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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 8 February 2007 at the Jubilee Hall

Present: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Councillors R Underdown, C Herbert, D Palmer, and F Howard.
W R Swan – Clerk and 4 members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Mrs Coleman and T Reynolds who were at meetings and P Wyatt who was unwell.

2. Minutes of last meeting
It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Councillor Palmer, that the Minutes of the previous were a true record taking into account the amendment to Item 10. CEMEX as attached. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.

3. Matters arising
Councillor Herbert asked if a reply had been received to the email to Keith Hanshaw and Medway Council re Ferry Road (Any Other Business). The Clerk said that no replies had been received as yet and he would send reminders.
Councillor Palmer asked if any information had been received from Planning concerning the driveway on Palmers corner. The Clerk said he would chase this up.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Chairman – 1 item, Vice-Chairman – 6 items and Councillor Howard – 1 item.

5. Reports by Chairmen of Committees
(a) Estates
The Chairman reported that a quote had been obtained to take down the old notice board at Forge Green and erect the new one. It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Councillor Underdown, that the quote for £120 from Total Property of Cuxton should be accepted. This was agreed unanimously. In view of the urgent nature of the Insurers’ report, Total Property had been asked to attend to the problem of the swing in the lower rec.

(b) Footpaths
The Committee Chairman, Councillor Wyatt was absent but had sent a full report to the Clerk who read it out to the meeting. There had been blockages on Woodens Opening caused by trees being blown down from the CEMEX land adjoining the footpath. CEMEX is arranging for their contractor to clear this. In the meantime the Village Handyman had cleared it as far as possible. There had been similar blockages at the top ends of both the Ticker and Plough paths. The land owners Lafarge are arranging for these to be cleared.
Medway Council are preparing a brochure for the Festival of Walks during the summer between Friday 1st and Saturday 30th June and have asked Parish Councils to provide their own ideas. The Committee has met with Barry Barnes and John Coleman to discuss this. Barry Barnes has produced a final paper which has been sent to Medway Council for inclusion. This has also been put on the Parish Council’s website.
A meeting took place on 5 February with the new PROW Officer at Medway Council Annmarie Behn. A report on this will be submitted to the next meeting. Councillor Underdown attended a meeting of the Heritage Lottery Fund on behalf of the Halling Association. This was to cover the “Valley of Vision” project which will have considerable impact on Halling if the project succeeds; it involves the Bishops Palace and also footpaths around Halling. Councillor Mrs Coleman is to meet with Richard Adams of Marden Parish Council who is prepared to give expert advice on the reinstatement of the FP320 as they had a similar problem in their area.

(c) Planning & Development
The Committee Chairman, Councillor Underdown said that no new applications had been received but the following applications had been refused by Medway Council:
1 Essex Road, Chalgrove House and 86 Pilgrims Road.

6. Harris House
Councillor Herbert said that there were reports of a flood in the building caused by a burst pipe. Otherwise nothing to report.

7. Halling Association
The Chairman gave an update on the CCTV for Forge Green – the quotes received are in the region of £9/10,000. Medway Council is being approached re a power supply.

8. Jubilee Hall – no report.

9. Community Centre
The Vice-Chairman said that there is a committee meeting on 12 February.

10. Lafarge
Councillor Underdown said that he had met with David Simms recently and it could be that the new works will be in place before 2010.

11. CEMEX - no report

12. Youth Club
The Vice-Chairman reported that they have 5 new members and 2 new helpers. He said that the Community & Safety people had not been seen for some time.

13. Precept for 2007/8
The Clerk circulated the spreadsheet showing the expenditure monitoring for the current year and reported on the Finance Committee decision to increase the precept to £17,550 for next year to cover the Council’s budget. This is £14.04 per household as against £11.50 for 2006/7. The Finance Committee also agreed to make a one-off payment of £400 to the Parochial Church Council to help cover the cost of grass cutting and maintenance of the Cemetery.

It was proposed by Councillor Palmer, seconded by Councillor Howard, that the decisions of the Finance Committee be ratified. This was agreed unanimously.

14. Correspondence
(a) Zurich Insurance – engineer’s report on Lower Rec swings
(b) KAPC – newsletter and Planning Info Day 17 March 2007 at Teynham
(c) Hedgehog Productions – “Journeyman” Play at Snodland C/C 16 March Posters
(d) Kent Downs AONB Unit – Village Design Statement
(e) Medway Council – naming of new bridge over Medway
(f) Halling Funday Committee – permission to use Lower Rec. and copy letter to Police
(g) Medway Renaissance – Annual Report
(h) Medway Regeneration Framework 2006-2016
(i) Mudlark – newsletter of Medway Swale Partnership
(j) Barry Barnes – Medway Walking Festival – Halling Walks
(k) Medway Council – LDF Examination starting 22 February 2007 9.30 at Brook Theatre
(l) Quadron Services – grounds maintenance on behalf of Medway Council
(m) Medway Council – refusal on Chalgrove House
(n) Leigh Tucker – copy of letter to Medway Planners re 112 High Street.

15. Receipts

Medway Council – rural liaison grant for 2005/6  

16. Payments

£ Net
 £ Vat
£ Gross
(a) BT - phone bill for 3 months
(b) W R Swan – wages for 3 months
(c) Clive Stanley – webmaster for Jan 07
(d) BT – broadband for 3 months
(e) “402 Fundraisers” - donation Section 137

It was proposed by the Vice-Chairman, seconded by Councillor Howard, that the above payments be ratified. All agreed.

17. Any Other Business
Councillor Howard raised the question of grazing cattle damaging the footpaths on the marsh. The Clerk is to discuss this with Peter Lingham.
The Chairman is concerned that the Village is not seeing much of the PCSO Alan Beech. The Clerk is to see why this is the case.
The Vice-Chairman reported that the first meeting of the Funday Committee had been held and things were progressing well. He also reminded the public that the regular Police and Medway Council surgery is being held on Saturday 10 February at 12 noon at the Community Centre.
He also mentioned that tickets at £5 including buffet were still available for the presentation in St John’s by Philip Lawrence on “History of Halling”. This takes place on 24 February at 4.00 pm.

18. Parishioners’ Questions.
Among the items raised by the public were;

Planning Application in Primrose Road.
“No dogs” signs in recs.
Police presence in Village

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