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Helpers Sought
Volunteers are invited to help inspect the children’s play areas in Halling parish to ensure they are in a clean and safe condition. It is a very basic inspection and the hours are approximately one and a half hours a week on a rota basis so this could be every 8 – 12 weeks so it will not take up a lot of your time. The inspection needs to be recorded on a form provided by the Parish Council.
Please come and help out, it is very rewarding.

Contact the Parish office on 01634 241 551.

The Villager Rural Community Bus Volunteer Drivers Needed for The Villager Bus

The Villager Bus in desperate need of voluntary drivers to keep running.

The Villager bus is a community transport scheme which provides transport services to residents in Medway’s rural areas. The minibuses are available for group hire. Services are provided on a not-for-profit basis using voluntary staff, including voluntary drivers. The scheme was established in July 2006 and has two 16 seater minibuses available with easy access.
To keep up the range of outings more volunteer drivers are needed. You need to hold a D1 on your driving licence and Lunch expenses are paid.  To apply or have any questions please contact Laura Hope on: 01634 283 224 or 07788 566 949 or email: Laura.hope@ncsgrp.co.uk.    

Become a Kent Police Volunteer

Kent Police are recruiting volunteer police staff to assist with various tasks and roles. Training will be provided.  
See this poster for more details and how to apply

Protect Your Rubbish -- It's Personal!!

During late April and early May 2016, there were at least two instances in Halling parish of household rubbish being taken and/or searched through, probably for personal or financial information. Sometimes bags are slit open to see the contents while on another occasion black rubbish sacks are taken away, searched and then dumped in a remote location.
These could be attempts to steal your identity by taking personal identification material. In one instance, it is likely an out-of-date bank card was found and used for an internet purchase.
Please can all Halling residents be vigilant around the village roads and report to the Police on 101 or to the Parish Clerk by phone 242551 or email hallingclerk@btconnect.com if you notice anyone seen going through rubbish bags.   Also, please try not to leave bags out at night and only bring them out ready for collection in the morning.
[6th May 2016]

Planned Roadworks in Halling
Medway Council is publishes outline details of planned roadworks and associated traffic controls. (NOTE:- All dates are estimated and subject to change. Full list of all roadworks currently notified is available here on Elgin's Roadworks.org via Medway Council web site.)

Diabetes Testing for Medway Residents
A message from Medway Diabetes -- There is a new free service for the residents of Medway which enables them to test their risk potential from getting type 2 diabetes.
Many people are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes without realising it. From the NHS viewpoint the growth of type 2 diabetes is a major concern and already accounts for around 10% of the budget - and it is likely to grow.

We all know that prevention is better than cure and Medway Diabetes are keen that as many people as possible take this free test to assess their risk and then if appropriate sign up to the free programmes that they are offering to help combat the type 2 diabetes threat.

•  Website is http://www.medwaydiabetes.co.uk
•  The free test page is http://www.medwaydiabetes.co.uk/are-you-at-risk/
•  Details about the programme can be found at http://www.medwaydiabetes.co.uk/our-programme/

The programmes take place across the Medway area and are now available.  Please can you share this information with as many people as you can.

Upper and Lower Recreation Grounds, Halling
A reminder that dogs are not allowed in the Recreation Grounds. Please visit and enjoy the Recs. responsibly ensuring you do not leave any mess or rubbish. People can report any misdemeanours they see to the Parish Council or the police on 101.

Safeguard Your Property
There has been an unwelcome spate of damage / thefts of and from vehicles and homes in Halling. Residents should take precautions and be aware of any strange activity they see within the village. Please lock away all valuables securely at night and report anything suspicious to the Police. Police Patrols have been increased in the area. Call 101 (non-emergencies). If life is in danger or crime is in progress call 999. 
Kent Police launched a crime prevention campaign.  Helpful advice is contained within their leaflet.  Down load it here .
Kent Police also hold regular parish surgeries in Halling Community Centre, High Street, Halling ME2 1BS for you to come and discuss any police or neighbourhood safety matters with a Police Officer. 
Your local Police Community Support Officer is PCSO Carrie Anne Boswell, a member of the Local District Policing Team at Medway Police Station. 
Contact Carrie Anne by telephone on 101 or leave a message on the Kent Police website.


In early June 2017 we have received reports of bogus Police Officers and Royal Mail officials operating in this area with ID badges.
If you are concerned ring 101 immediately and report a suspected crime being committed.   Any genuine officer/official will have no problem standing on your doorstep while you check their credentials on: Police: 101 or Royal Mail: 0845 603 4004.

The Parish Office have a stock of white and blue recycling bags from Medway Council if any local resident needs some.  Please pop in when the office is open.

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