said that he Contractors are starting before the agreed time of 8.0am.
Medway Council is to be contacted regarding this.

13. Halling Association.
Councillor Wyatt said that the decision on CCTV for Forge Green has been delayed for the present. The Association is looking for new projects and he is looking into the possibilities.
Medway Council will not be maintaining Forge Green so this is a matter for the Parish Council.

14. Community Centre
The Vice-Chairman said that the kitchen has been redecorated with a new cooker and surfaces installed. The Committee is in dispute with Medway Council over the ownership of the rear wall.

15. Lafarge – no report

16. Cemex
Councillor Wyatt attended the recent liaison meeting at which the Chairman, Ron Underdown,
resigned as Chairman and from the Committee.
It seems that Cemex are still intent on pursuing the 675 homes and 4 storey buildings by the lake as part of their plans for the site. Work has started on a ready mix plant – a check should be made as to planning permission.
Peter Wyatt proposed a vote of thanks to Ron Underdown for his very good chairmanship of the Liaison Committee.

17. Youth Club
The Vice-Chairman said that they will be attending the Lord Lieutenant’s function at Detling on 16 June.
He has been in touch with PCSO Alan Beech about policing on Friday evenings. Lessons must be learnt from what happened to Cuxton YC.

18. Policing
There is the usual monthly surgery on Saturday 12 May at the Community Centre starting at 12 noon. The Vice-Chairman said that Community & Safety officers will be there along with PCSO Alan Beech. A number of complaints have been received by Councillors from residents about the lack of policing in the Village. Councillor Wyatt mentioned in particular that the new fence at the Bishops Palace had been smashed repeatedly on consecutive nights and nobody was available from the police. Apparently Alan Beech had been called away to Strood. Members expressed their concern at this state of affairs but decided to talk with Alan Beech before taking it up with his superiors.

19. Annual Parish Meeting
The Chairman said that it was a good meeting but once again there was a very poor response from the public with just 18 present.

20. Correspondence
(a) HM Government & NHS – smoke free from 1 July 2007 - booklet
(b) Open Spaces Society – request for donation re unlawful encroachments
(c) HM Government – new model code of conduct
(d) email Barry Barnes – clean up
(e) Malling Holiday Play scheme – request for donation
(f) NALC - Local Council Review magazine
(g) Medway Council – revised code of conduct
(h) KCC – minerals development framework update
(j) Medway Council – refusal of planning permission 42-48 Rochester Rd
(k) Clerks & Councils Direct magazine
(l) Standards Board fro England – new code of conduct
(m) Lee Lockyer – request for donation towards Scouts World Jamboree July/August 2007
(n) Craigdene Ltd – half day course for inspectn. & maintnce. of play areas 30/05 £50 per head
(o) Royal British Legion – invitation to garden party 7 July 2007
(p) Medway Council – approval of plg appln. Re 6 houses at pumping station, Vicarage Rd.
(q) HAGS – play equipment brochure
(r) Medway Council – revised code of conduct
It was proposed by Councillor Reynolds, seconded by Councillor Palmer, that in item (b) above the Parish Council should make a donation of £30 the same as last year. All agreed.

21. Receipts
(a) Medway Council - £17,500 precept 2007/8

22. Payments

£ Net
 £ Vat
£ Gross
(a) Sue Greenan – March Halling View
(b) Clive Stanley – webmaster fees for March
(c) Home & Hobby – VH’s purchases
(d) W R Swan – new PC, ext HDD, router & a/v
(e) Gowar Grilles – pp Halling Association
(f) BT - phone bill
(g) W R Swan – wages
(h) Zurich Insurance - rnl 2007/8
(j) W R Swan – office exes
(k) J Sutherland – wages
(l) Clive Stanley – webmaster fees for April
It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Councillor Wyatt, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.

23. Any Other Business
Councillor Palmer said that the boat race was starting from Cuxton not Halling in spite of publicity to the contrary.
Councillor Mitchell raised the condition of the Upper Rec. – the goal mouths need repairing, the goal posts are rusty and there is glass in the play area. Councillor Palmer said that this would be looked at on the walkabout. There have been a lot of complaints about the mishandling of the road closure in The Street. The Clerk is to contact Medway & Kent Highways about this.
Councillor Wyatt said that the new Lafarge roundabout is still causing problems. The pedestrian safety zone has been demolished. The Clerk is to contact Robin Cooper & Keith Hanshaw of Medway Council about this.
The Vice-Chairman said that preparations for the Funday were going well. The presentation at the Fire station on 4 May was very good and thanks were due to the Fire Fighters for their excellent efforts in raising money for Charity. The Chairman said that as a result of their efforts donations were being spread throughout the village.

24. Parishioners’ Questions
Among the subjects raised by residents were Police Surgery, glass in the Recs., ownership of Bores Hole, drinking ban in Halling, fence on Marsh Road.

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