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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 11 January 2007 at the Community Centre

Present: Vice-Chairman, Councillors Mrs M Coleman, R Underdown, T Reynolds, C Herbert, D Palmer, F Howard and P Wyatt.
W R Swan – Clerk and 6 members of the public.

Michael Heylligar from Medway Youth Service gave a presentation before the meeting in which he stated that Government funding through the Youth Opportunity Fund is forthcoming for projects in Medway. He had been approached by youngsters from Halling for a BMX track and £30,000 has been awarded for this. He asked if the Parish Council would support this. Members welcomed any proposal to engage with the youth of the Village but needed a lot more detail before making any firm decision. It was decided to write to Medway Council agreeing in principle but requiring more details.

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from the Chairman who was working.

2. Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by Councillor Reynolds, seconded by Councillor Herbert, that the Minutes of the previous were a true record. All agreed and the Vice-Chairman duly signed them.

3. Matters arising - none

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Councillor Palmer – 3 items; Vice-Chairman – 5 items; Councillor Herbert – 2 items;
Councillor Howard – 1 item and the Clerk 2 items.

5. Reports by Chairmen of Committees
(a) Estates
There was no report in the absence of the Chairman but Councillor Wyatt said that following the recent problems, the transfer of land from Saxon Homes to Medway Council is now going ahead. The Bishops Palace area is being cleaned up by Saxon Homes prior to the handover. Councillor Underdown thanked Councillor Wyatt for all his efforts to get things moving on the handover and this was echoed by Members.

(b) Footpaths
The Committee Chairman, Councillor Wyatt reported that the general condition of the footpaths is reasonable except for trees down on Woodens Opening, which is being attended to by the Village Handyman. Councillor Wyatt is to arrange a meeting with interested residents to discuss proposals for the Medway Walking Festival 2007.

(c) Planning & Development
The Committee Chairman, Councillor Underdown reported on the following applications which have been received:
Rear of 46/8 Rochester Road, North Halling – objection as per previous application.
Chalgrove House – objection as this is in the green belt.
1 Essex Road – objection as overdevelopment for area.
135 High Street – 4 houses – no objection
Water Works, Vicarage Road – no objection
Primrose Cottage – no objection.

6. Jubilee Hall
Councillor Palmer reported that it was a very successful Xmas raffle night on 7 December.

7. Harris House - nothing to report.

8. Halling Association
Councillor Underdown reported on the meeting of 8 January. Among things discussed were CCTV at Forge Green, Railway Station and the Community Centre. The Association is looking for new projects and it was suggested that the Parish Council approaches it regarding new play equipment in the Recs.

9. Lafarge – no report

The Vice-Chairman reported on the recent liaison meeting and asked Ron Underdown to address the meeting. He stated that the Parish Council is to be invited to a procedural meeting in February and examination of the LDF will be undertaken by a Planning Inspector in June 2007 to which interested parties will be invited. CEMEX plan to hold a meeting in April to consult the public.

11. Correspondence

Glasdon – news sheet
Royal British Legion – receipt for Poppy Collection 2006
Tonbridge & Malling BC – provisions for Holborough
Medway Council – bus stop clearways
Lord Lieutenant of Kent – Civic Service 20 March 2007 Maidstone
KAPC – newsletter
Halling Funday – plea for help
Kent Archaeological Society – presentation by Philip Lawrence on “Halling’s Long Past” in St John’s church on 24 February at 4.00 pm. £5.00 including light buffet.
Medway Council – dinner with Sir Steve Redgrave on 23 January £65 upwards per person
KPA - Kent Policing 2007/8 survey
Medway Council – Medway Regeneration Framework 2006-2016
Local Council Review magazine
Medway Council – email from Catherine Smith re Halling Association projects
Teana Young – email re planning application 1 Essex Road

12. Receipts

(a) Poppy Day Collection  
(b) Whittings Farm shop HV advert  
(c) Sashdodd.com HV advert  
(d) EDF electricity wayleave for Marsh

13. Payments

£ Net
 £ Vat
£ Gross
(a) P Wyatt – OS map
(b) Audit Commission - fee for 2005/6
(c) Medway Council – grass cutting
(d) You First Partnership – paper
(e) Sue Greenan – HV
(f) Clive Stanley – webmaster charge November 2006
(g) Jubilee Hall – prize for Xmas draw
(h) Home & Hobby – VH’s purchases
(i) Poppy Appeal 2006
(j) J Sutherland – VH’s wages
(k) Barclay’s Bank re Letrex HV printer
(l) Chris Beaney - mince pies for Panto evening
(m) Maggie Coleman – sherry for Panto evening
(n) P Wilkins-Smith HV
(o) Medway Council – lottery act
(p) Home & Hobby VH’s purchases
(q) Staples UK Ltd – new shredder
(r) Clive Stanley – webmaster charge December

It was proposed by Councillor Howard, seconded by Councillor Underdown, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.

14. Any Other Business
Councillor Palmer asked if the driveway on Palmers Corner, Upper Halling had planning permission before it was constructed. The Fire Brigade Pantomime was a great success with excellent support from residents. It was proposed by Councillor Herbert, seconded by Councillor Underdown, that the Parish Council should donate a similar amount to the Fire Service Charity as in previous years. This was agreed unanimously. The Clerk will arrange this.
It was decided to send a letter of congratulation to the Fire Brigade re the Panto and a letter of thanks to Halling Hire who provided free transport for the Senior Citizens to see the Panto.

The Vice-Chairman said that the Youth Club is operating again after the Xmas holiday. He reported that the Community Centre is going along well although they were looking for a new caretaker as Jim Sutherland had resigned. He hopes to start the Funday Committee up shortly aiming at Saturday 23 June 2007 as the day.

Councillor Herbert said that the yellow lines in the village had not been finished and that Keith Hanshaw should be chased up on this. He reminded Members that it had been decided to use the £500 from HVRA to renew the map on the Community Centre. Councillor Wyatt said that he was looking into this.
The pontoon at the bottom of Ferry Rd is partly under water at high tide. The Vice-Chairman said that this had been reported to Medway Council who were taking it up with the Medway Ports Authority. Councillor Herbert remarked upon the state of Ferry Rd and hoped that this would be attended to before the handover from Saxon Homes to Medway Council. He expressed concern at the state of the garden at the top of Stake Lane – the Clerk is to check as to who is responsible for the maintenance of this.

15. Parishioners’ Questions
Among the points raised by the public present at the meeting were:

(a) Speeding on Pilgrims Road
(b) Parking on corner in The Street by ash Path
(c) Policing of Forge Green
(d) Road markings in Vicarage Rd
(e) Grass cutting precept.
(f) Agenda items
(g) Dog bins
(h) Trechmanns Wharf

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