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Meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 8 July 2004 at the Community Centre

Present: Chairman C Herbert, Vice-Chairman A Ballantyne, Councillors Mrs L Terry,

Mrs M Coleman, A Goodger, C R Dance, B Smith, L Hitchcock and R Underdown.

W R Swan, Clerk and 2 members of the public.


1. Apologies for Absence

There were no apologies.


2. Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by Councillor Dance, seconded by Councillor Smith, that the Minutes of the previous meeting were a true record. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.


3. Matters Arising

Item 6(b) Councillor Underdown said that the overgrown foliage had been cut back and thanks were due to the Probation Service for this.

Item 7 Councillor Underdown - had the new sound system been installed at the Jubilee Hall?

Item 12 Councillor Underdown any movement on the football pitches?   The Vice-Chairman said that planning permission is not necessary as it is for leisure purposes.

Item 20 Councillor Underdown water supply on Marsh should we involve Lafarge?


4. Notification of Any Other Business

Councillor Smith 1 item; Vice-Chairman 2 items.


5. Co-option of new Member

Mrs Pat Weaver of Browndens Road was nominated by the Vice-Chairman and seconded by Councillor Underdown.   Her nomination was agreed unanimously and she signed the Declaration book.


6. Estates Committee

Councillor Hitchcock reported that he is in contact with Peter Lingham about the water trough problem on the Marsh.   The Village Handyman is to be trained by Councillor Ballantyne in the use of the strimmer.   The Committee is to decide on the location of the notice board in Browndens Road.


7. Footpaths Committee

Councillor Mrs Terry reported that the grass has been cut back on the Plough path.


8. Planning and Development Committee

Councillor Underdown reported that 1 planning application has been received 33 Pilgrims Road for a 2 storey extension, garage and conservatory.   The Parish Council had no objection.

He thanked Members for their prompt attention to the application re Chalgrove Mews the Parish Council has objected to this.


9. Jubilee Hall

Councillor Dance reported that the sound system has been installed. He also reported that the Hall's finances are very sound.


10. Harris House

The Chairman reported that the 3 options as put forward by MHS were displayed in the foyers of the Polling Stations on 10 June for residents to give their views.   There was no majority for any of the schemes.   He produced pie charts showing the details of residents' views and read out a draft letter to MHS for approval by the Parish Council.   It was proposed by Councillor Dance, seconded by the Vice-Chairman, that the letter be signed by the Chairman on behalf of the Parish Council and sent as soon as possible.


11. Halling Association

The Vice-Chairman reported on the meeting held on 5 July.   Some ideas put forward were basketball nets in both Recreation Grounds but permission would be needed from the Parish Council to do this. It was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Councillor Dance, that the Parish Council should give the necessary permission.   All agreed.   The Vice-Chairman said that the work on Forge Green will be running late but the costing of benches etc is being carried out.


12. HVRA

The Chairman reported that the Committee due to be held on 4 July was cancelled at short notice.   The Funday went very well.


13. Annual Accounts for 2003/2004

The Clerk handed round copies of the return to be sent to the Audit Commission which had been cleared by the Parish Council's internal auditor Mrs Mary Acott.   It was proposed by Councillor Dance, seconded by Councillor Hitchcock that the Statement be accepted and this was unanimously agree.   The Chairman then signed the documents.   The question of additional signatories to the Bank Account with Co-operative Bank was discussed because of changes in the Parish Council and it was agreed that the Chairman and Councillors Mrs Lee Terry and Roy Underdown be added to the existing signatories, Councillors Chris Dance, Leslie Hitchcock and the Vice-Chairman


14. Community Centre

Councillor Dance reported that things are going along well.


15. Youth Club

Councillor Dance reported that things are going along well but help is still needed.


16. Lafarge

The Vice-Chairman has spoken to Lynne Overett who will be coming up with suggested dates for a Liaison meeting.


17. RMC

Councillor Hitchcock said that there will no meeting of the Liaison Committee until September.


18. Halling Garden Competition

Councillor Hitchcock reported that there have been 9 entries and the matter had been handed over to he Garden Society for judging.


19. Funday

Councillor Hitchcock reported that it was another successful event.   He thanked all those who took part and those who gave up their time to help organise it.   The Chairman gave a vote of thanks to Councillor Hitchcock and his Committee for all their efforts.


20. Correspondence

(a) KRCC Big Lottery Event 13 July St Mary's Bay Village Hall

(b) Medway Council Lotteries Act return required for Funday Draw

(c) Mr H Underdown complaint about footway in Rochester Road

(d) Colin Buchanan per Medway Council Transport for Medway returns

(e) WI Betty Head thanks for donation re teas

(f) Medway/Kent Councils Structure Plan

(g) MHS Homes request for reply on Harris House

(h) Kent Benefits Partnership how to claim Council Tax Benefit

(i) Kent Police Authority Special Constable recruitment campaign

21. Receipts

(a)    Zurich Insurance premium refund                 £252.30

(b)    Funday Adverts                                           £ 60.00


21. Payments

                                                                   £                         Vat£                        Total£

(a)   WI - donation for teas                            50.00                                                     50.00

(b)   KCPFA subs                                        15.00                                                    15.00

(c)   J B Westwood - grasscutting and f/ps      749.30                     131.13                     880.43

(d)   J Sutherland wages                            304.65                                                   304.65

(e)   C R Dance expenses   HV                      10.10                                                    10.10

(f)    Jubilee Hall rent for meetings                 40.00                                                    40.00

(g)   Castle Marquees toilet for Funday           50.00                      17.50                       67.50

It was proposed by Councillor Smith, seconded by Councillor Hitchcock, that the above payments be ratified.   All agreed.     


22. Any Other Business

Councillor Smith raised the question of the lock on the gate at the bottom of Ferry Road.

The Clerk is to take this up with Medway Council.

Vice-Chairman he requested that a meeting of interested parties be set up as soon as possible to discuss the future of Halling View.


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