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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 14 June 2007 at the Jubilee Hall

Present: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Councillors D Palmer, P Wyatt, R Underdown and N Mitchell.
W R Swan – Clerk and 4 members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence
Councillor Mrs Coleman – work, Councillor Reynolds – CRP meeting and Councillor Herbert – work.

2. Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by Councillor Palmer, seconded by Councillor Wyatt, that the Minutes were a true record of the last meeting. All agreed and the Chairman signed them accordingly.

3. Matters arising
Item 4 - Councillor Underdown said that the pontoon seems to be sinking again. Councillor Wyatt said he would contact Alan Darlington of Medway Council about this. Councillor Underdown said that the grass cutting at Forge Green by Medway’s contractors left a lot to be desired. Councillor Wyatt has already contacted Medway Council about this.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Councillor Palmer – 3 items; Councillor Mitchell – 2 items; Vice-Chairman – 1 item

5. Reports by Chairman of Committees
(a) Estates
Councillor Palmer reported on the Village walk about and said that the urgent work had been done. Quotes are being obtained for the other jobs flagged up by the visits to the Lower and Upper Recs.

(b) Footpaths
Councillor Wyatt reported that the new owners of the Warren path had been given 30 days notice by Medway Council to put the path in order. If this is not complied with then a task force appointed by Medway will do the job. Lafarge have been told that the Plough and Cam paths are overgrown and are to attend to them as soon as possible.
Councillor Coleman has assured him that the necessary statutory notices have been given to the landowners regarding the RS320 submissions.

(c) Planning & Development
Councillor Underdown reported that the application for Primrose Cottages had been refused by Medway Council on the grounds of overdevelopment and parking.
Rumour has it that the application for 112 High Street ( The old Rose & Crown) has been approved. Confirmation of this is to be sought from Medway Council.

6. Jubilee Halling
Councillor had nothing to report as the next Committee meeting is on 28 June.

7. Halling Association
Councillor Wyatt said that discussions were taking place about a ball park and BMX track in the lower rec. The Association will be supporting Funday.

8. Community Centre
The Vice-Chairman reported that there has been discussion with Medway Council about the responsibility for the rear wall. CCTV cameras have been put in on each side of the building. The foyer carpet was flooded by a youngster who deliberately turned the taps on the Gents toilet.
9. Lafarge - no report

10. Cemex - no report

11. Youth Club
The Vice-Chairman reported that things are going along well. New games have been purchased and they are continuing with Arts & Crafts.

12. Funday
The Vice-Chairman said the preparations are going well with lots of participants.

14. Accounts for 2006/7
The Clerk passed round copies of the statement of accounts. The Vice-Chairman proposed that the accounts be accepted by the Council. This was seconded by Councillor Palmer. All agreed and the Chairman and Clerk signed them off as required by the Audit Commission. The Chairman thanked Mrs Mary Acott for her work as internal auditor of the accounts.

15. Correspondence
(a) KAPC – newsletter
(b) Open Spaces Society – magazine
(c) Ken Browne – email – concerns re Youth Shelter
(d) HAGS – play equipment brochure
(e) S E Coastal Group – shoreline management plan
(f) KPA – safer Kent awards
(g) Medway Council – 42-48 Rochester Road, NH – going to appeal
(h) KAPC – training programme
(i) The Standards Board for England - Guidance on Code of Conduct
(j) Woodland Trust - survey
(k) KAPC – Medway Committee – meeting on 18 July 2007 at Wainscott
(l) PCSO Alan Beech – letter re football matches
(m) PCSO Alan Beech – land re motorcycles
(n) Medway Council – refusal of Primrose Cottages
(o) Medway Council – hard copy of plg appn for Service Stn, High St.
(p) Medway Access Forum – public rights of way – meeting on 6 September at Compass Centre
Items (l&m ) It was agreed that PCSO Alan Beech should book pitches in advance as the Parish Council must maintain control of its recs. As regards the proposal to have motorcycles on the private land on the Marsh it was felt that this could lead to excess noise for residents in the Low Meadow area.

16. Receipts

(a) P Lingham £500 for marsh grazing
(b) Various £285 – Funday

17. Payments

£ Net
 £ Vat
£ Gross
(a) BT broadband
(b) Halling WI - donation for APM
(c) Jubilee Hall – rent for PC meetings
(d) L Hitchcock – prize for Funday
(e) Clive Stanley – webmaster fees for May
(f) Open Spaces Society – donation

It was proposed by Councillor Mitchell, seconded by Councillor Underdown, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.
18. Any Other Business
Councillor Palmer said that the Halling View is midway through production and is now suitable for putting in the web site. He had heard reports that there were rats in the front of St John’s Church on land which would seem to be Highways. This is to be reported to Medway Council.

Councillor Mitchell said that there are trees at the side of Pilgrims Road which need attention as they are falling in to the road. This is one for Medway Council.
He also remarked on delays in the Police response to calls.

The Chairman echoed Councillor Mitchell’s concerns about policing in the village. He has been trying to get PCSO Alan Beech to call in at the school without success. He suggested that the Parish Council meets with Alan Beech in the first instance before taking it further with his superiors.

19. Parishioners’ Questions
Among the items raised by residents were the following:
Bus service, refuse collection, surface water drainage, Youth football team.

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